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PORTFOLIO Multi Projects Property Management (Pty) Ltd.

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1 PORTFOLIO Multi Projects Property Management (Pty) Ltd

2 Our Exceptional Quality of Service Set Us Apart From The Rest

3 choose your property manager Multi Projects Property Management MPPM understands the significant asset and emotional value of properties and therefore the importance of robust and trusted property management and rental services. That is why were dedicated to providing comprehensive and tailored property management and property solution services. We attend to marketing, housekeeping, booking services and tenant placement on a centralized booking and administration system and offer a hassle-free service to clients wishing to earn return from their property investments. Tenant Placement and Management Body Corporate Management Meeting Attendance and Secretarial Financial Management Insurance Disbursements Advisory Service Personnel Record Keeping Statutory Records Maintenance Administration Access Control and Security Sewerage Management Waste Collection and Management Property Transfers Services Offered Hassle-Free Service to Clients Wise-ly

4 About Us We specializes in the administration, maintenance and management of existing and new development sectional title and home owner schemes. Established in 2002 and active in the Helderberg area since 2008, MPPM has a fine reputation as a leader in Body Corporate Property Management and Home Owners Associations.

5 We take care of the Details. Our Staff is Committed to... answering telephone calls and s timeously, taking personal responsibility for product knowledge. Our Facilities Management Department was created in order to ensure that properties are immaculately maintained and enhanced on a continuous basis. The Facilities Manager also offers workplace solutions in order to ensure maximum efficiency and is continuously obtaining Owner feedback in order to develop detail specifications. Our Finance Department is located at our Head Office, Shop 6 Hibernian Towers, Beach Road Strand and controls and administers all the company's financial matters. The department consists of highly qualified professionals. Our offices are situated at Shop 6, Hibernian Towers, Beach Road, Strand Helderberg Basin Office. Your dedicated Portfolio Manager will be Petro Lotze and Christelene Fourie.

6 We have a fine reputation as a leader in Body Corporate & Home Owners Association Management

7 Management Proposal BILLING & COLLECTIONS 1.We distribute monthly levy statements as per client requirements per post or , whichever is requested by owners. Pastell Partner 2011 and Propsys are the accounting package which we make use of. 2.Collection of monthly levies, we do have debit order, electronic banking, direct deposit and credit card facilities. 3.We have a strict credit control system for outstanding levies: i)If no payment is received by the 8 th, we client ii)If no payment is received by the 11 th, we sms client iii)If no payment is received by month end, first registered letter is issued iv)If no payment is received 2 weeks later, 2 nd registered letter informing owners of potential hand over to attorneys is issued. v)If no payment is received by 2 nd month – file is handed over to our attorneys. 4.Interest is billed on all outstanding levies 5.We liaise with our attorneys (Mosterd & Bosman) regarding handed over clients, and receive monthly updates on progress of handovers. 6.We liaise with meter reading service companies 7.We issue levy clearance certificates. There is a R570 (VAT Incl.) fee per levy clearance certificate, payable by the seller of a unit.

8 Management Proposal DISBURSEMENTS 1.We do electronic payments of all approved creditors and Municipal accounts 2.All disbursements which have been approved and signed off will be done within required time frame INSURANCE AND PROPERTY FINANCIAL SERVICES 1.We will ensure that the properties are insured at market value, for the required annual cover. 2.We will ensure that the claims are forwarded to the insurance brokers and follow up on the payment of claims to ensure that all claims are paid within a reasonable time, we will also do all necessary disbursements of claims as required.

9 Management Proposal FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 1.We make sure that we invest all surplus funds at the most favorable interest rates. 2.We do the preparation of the proposed annual budgets 3.We will ensure that you receive reporting on i) the monthly performance to budget ii) any variances between actual and proposed budget iii) any problem areas in the budget 4.You will received monthly levy rolls, bank statements, detailed ledger of expenses paid, as well as income statement and balance sheet. 5.We will prepare all annual documents as required by the appointed auditors 6.The Auditors will submit the Annual Tax Returns (IT14) and hand a copy to us for our record keeping 7.The Auditors will submit the Provisional Tax Returns as well 8.We will administer VAT registration upon request and will submit VAT returns to SARS as required. 9.i) We will open bank accounts upon request ii) We will also arrange cheque signatories and cheque book control

10 Management Proposal PROPERTY TRANSFERS 1.Upon request from the transferring attorneys we will immediately issue them with Consents to Transfer, and Levy Clearance Certificates, we charge R684 (VAT inclusive) per Levy Clearance Certificate. 2.We will liaise with the conveyancers and attorneys to ensure that we know when transfer takes place of the property in order to keep our Property Owner Database up to date and to ensure that the new levy statements are sent to the new owners after registration.

