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Photo by Karl Steinbrenner Small Purchase Charge Card Cardholder Refresher Training 2014.

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1 Photo by Karl Steinbrenner Small Purchase Charge Card Cardholder Refresher Training 2014

2 2010 Charge Card Administration 2 Small Purchase Charge Card Cardholder Training Required annually for all Small Purchase Charge Card Cardholders Training consists of this presentation, scenarios, a quiz and a certificate you must print sign and send to AP for credit for taking this training. Failure to complete the training will result in a suspension of your card until training is complete If you have any question please contact Jennifer at 568-7396 or Tanya at 568-7395. Keep a notepad and pen handy!

3 2010 Charge Card Administration 3 The Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Offers the opportunity to streamline procedures for procuring and paying for goods and services Reduces the volume of accounts payable transactions Reduces associated costs –Eliminates invoices –Consolidates multiple payments Enables E-Commerce (eVA) Program Purpose

4 2010 Charge Card Administration 4 Policies and Procedures CAPP Manual Topic 20355 –Purchasing Charge Card Purchase card program details Review cardholder section thoroughly Obtain a copy from your Program Administrator JMU Financial Procedures Manual Section 4220 ml

5 2010 Charge Card Administration 5 Policies and Procedures The Bank of America VISA Purchase Card Cards are issued with your name and your agencys name on them Cards expire 2 years from date of issue Monthly statements from Bank of America –No statement will be generated if there was no activity for the cycle period

6 Monthly Reconciliation Each month your spcc must be reconciled in PeopleSoft. You will receive an email when the file is ready in PeopleSoft. You will have approximately 10 days to reconcile. During this time there is also an open lab in case you have trouble reconciling, the date and time is in your monthly email. Reconciliation dates are posted for the year on the Accounts Payable website. 2010 Charge Card Administration 6

7 Monthly Reconciliation Open onClose at 5pm on January17th29th February17th26th March17th27th April17th28th May19th28th June17thTBA July17th29th August18th27th September17th26 th October17th29 th November17 th 24 th December17thTBA 2008 Charge Card Administration 7 Credit Card Reconciliation Dates 2014 Dates of 2013 Credit Card Reconciliation in PeopleSoft

8 2010 Charge Card Administration 8 Policies and Procedures Purchase Card Use and Misuse To be used For Official Use Only Purchases must be prudent and benefit the Commonwealth of Virginia Accountability expectations have increased Cardholders, supervisors/reviewers, and PAs will all be held accountable for card misuse Personal purchases are not allowed The purchase card can not be used for travel related expenses such as lodging or food, you can however put air/rail tickets and conference fees on the spcc. If you misuse your card it will be suspended or revoked

9 2010 Charge Card Administration 9 Policies and Procedures Industry Restrictions Cards may have these restrictions placed on them : Fraud Gas/Oil Car Rental Restaurant/Food Accommodations –May be removed by your Program Administrator if requested by your supervisor through an email to Jennifer or Tanya –May be removed on a temporary or permanent basis

10 2010 Charge Card Administration 10 Policies and Procedures Sales Tax Sales tax is not to be charged on any purchase that is tax exempt You must ensure you are not charged sales tax on tax exempt purchases If you were charged Sales Tax in error: - Contact the vendor ASAP - Request that the vendor issue a credit for the sales tax amount -Sales tax charges CANNOT be disputed with Bank of America Janet Marston in Accounts Payable runs a sales tax report each month and you are required to give her documentation on the sales tax credit.

11 2010 Charge Card Administration 11 Policies and Procedures Contact Information Contact your Program Administrator any time you have the following: Your telephone number changes Your mailing address changes Your Email address changes If you are leaving employment If your job responsibilities change If you are going on an extended leave of absence

12 2010 Charge Card Administration 12 Policies and Procedures Invoice Payment If an invoice is past due and you can pay by the card Contact your Program Administrator Program Administrator will contact DOA for approval prior to you charging the invoice to your card If not approved by DOA, invoice will have to paid through Accounts Payable

13 2010 Charge Card Administration 13 Policies and Procedures Card Security NEVER share your card! NEVER share your full account number with anyone other than the vendor you are doing business with! NEVER fax, email (even in an attachment), or mail your full account number! NEVER photocopy your card! Keep your card in a secure location at all times! If your card is lost or stolen call Bank of America and your Program Administrator IMMEDIATELY!

14 2010 Charge Card Administration 14 Policies and Procedures Purchase Log/Coversheet –All cardholders must maintain a purchase log –All bills and receipts must be attached –Both you and your supervisor/reviewer must sign –Be on the lookout for incorrect or questionable charges –Follow internal policies and procedures Gift Card/Gift Certificate Purchases –Only allowed in certain instances, please contact Jennifer or Tanya before making these purchases.

15 2010 Charge Card Administration 15 Cardholder Resources BOA Works for Cardholders Cardholders can perform the following functions using Works: –View and print statement information –File Disputes –Print a PDF file version of your bill Bank of America Cardholder Customer Service Telephone: 1-888-449-2273 Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week Activate Cards Report lost/stolen cards Dispute transactions

16 JMU Contact Information Jennifer Dellinger phone: 540-568-7396 email: Tanya Shifflett phone: 540-568-7395 email: 2010 Charge Card Administration 16

17 Quiz Question 1 Which of the following is NOT a restriction placed on new SPCC? 2008 Charge Card Administration 17 A. Fraud C. Restaurants D. Retail B. Gas/Oil

18 Quiz Question 1 Wrong answer, please try againplease try again 2008 Charge Card Administration 18

19 Quiz Question 2 Is your supervisor required to sign your monthly reconciliation? 2008 Charge Card Administration 19 Yes, they are required to sign each month No, your supervisor doesnt have to sign each month

20 Quiz Question 2 Wrong answer, please try againplease try again 2008 Charge Card Administration 20

21 Quiz Question 3 I will be held responsible for misuse on my Small Purchase Charge Card. 2008 Charge Card Administration 21 True, if there is misuse on my SPCC I will be held responsible as well as my supervisor and the university Program Administrator. False, I have no responsibility for misuse on my card.

22 Quiz Question 3 Wrong answer, please try againplease try again 2008 Charge Card Administration 22

23 Quiz Question 4 Which of the following is allowable using the SPCC? 2008 Charge Card Administration 23 I am allowed to share my SPCC with others in my office I am allowed to pay for air and rail tickets for official university travel on my SPCC I am allowed to make personal charges on my SPCC I am allowed fax my full account number to a vendor for payment

24 Quiz Question 4 Wrong answer, please try againplease try again 2008 Charge Card Administration 24

25 Quiz Question 5 Is reconciliation in PeopleSoft required monthly? 2008 Charge Card Administration 25 Yes, if I have charges on my SPCC I must reconcile my card in the PeopleSoft Finance System No, it doesnt matter if my charges are reconciled in PeopleSoft or not monthly

26 Quiz Question 5 Wrong answer, please try againplease try again 2008 Charge Card Administration 26

27 2010 Charge Card Administration 27 **CONGRATULATIONS** You have completed the annual SPCC Cardholder Refresher Training for 2014. Please go to this refresher.pdf and print out the certificate to send into Accounts Payable. All certificates are due in Accounts Payable by April 15 th, refresher.pdf Thank You.

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