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1 Introduction To CONFIRM-IT An advanced, powerful appointment booking & confirmation tool …….designed to streamline and automate todays business.

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2 1 Introduction To CONFIRM-IT An advanced, powerful appointment booking & confirmation tool …….designed to streamline and automate todays business.

3 2 What is Confirm-IT? Confirm-IT is an easy- to-use, robust appointment booking and confirmation tool developed to increase PRODUCTIVITY

4 3 Why Sell Confirm-IT? Because 50% of ALL NO-SHOWS for appointments occur because they are forgotten……=LO$T REVENUE OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS

5 4 Confirm-IT allows businesses to increase their efficiency and professionalism resulting in TOTAL customer or patient care. Why Sell Confirm-IT?

6 5 Confirm-IT was designed to be S IMPLE, A FFORDABLE and P RACTICAL! Why Sell Confirm-IT?

7 6 Confirm-IT can remind customers/patients of their appointment by a telephone call, email, text message or all three! Why Sell Confirm-IT?

8 7 Reduces Missed Appointments What Confirm-IT Does

9 8 Replaces Costly & Ineffective Reminder Cards & Phone Calls What Confirm-IT Does

10 9 Eliminates Old Unreliable Approaches What Confirm-IT Does

11 10 Builds a Customer/Patient Database What Confirm-IT Does

12 11 Tracks Performance What Confirm-IT Does

13 12 Contacts Idle and Inactive Customers/Patients What Confirm-IT Does

14 13 Provides Live Service (if connected to tel. system- dial 0 to reschedule now) Creates Customer/Patient Profile Creates Appointment Notes Generates Employee Work Schedule Cancels Appointments What Confirm-IT Does What Else Confirm-IT Does

15 14 Increases BUSINESS! What Confirm-IT Does T H E B O T T O M L I N E !

16 15 How Confirm-IT Works Confirm-IT consists of two components; (1) Client software (the calendar) which can reside on a customer provided PC Windows 2000 VISTA Windows XP

17 16 How Confirm-IT Works (2) Server software which can reside on Confirm-ITs own hardware OR on an CTL VoiceSupport Lx.

18 17 How things connect… Customer Provided PC with Confirm-IT Software CO Lines Router Ethernet High Speed Internet Service to ISP WAN Confirm-IT Server To make telephone reminders To make email/text message reminders How Confirm-IT Works

19 18 Confirm-ITs Calendar

20 19 How Confirm-IT Works Appointments Booked Office Confirmed Home Confirmed Confirmed Email Cell Confirmed Text Msg Confirmed Callouts Begin From: The Monterey Health Club-You have a court time reserved on Thursday, June 15 at 5:00PM. To cancel please call (212) 555- 1212. Thank you.

21 20 When Confirming Appts CI Can detect Busy, No Anwser, Answering Machine/Voice Mail-plays appropriate Message Programmable choices (1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, 3 to repeat, 0 to reschedule) 4 port Dialogic Card (Multi-line & Quality Approach) Calendar Icons/Confirmation Report How Confirm-IT Works

22 21 How Confirm-IT Works

23 22 How Confirm-IT Works Sample Messages Appointment Confirmation Message Hello, this is Business Name calling to confirm your appointment on [Date] at [Time]. If you need to cancel this appointment please contact us at Phone Number to reschedule, thank you. Appointment Confirmation Email/Text Message Subject: [Business Name] You have an appointment on [Date] at [Time]. To cancel call [Phone Number],thank you

24 23 Confirm-IT Messages 1. Appointment Confirmation Greeting 2. Appointment Cancellation Greeting 3. Birthday Greeting 4. Business Closed Greeting Entire Business One Provider 5. Inactive How Confirm-IT Works

25 24 Confirm-IT Messages 1.Appointment Re-Schedule 2.Notify NOW 3.Date Appointment 4.Range Appointment 5.Programmable (Future) 6.Text to Speech (can speak name, provider & service-Future) How Confirm-IT Works



28 27 BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT Click on an available timeslot under the provider you want

29 28 BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT Click on Save and the appointment is booked

30 29 Target Markets Confirm-IT offers 6 unique software packages. They have been designed to address numerous markets and opportunities. Many of these sectors are already being prospected by your sales staff today. The Applications are:

31 30 Confirm-IT Applications PERSONAL CARE PERSONAL CARE PERS Hair Nail Massage Fitness Spa Tanning PERSONAL CARE PERSONAL CARE PERS

32 31 Confirm-IT Applications MEDICAL CARE MEDICAL CARE MEDICA Dental Optometry Medical

33 32 Confirm-IT Applications ANIMAL CARE ANIMAL CARE ANIMAL C GroomingVeterinaryKennel


35 34 Confirm-IT Applications SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE S Food Delivery SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE S Repair Restaurant SMB Delivery


37 36 CONFIRM-IT Installation Confirm-IT is very easy to install and program. As stated previously, it can be installed as a stand-alone product, with a telephone system or as a voice mail with a telephone system.

38 37 CONFIRM-IT Installation Example of a page in the Wizard

39 38 CTL provides additional Professional Services to eliminate any installation or maintenance concerns you may have. CONFIRM-IT Installation

40 39 Because Confirm-IT reduces missed appointments, its payback occurs in days! Confirm-IT$ Payback

41 40 Confirm-IT$ Payback OK, LETS ASSUME…… 1. CI avoids just 2 missed Appointments/week 2. Each Appointment cost is $ 100.00 4. $ 200.00 X 50 weeks = $ 10,000.00 3. 2 Appoinments $ 100.00 = $ 200.00 week Confirm-IT saved $ 10,000.00 in the 1 st year alone! And this does not include the additonal savings from the other great features Confirm-IT provides.

42 41 REVIEW Its SIMPLE, PRACTICAL, AFFORDABLE 6 Great Apps CTL will help you! Great sales package with telephone system/voice mail/Confirm-It (1 stop shop)

43 42 Builds Customer Profile Compliments your target markets Tracks Sales NO need to Inventory- well drop ship! Its Recession Proof REVIEW

44 43 Builds & Maintains a Customer/Patient Database Provides Detailed Reports Limited Competition Replaces Costly Mailings Increases Professionlism, Efficiency and Productivity REVIEW

45 44 REVIEW Provides a Working Calendar Does Not Impact Telephone System, Network, Computer Flashes the Line for Live Service Generates employees work schedule Contacts Idle Customers/Patients

46 45 REVIEW Emergency Remote Notifcation to customers/patients & employees Birthday Notification Fantastic Payback Model! Offers multiple clients EASY TO SELL

47 46 Confirm-IT! - Automatically reminds your customers of their appointment virtually ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

48 47 CTL Inc. 375 Bridgeport Ave Shelton, CT 06484 203-925-4266

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