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Brigham Young University INTERNSHIPS Linking Learning and Life Presented by The Internship Office.

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1 Brigham Young University INTERNSHIPS Linking Learning and Life Presented by The Internship Office

2 Brigham Young University Internship?

3 Brigham Young University In-tern or In-terne \ in-,tern \ n [F interne, fr. Interne, adj.]: An internship is an academic, curriculum-based practical work experience in a particular field of study that enhances student learning, and for which a student is enrolled.

4 Brigham Young University Facts: 8,000 BYU students intern each year in 10,000 experiences Graduated interns average higher starting salaries by $2,240 Student interns are twice as likely to have a job offer upon graduation In 2000, Hewlett Packard recruited 70% of its new hires from its intern pool Interns enter the work force with more confidence and experience 100+ BYU departments and programs may grant academic credit for completing an internship

5 Brigham Young University Benefits of Interning Understand the relevance of what you are learning in the classroom Explore a career and job in a try before you buy experience Gain exposure to real-world problems and issues not found in textbooks Cultivate work habits, social instincts, adaptability and creativity in an ever- changing world Strengthen resume and get a job Establish professional contacts Increase future marketability Represent the University Spread the gospel

6 Brigham Young University Finding Your Internship Use the university network of Internship Office, internship coordinators and Career Center Talk to faculty within your field of study Talk to other students who have interned in your field of study Turn your current job into an internship Set up informational interviews w/ professionals Search trade publications, classified ads and professional association job listings Search the telephone directory & submit resume Use student associations to access professionals Use parents, friends & ward contacts Use our resource page @

7 Brigham Young University Prominent Internship Programs: Marriage Family & Human Development Psychology and Sociology Marriott School of Management Counseling Psychology Recreational Management and Youth Leadership Student Teaching (Education) Community Health Linguistics Kennedy Center (international internships) Communications Clark Law School Nursing

8 Brigham Young University Geographic Seminars Washington Seminar New York Communications, Graphic Design, and Visual Arts Program Kennedy Center International Internships Nursing in Guatemala Linguistics in Latin America Community Health in Europe/Latin America TMA Interns in Los Angeles And more!

9 Brigham Young University Semester Away Intern anywhere in the U.S. Combine internship and IS courses Pay regular tuition Be a full-time student Keep your scholarship & financial aid Graduate faster

10 Brigham Young University Frequently Asked Questions Do I have to find an internship myself? Can I choose an employer that hasnt worked with BYU before? How much credit can I get? Does the credit count toward graduation? Can I intern and go to school at the same time? When should I intern? Are internships paid?

11 Brigham Young University More Questions? The Internship Office Office: 130A Building: B-34 422-3337

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