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2ENTRY Helios Smart way for door entry communication.

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1 2ENTRY Helios Smart way for door entry communication

2 What is 2ENTRY Helios Allows you to speak with a guest standing at your company entrance Allows your guests to call any predefined extension Allows you to remotely open the door for your guests Works alongside entry code, proximity or fingerprint reader access control for local door opening

3 New generation design Technically ideal door communicator High climate resistance – worldwide use Combination of door lock and door phones Works with any analogue telephone line 2 wire connection only Wall or flush mounting installation Modular system (base modules are upgradeable with camera, display, access control, biometrics, and others) Additional upgrade to anti-vandal Programming instructions with help of voice menu Advanced acoustic qualities Optional additional build in switch – double door opening Special functions – such as automatic multiple number dialing, silent dialing, departure/arrival and day/night modes (follow me feature), secondary switch delay Automatic multiple number dialing Advantages

4 Main Features: Hermetic sealed buttons Button life 107 operations Stainless steal case White LED backlight Possible surface and masonry installation All 2N EntryCom features Up to 54 buttons expandable (up to 1000 with display) Phone direct dialing Lower stock level Improved for better working in noisy environment Optional build-ins: CCD camera Second switch Proximity card reader Additional possibility to upgrade for Anti-Vandal Display* Fingerprint reader* *coming soon Advantages

5 Connection directly to PSTN Connection via PBX Connection via GSM – wireless solution Connection to IP – based data network (VoIP) Types of connection

6 Telephone-controlled electric lock switch Modularity – up to 54 buttons Can be used as a common telephone set and code lock (keypad models) 2-wire connection – cooperation with any PBX, PSTN, GSM or VoIP Just connect it to a standard FXS PBX interface Telephone-based programming – voice menu instructions Detection of all common tones – improved dual tone detection System functionality does not depend on additional power supply Electronic volume control and hands free – without opening the cover Technical specification

7 Explanatory: 1.Terminal board 2.Left side buttons Connector 3.Connector of display 4.Voice memory 5.Single chip hands free phone 6.Connector of additional switch 7.Serial number 8.Back light keypad Connector 9.Nonstandard function connector 10.Microphone connector 11.Keypad connector 12.Additional modules connector 13.Main micro PC 14.Connectors slot 15.Right hand buttons connector 16.Jumpers 17.Camera connector 18.Camera adjustment connectors 19.Speaker and grounding connector Connection scheme

8 Technical specification

9 Brand new original design White button LED illumination Wall or flush fixed mounting Climate resistant Indoor or outdoor installation Upgradeable Standard wall or flush mounting version

10 Easy upgrade of standard versions to AV High strength construction Resistant to outside environment Made from stainless steal Only for flush fixed mounting Anti-vandal version

11 Space for inserting graphically designed information (company logo) Compact design Used as a phone book to be dialled on a keypad Button saving Optional build ins for existing units Infopanel

12 Independent product No connection to telephone line, NO communication Just connect pushbuttons with regular bells Combination of 4 pushbuttons and infopanel where can be placed for example company logo and opening times Coming soon Infopanel + 4 door bell buttons

13 NO and/or NC contact on connector Independent operation of 2nd switch with delay from switch 1st Allow permanent switching function Can be reacting on picked up or hang up line Additional secondary switch

14 Possible to see person standing in front of the building Optional additional build in Video possible for all base modules as a build in kit Viewing through web page browser (IP) or on external LCD or TV, possible to connect into TV system (cable TV) Connection over coax cable or twisted pair (optional set up by jumper) Video

15 Excellent for use in spaces with lot of tenant Used to display names or graphical logos Slow and fast name finder Possible to store up to 1000 numbers Programmable from PC over USB through PHP application Also for use as a service tool Display

16 Module 3x1 button 9135130E Module 3x1 button 9135130E Module 3x1 button 9135130E Module 3x1 button 9135130E Module 8x1 button Extender 9135181E Module 8x2 button Extender 9135182E Infopanel w/o buttons Extender 9135310E Infopanel + 4 door bell buttons 9135320E Basic offer

17 Cover to basic module without keypad 9135511E Cover to basic module with keypad 9135511KE Cover to basic module without keypad + 1 extender 9135521E Cover to basic module with keypad + 1 extender 9135521KE Anti-vandal offer *Covers are offered in single button version only, other options are on request

18 Accessories offer

19 Example of connection to PBX system with video over IP

20 Example of complete IP connection

21 Example of GSM connection and video over IP

22 Basic modules 3x2 button Video camera – kit to be build in Display – kit to be build in Extender 8x2 button Roof for 2 modules Example of setting up configuration

23 Used to control people entering the building Monitor attendance of employees Used in spaces with up to 500 users Controlling up to 16 entrances Easy maintenance Reading modules installed in 2N EntryCom are connected to a PC – online monitoring Printing of attendance reports if required Supports EM Marine and Wiegand interface ID technologies Proximity card access control system APS mini

24 2ENTRY Helios set 91341611E Standalone module 9134162E Attendance keypad 9134167E PC Micro reader 9134164E Ethernet/RS485 adapter 91341631E Proximity card 9134165 Proximity key fob 9134166 Access control system offer

25 Thank you for your attention

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