11 We will ensure that the properties are insured at market value

12 Management Proposal MEETING ATTENDANCE & SECRETARIAL SERVICE 1. We attend and take minutes at the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meeting(s), should you so require we will also Chair the meetings. 2.We will attend four Body Corporate Meetings per 3. At all meetings we will prepare and distribute and keep record of: i)notices and agendas of meetings ii)minutes of previous meetings iii)a copy of the chairmans report (if he has issued one) iv)copies of financial statements and records v)attendance records per owner register, we will also ensure that we have proxies in place to determine quorum prior to meetings vi)all minutes will be distributed within seven days after meeting was held. 4.We will do all necessary arrangements and organization of AGM and other meetings.

13 Management Proposal ADVISORY SERVICE 1.We will keep the Trustees/Body Corporate Members advised to the provisions and rules of: i)the Sectional Title Act and other relevant legislation ii)House Rules iii)Tax Legislation (as per Auditors recommendations 2.At AGM and Trustees/Body Corporate meetings on i)Procedural matters ii)Proxies, voting rights and quorums 3.We will assist with the facilitation during the above meetings

14 Management Proposal PERSONNEL RECORDS 1.We are registered with Pastell Payroll and can do all Electronic bank payments of salaries, wages and bonuses to staff 2.The UIF and PAYE deductions and submissions will be done to SARS 3.Employees will be provided with IRP5 forms annually 4.We will keep records and contracts of all staff

15 Management Proposal STATUTORY RECORDS 10.We will maintain and keep records of all: a.Books of Account b.Rules and Regulations c.Registered Sectional Title Plans of Body Corporates d.Registered bondholders and owners e.Completion & submission of provisional and annual tax returns as done by the appointed Auditor f.Minute Books g.Employee leave and payroll records h.Assets and liabilities

16 We make sure that we invest all surplus funds at the most favorable interest rates

17 Management Proposal MAINTENANCE ADMINISTRATION 1.Upon receipt of complaint, which must always be given through in writing per or hand delivered. We will forward the complaint or maintenance issue through to the necessary maintenance team. We will call them thereafter to confirm that they have received the instructions and to confirm whether the work have been completed within a reasonable time. 2.We normally use Lotze Construction for all our maintenance work, as they are highly recommended. Should it be necessary, we will also obtain quotes from other Contractors. 3.We will manage all service providers on site included: i)Security service(s) ii)Electrical and telephone services iii)Water provision & quality, waste removal, sewage treatment iv)Garden maintenance v)Cleaning Services

18 Management Proposal MAINTENANCE ADMINISTRATION 4.We will also provide and enforce i) Security rules and regulations ii)Code of Conduct for Estate/Rental Agents iii)Code of Conduct for Builders and Contractors 5.We will enforce the building plan approval process and periodic revision of architectural design regulations 6.We will manage all builders deposits and check whether work has been completed to the Trustees and Body Corporates satisfaction before refunding of deposits. 7.We will administer non-building and building-overrun penalties and ensure that payments are received 8.We will ensure that all environmental prescriptions are met.

19 Management Proposal TAKE-ON CHECKLIST – Upon take over we will do the following: 1.Deed search will be done to confirm that correct owners and their details are loaded 2.Budget review, identification of risks and formulation of recommendations 3. Performance to budget review (PTB), assessment of reserves and evaluation of variances 4. Assessment of maintenance plans 5. Assessment of insurance cover 6. Assessment of fire fighting equipment and other relevant risk procedures 7. Assessment of owner accounts, arrear levies and credit control effectiveness 8. Assessment of compliance to relevant legislation 9. Confirmation of conduct rules lodged with deeds office 10. Compilation of a report and action log to address identified gaps 11. Compilation of a property management control schedule demonstration required monthly operational activities to be managed and confirmed.

20 Management Proposal ADDITIONAL ADVISORY AND SUPPORT SERVICES 1.Recruit contractors and staff as required 2.Draft conduct rules and amendments thereto 3.Enforce House and Conduct Rules 4.Caretaker supervisory services on a flexi-time basis to fit budgetary, capacity and cash flow parameters. 5.Attend to enquiries and complaints of Owners (non-financial)

21 We enforce house and conduct rules



24 Conclusion Whether you are a Chairperson, a Trustee, an Owner or an Investor, Multi Projects Property Management offers a complete solution to ensure that your property is well managed, and by doing so, maximizing the value of your Investment.

25 THANK YOU We look forward in being of service to you in the near future.

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