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ENUM - The UK experience so far Tony Holmes BT Chairman of UK ENUM Group NICC Open Forum 2003.

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1 ENUM - The UK experience so far Tony Holmes BT Chairman of UK ENUM Group NICC Open Forum 2003

2 ENUM - the starting point Problem Statement How do network elements (gateways, SIP servers etc) find services on the Internet if you only have a telephone (E.164) number? How can users define their preferences for incoming communications?

3 Today we have too many addresses Tel:+44 1732 475517 Fax: +44 1689 850104 +44 7710 005459

4 The ENUM concept. Use telephone numbers as part of a domain name in the global domain name system (the DNS) Take a phone number +44 1732 475517 Turn it into a domain DNS

5 ENUM Number Resolution DNS +44 1732 Page:8001112223334445Page http://enumjunkie.holmes.comHTTP Tel:+1732 475517TEL Smtp:arh@xyz.comSMTP Sip:holmes@xyz.comSIP Service AddressProtocol ENUM converts the E.164 telephone number into a set of service addresses. Client Software Facilitates order & preference

6 Typical Applications ENUM Directory Internet Cct switched (PSTN) Networks Typical Applications INE.164 (Telephone) Numbers Internet Domain Name Addresses DNS Out url Personal Web Pages IP Fax Unified Messaging Voice over IP Instant Messaging

7 New business or old business in new packaging? It enables the use of traditional telephone numbers in the context of different communications media, particularly those rising from the development of IP networks (e-mail, VoIP, etc) ENUM will facilitate the penetration of new applications into the mass market ENUM is about new service creation

8 The UK ENUM Group UK ENUM GROUP (UKEG) formed September 2001 - Tasked with the goal of identifying possible implementation options for the UK and recommending preferred infrastructure. - Also to identify and resolve related issues UKEG Preliminary Report - April 2002 Recognised - user opt in approach as a critical requirement - need for good authentication procedures - major issues to be resolved on privacy - need for compliance with EU/UK consumer protection & data privacy laws Proposed: - Single Tier 1 Registry for the UK (+44) - competition at the Tier 2 level - creation of new industry led Policy Oversight Committee

9 RIPE NCC Tier 1 Entity (T1E) Tier 2 ( Registrar A) Registrar B Registrar C Assignment Entity ( TSP /NRA/third party) sip: eu @ foo.tld mailto: eu @ bar.tld … Tier 2 Entity (T2E) Registry x Registry y Registry z end user Single T1 Multiple T2 Registries Registrars The Model

10 TIER 1 Registry holds Authentication Agency ENUM Registrar DNS Provider holds NAPTR DNS Provider holds NAPTR ENUM Registrar Authentication Agency ENUM Registrar Possible groupings of players in ENUM into business entities ENUM Model for the UK

11 The UK ENUM Trial UKEG held Trial Seminar Sept 2002 - Trial pack issued setting out roles - Expressions of Interest requested - Applicants requested to sign MoU setting out basic rules 1st meeting of Trial Group (UKETG) held November 2002 - all roles filled - 3 applicants for Tier 1 role decision taken to share T1 for the trial Work began in earnest January 2003

12 Evaluate the pros and cons of implementing ENUM in the UK Evaluate processes/interfaces/protocols for the interactions between the different parties Determine technical and operational requirements for provisioning ENUM records To assess DNS requirements/ implications in the provision of ENUM services To determine security and verification requirements To test from a technical and user perspective applications To evaluate and refine the economic benefits and costs of supporting ENUM. Results of the trial will be used by UKEG to determine the preferred implementation framework for provision of ENUM capabilities behind CC 44 Objectives of UK ENUM Trial

13 Progress to date UK ENUM Trial Group formed as sub group of UKEG Delegation of +44 made to UKEG for Trial with backing from DTI All required roles filled for trial 3 applications from trial participants for Tier 1 Role - decision taken to share role for the trial All required Infrastructure in place Test calls made Much focus on Authentication role UKEG Trial Group currently producing report on progress and agreements made so far

