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Bergstraat BL Waalre the Netherlands Telephone: Fax: Mail: Management: Sales: Technical:

2 The Tooway™ service on KA-SAT Innovating Consumer Broadband via Satellite
@ TV

3 KA-SAT satellite Orbital position: 9°E Total capacity: 70Gbps

4 KA-SAT beam coverage Ka band 82 operational user beams
Exclusive bandwidth Circular polarization 8+2 GW beams (in Europe) 10/12 non contiguous beams per GW Satellite dedicated to star networks Broadband applications Meshed network via 2 hops (*) Some areas of the coverage are exclusive.

5 KA-SAT ground segment 8 operational GWs and 2 backup GWs
Backbone connectivity (edge PoP and main PoP) Centralized Operational Control Centre (Skylogic) providing OSS interface to all the customers (monitoring, services…) An integrated satellite system “SurfBeam 2” manufactured by ViaSat and deployed in the 10 GWs Small, integrated and low cost terminals

6 Tooway service - Definition
High quality and affordable Broadband Access with… … Triple play solution plus DTH, including… … A significant reduction in hardware cost @ TV 6

7 FAP only on broadband access
IPTV multicast DTH TV multicast VOIP - unicast Broadband access - unicast HOTBIRD™ position : 1,100 channels Considering 2Mbps per channel, that means we can receive 2.2Gbps for TV broadcast

8 Tooway service – Features
Volume booster 1GB No setup fee VoIP Tooway is a full IP consumer Internet access service. IPTV IPTV and VoD is feasible with same service quality over the KA-SAT service coverage. DTH Reception Easy DTH reception at °E on the same antenna with installation of a specific additional Ku band LNB bracket made by Rian – other orbital positions investigated 0.8°W, 4.8°E, 16°E, DTH performances equivalent to a Rx only 70cm antenna dish size OUT OF FAP High priority token - Tooway is an unlimited volume service BUT with potential speed limits induced by the network congestion or end user throughput management for fairness access to the resource - Tooway provides the way to increase the priority of the end user traffic with specific volume token to be sold by the distributors to their subscribers - The high priority token provides full service speed access until full consumption of its associated volume - The high priority token associated with 1GB volume will be sold 6€ to tooway distributors - Distributors could take advantage of this additional volume token to increase their revenues from their subscribers - Distributors will recommend to their subscribers the usage of the high priority token for occasional speed needs. The service upgrade being the best way to proceed for higher service capabilities all along the month VoIP - VoIP traffic with QoS works over KA-SAT tooway service as it is working currently on Pre KA-SAT tooway service : VoIP QoS is setup based on distributor technical information to identify its VoIP GW VoIP service is billed to the distributor each month on the basis of consumed GB for VoIP services by its customers VoIP traffic is forwarded to the VoIP GW through internet Each distributor will bill directly its subscriber - Tooway service allows distributors to reuse VoIP devices of the market without any modification - Distributors could take advantage of this VoIP feature to increase their revenues from their subscribers IPTV - Less than 50% of ADSL subscribers are currently able to enjoy IPTV and VoD - Tooway being a full IP consumer internet access service - IPTV channels can transmitted over the FWD link carrier and received by the satellite modem to be forwarded to the user PC or dedicated device like IPTV STB considering: IPTV channels are forwarded by the distributor to the KA-SAT backbone from one PoP in Europe KA-SAT earth station transmit over the satellite (potentially over several beams) the IPTV multicast traffic multiplexed with consumer unicast traffic (IPTV channels and end user internet traffic share the same FWD link carrier) IPTV channels are defined with the highest priority to not be impacted by potential network congestion during peak hour - Tooway service allows distributors to reuse IPTV STB of the market without any modification - Distributors could take advantage of this IPTV feature to multicast regional live channels in complement to Ku band DTH and/or open push VoD services - Distributors could take advantage of this IPTV feature to increase their revenues from their subscribers DTH Reception - DTH kit easy to adapt thanks to a specific mount fitting to the tooway antenna and simplifying its pointing - DTH performances equivalent to a Rx only 70cm antenna dish size June 2010 8

