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WiFi Installation Made Easy January 2009. Do It Yourself WiFi Isn't A Myth Welcome to the new era of wireless payment, where installation is a snap and.

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1 WiFi Installation Made Easy January 2009

2 Do It Yourself WiFi Isn't A Myth Welcome to the new era of wireless payment, where installation is a snap and sales are limitless. With affordable, field-proven equipment, VeriFone makes WiFi an easy choice - and a smart option for anytime, anywhere payments. This presentation will provide you with information on the perfect WiFi merchant environments, how to install WiFi and how to request more information.

3 The Benefits of WiFi Plug-and-Play Convenience; Any size business can enjoy same day setup without cumbersome equipment and cryptic directions Point-of-Sale Power; More payments without the expense of additional broadband connections or landlines Secure Payments – Anytime, Anywhere; State-of-the-art encryption ensures ultimate security, while wireless is perfect for businesses where payment at the point-of-service is key

4 Endless Opportunities VeriFone offers the largest portfolio of WiFi options on the market with easy setup for a smooth transition to wireless payments Simple, secure, cost effective, with maximum flexibility Merchant environments are endless… Arena Kiosk Tableside Charity RetailVenue Jewelry

5 WiFi – Perfect Environments WiFi is perfect for a variety of merchant environments with the following characteristics: –Coverage area of <4000 square feet –Line of site coverage up to 150 feet –Broadband easily accessible in business area –Single location –Four or fewer devices –Single access point Plug-And-Play setup makes it a no-brainer!

6 Self Installation Overview Self-installation is recommended for one access point WiFi network For proper set up of a WiFi network, the merchant must have the following: –Broadband Access either obtained through telephone or cable service provider –DSL / Cable Modem for broadband access

7 Self Installation – Getting Started Always refer to Installation Guides provided with each component for additional details Every WiFi Self Install solution comes pre-provisioned (SSID, WPA enablement, WPA Passphrase, and network channel are preloaded) Your organization will be provided the initial settings for the network. These settings were modified from the manufacturer defaults to ensure card association compliance right out of the box. Your organization will be responsible for any changes to the settings in the future and their compliance with card association standards for security.

8 Self Installation – Step 1 1.Connect the RJ-45/Cat 5 cable from DSL or cable modem uplink to modem port on the Motorola Access Point Modem Uplink

9 Self Installation – Step 2 2.Plug in the power supply for the Access Point and turn switch to on DC Power Modem Uplink

10 Self Installation Step 3 3.Power up a V x 670 WiFi device and complete the Site Coverage Exercise described later in this presentation DC Power Modem Uplink V x 670

11 Self Installation Step 4 4.If V x 570 is to be used in a CounterPAY setting, run additional RJ- 45/Cat 5 cable from the Ethernet port on the Access Point to the location of the V x 570 DC Power Modem Uplink V x 570 V x 670

12 Installation – Best Practices In ideal conditions, WiFi range is up to 100 feet from the Access Point in every direction Interference can degrade the quality of the signal Potential causes of interference include cordless phones, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, walls, and metal doors Ways to minimize interference –Place Access Point in area away from potential sources of interference –Position Access Point in central location of desired coverage –Avoid placing the Access Point next to an outside wall –Use a cordless phone operating either on the 900M Hz or 5 GHz ranges

13 Installation Recommendations Choose a central location away from potential sources of interference High elevation is preferred Examples: Mounting bracket on a wall or on a ceiling Complete the site coverage exercise (from the next slide)

14 Site Coverage Exercise Power up the V x 670 WiFi terminal At Application Main Menu screen, press 1 At CommServer Main Menu, you will find the signal strength and an Information Key Note: CommServer is the communication software resident in the V x devices which provides diagnostic and troubleshooting guides Press the purple key under the Information Icon and scroll down until you see the Signal Quality indicator. Anything greater than 30% will provide proper coverage in live conditions. Move the device around your desired coverage area to check signal quality.

15 WiFi Service Options Site Description BasicComplex Dining Area ft 2 <40004000+ Line of Site Coverage (up to 150ft) YesNo Broadband easily accessible in dining area YesNo Single Level YesYes/No Carside or Patio NoYes Qty Terminals 4 or fewer4+ Qty Access Points12+ VeriFone provides comprehensive WiFi services, no matter what your business needs are!

16 Thank You For more information about WiFi Plug-And-Play, please contact your VeriFone sales rep or visit

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