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Vince Humphries European Radiocommunications Office

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1 Vince Humphries European Radiocommunications Office

2 2 Overview Purpose Main features Scope

3 3 Purpose… Original purpose: – Enable VoIP clients to be identified and reached via commonly-used name end users telephone number

4 4 …Purpose Purpose has evolved: – Enable any communications application to determine availability of (Internet-based) communications services telephone number used as easily recognised front end to various communications services used by end user telephone number used as look-up key to find available communications services – Electronic business card directory

5 5 Main Features… Telephone numbers are translated to Internet universal resource identifiers (URIs) URIs identify communications service: – – – –

6 6 …Main Features Details of translation from telephone number to URI specified in naming address pointer records Naming address pointer records: – are stored in Internet domain name system – may be accessed by client applications – may be used to obtain list of URIs

7 7 …Main Features URIs may be used for connecting to communications service associated with telephone number

8 8 Example Naming address pointer record, formatted according to IETF RFC2915 and RFC2916: TELEPHONE NUMBER +351 217211000 $ORIGIN IN NAPTR 100 10 "u" "E2U+sip" "!^.*$! !" IN NAPTR 102 10 "u" "E2U+mailto" "!^.*$! !" flag indicating terminal look-up order preference service substitution expression replacement domain name

9 9 Scope Any E.164 telephone number can potentially be used in ENUM geographic numbers, mobile numbers, personal numbers freephone numbers, premium rate numbers global network numbers, global service numbers Any Internet URI can potentially be used in ENUM

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