9 Special RIAN brackets for multi TV reception

10 Special RIAN brackets Available in most wanted version , universal alignment

11 RIAN DishNavigator for counsumer alignement KA

12 RIAN DishNavigator, see
Align the dish on the time of the day

13 Automatic system for consumer use

14 VoIP over Tooway Tooway is a full IP consumer internet access service
VoIP traffic with QoS will work over KA-SAT Tooway service as it is working currently on Pre KA-SAT Tooway service : VoIP QoS will be setup based on distributor technical information VoIP service will be billed to the costumer each month Tooway service will allow consumers to reuse VoIP devices of the market without any modification 14

15 KA-SAT - service area 9°E
(*) On the edge of the coverage the maximum service peak rate could be slightly reduced. (*) Some areas of the coverage are exclusive. 15

16 Tooway terminal for KA-SAT description
ODU: Antenna dish size : < 80cm Ka band transceiver 3W amplifier Rx/Tx circular polarization Integrated self installation beeper Max EIRP < 50dBW respecting European blanket licensing Options : Ku DTH reception on the same antenna IFL Antenna mast IDU: Reception: Several tens of Mbps Transmission : Up to 10 Mbps Integrated self installation tool for optimized pointing 1 Ethernet interface (1GBps) Distributor can select the WiFi router and the IPTV STB of its choice if it is interested in offering additional devices to its subscribers 16

17 Skylogic support via SkyPark teleport
Customer and service management Terminal provisioning Uplink services Hub maintenance and operation Internet backbone connectivity Network operations 24h/7 service

18 Annex : Professional services on KA-SAT

19 Professional applications
Professional Data network – Data applications The KA-SAT infrastructure is ready to operate any professional application requiring IP connectivity like: Broadband professional internet access Professional close user group network Site interconnection Tele-presence Backup services Contribution/distribution SCADA / M2M Multicast services (IPTV, VoD) Broadcasting services KA-SAT infrastructure allows also to provide a solution for regional DTH services


21 SNG Vehicles with RIAN equipment

22 Beyond broadband KA-SAT’s significant capacity will enable also address other markets: Data services KA-SAT brings important economic advantages for point-to-point applications that can be selectively translated to your clients Professional Video services The satellite performance can benefit Satellite News Gathering operations, contribution links … Opportunities for regional television The spot beam configuration opens cost-efficient network opportunities for regional television channels requiring limited coverage June 2010

23 Annex : Tooway™ technical advantages

24 Key user advantages of Tooway™
Quick installation and activation Available anywhere in satellite service area No software in the PC Installation takes approximately 1 hour Total independence from terrestrial infrastructure No telephone line required High quality services High upload and download speeds Flexibility and scalability VPN pass-through Optional services that can be provided by distributors VoIP IPTV Multicasting capability for videostreaming TV reception from HOT BIRD™ or Astra neighbourhood Full triple-play possible, plus DTH reception of HOT BIRD™ channels 24

25 The Tooway™ technological advantages
High Performance Satellite Network: Increased capacity/transponder Advanced coding/modulation Dynamic rain fade mitigation Efficient dynamic return links Higher transmission and reception rates Improved technology: Higher peak speeds Integrated PEP and pre-fetch for faster browsing and downloads Affordable Consumer terminal pricing High quality Outdoor Equipment (similar to professional satellite equipment) 25

26 Services coverage KU band AB1 12.5 W
Based on EIRP G/T coverage maps

27 Available RIAN KU automatic consumer solutions with Teleco

28 Ku band modems can be used on the same subscription in different country’s, so the cliënt can move from the Netherland to his 2nd home in Spain and take his modem with him.

29 KU-SAT services over AB1
The Tooway™ service differentiation is done on a volume based allowance over 4 weeks During the night from 24:00 till 06:00 (GMT/UT) only 50% of the volume is taken into account Volume boosters of 500 MB can be bought if temporarily additional volume to the FAP is required Basic Bronze Silver Gold Max downlink Kbps 3584 Max uplink 384 Volume consumption in MB 2400 4000 6000 12000


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