14 Some major issues……. and proposed solutions

15 Authentication The process of Identification and validation Authentication Requirements: Trust The registrant must; - have the right to register the number - be who they say they are Only authorised numbers assignees subscribe to, change or cancel their ENUM registrations Openness No artificial barriers to registration (cost, timescales, restrictive practices etc) Value Cost must be set to a reasonable level Liability Registrant must inform Registrar of events that change the nature of the subscription e.g cease of number. porting

16 Authentication Proposed approach Authentication Agency (AA) may choose market in which they operate e.g. Only DQ numbers, certain TSP numbers TSP (Telephone Service Provider) participation preferred - enables maximum level of trust - provides interface to all accredited AAs - Number Portability process may offer a way forward (initial discussions with NP Industry Group) other options include Carrier Pre-selection Service Other possible Trusted solution PIN mailed to registered address Basic Authentication as a fallback Applicant produces supporting documentation e.g. bill, bank statement with passport, driving licence

17 ENUM & the Internet naming environment ENUM will use E164 numbers as part of a domain name +44 1732 475517 How regulation impacts is dependent upon the Comms Bill In the UK….numbers are regulated, domain names are not This raises key issues for ENUM

18 Control & Administration of Numbers and Names for ENUM Numbers ITU responsible for administration at the top level e.g. assignment of E.164 Country Codes National resources administered by NRAs (OFCOM) For ENUM ITU procedures ensure no ENUM CC delegations without agreement of the Administration Rules for insertion of numbers in ENUM is a national issue ETSI have specified guidelines for European ENUM implementations (ETSI TS 102 051: "ENUM Administration in Europe) Domain Names Control of domain names in ENUM is a national issue Implementation requires the UK to develop ENUM policy

19 ENUM Policy development in the UK UKEG identified key requirements policy development has to be open, fair an transparent Who should develop policy and on what basis ? DTI has stated they will not assume this responsibility - who will make the rules? - how will they be implemented? - what powers will exist? UKEG has considered the initial problems and identified a possible ways forward!

20 Current proposed approach towards ENUM policy formation in the UK

21 Proposed make up of the Management Group and the Policy Advisory Committee UK ENUM MANAGEMENT GROUP UK ENUM POLICY ADVISORY COMMITTEE Tier 1 Registry Tier 2 DNS Providers Tier 2 Registrars Authentication Agencies Application Providers Users DTI (Observers) Others? Representatives from Independent Organisations DTI (Observers)

22 Purpose of the Management Group Facilitate an open, competitive environmenture Ensure the required degree of transparency Safeguard the integrity and rights of users To meet the needs of the ENUM Players Underpin commercial requirements through through the use of effective contractual arrangements where deemed necessary Oversee and ensure compliance with all EU and UK regulatory requirements which impact the ENUM environment

23 UK ENUM Policy development Policy Development Input from other interested parties Annual Public Forum UKEPAC UKEMG identify develop test implement comment ratify

24 Additional work on UK ENUM Policy Further work required on: - legal standing /recognition of policy body - relationship with existing UK ENUM Group - development of detailed by-laws - disclosure obligations - timeframes and impact on commercial launch Gaining the required participation in - Management Group - Policy Advisory Group

25 A single Tier 1 for the UK! DTI has stated they will not assume this responsibility Selection of a single Tier 1 Registry means - somebody must assume overall responsibility - somebody has to make the choice

26 A single Tier 1 for the UK - the way forward UKEG has: recommended an open competition for Tier 1 Registry developed basic principles for registry operations covering - operational and technical requirements - business, financial, legal and other requirements developed a criteria assessment document FUTURE STEPS Invitation to tender Independent evaluation of bids Contractual arrangements between new policy body and successful applicant

27 The Way Forward Public consultation early 2004 UKEG trial continuing to provide additional experience and identify and resolve issues UKEG to initiate discussions with industry/other interested parties on policy aspects Actions required following Consultation exercise

28 Thank You Tony Holmes e-mail:

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