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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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1 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
General safety & health induction for students Health, Safety & Environment Office

2 Ask question if you are in doubt!!!
Introduction Your supervisor/lab-in-charge would conduct the induction for you and this power point presentation is to supplement the induction with visual aid materials. Ask question if you are in doubt!!!

3 Health and Safety Policy of the University

4 University Health and Safety Policy/ Environmental Policy
Health and Safety Policy - to ensure, as far as reasonable practicable, the health and safety of all Its staff at work Students in the course of study The general public using our premises PolyU committed to achieve high H&S standards over and above statutory requirements. Environmental Policy – committed to provide a good environment for its staff and students To ensure that its activities are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner

5 Your health and safety responsibilities:
to be actively involved in implementing the Health and Safety Policies; to take reasonable care at work (or in the course of study) for your own health and safety and all others who may be affected by your acts or omissions; not to interfere with or misuse, intentionally or recklessly, anything provided in the interests of health and safety; and to report problems relating to health and safety matters.

6 Possible assistance from departmental health and safety officer (DHSO)
Find out who is your DHSO whom is the co-ordinator of departmental H&S matters. You may have to contact this important person from time to time.

7 You may contact your DHSO for more information if you have any health and safety problem.
Room: Tel:

8 General safety rules of the University
Health and Safety Guide; Safety Handbook Emergency Procedures Handbook Laboratory Safety Manual Handbook for Using Material Safety Data Sheet Procedure Manual for Using the Licensed Dangerous Goods Stores on Campus Handbook for Handling Wastes The above handbook is available at HSEO homepage

9 Electrical Safety Hazards:- Electric Shock (ventricular fibrillation)
Burn Ignition of combustible material/Fire Explosion

10 Electrical Safety

11 First aid box in campus You can ask your DHSO about the nearest first aid box. Of course, you can tour the office, workshop or laboratory to familiar with its location.


13 Break glass fire alarm Familiar yourself with the location of hose reel and the break-glass alarm. Sound the fire alarm by activating the break-glass fire alarm call point switch in case of fire.

Emergency reporting Fire Any accident/injury Leakage/spillage of chemical Any other incidents that life or property is endangered WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IN CASE OF EMERGENCY ?

15 Report to campus security control centre at P111 in person

16 Call campus security control centre by dialling:
(emergency line), or / (24 hours) or Use the emergency telephone sets at various strategic locations

17 Particulars to be reported to the campus security control centre
Your name and department Your contact telephone number Nature of incident with brief description Full detail of location of accident Any person(s) injured in the incident

18 After injury/ incident, report the case to your supervisor or lab in-charge responsible for the area so that they could report the case to HSEO by filling a Accident/Incident Report Form(HSO Form 2) and send it to Health, Safety & Environment Office through the Department Head within 72 hours The HSO Form2 can be downloaded from Intranet electronic form library of The PolyU homepage

19 Display Screen Equipment Operation

20 Manual Handling Operation

21 Manual Handling Operation

22 for Emergency Reporting to Campus Security Control Centre
Remember : Ext. 7999 for Emergency Reporting to Campus Security Control Centre After this general safety & health induction, your supervisor/ lab in-charge should told you the departmental safety arrangements and specific operational health and safety issues.

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