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STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS 1 Effective CVs, application forms and interviews.

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1 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS 1 Effective CVs, application forms and interviews

2 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS 2 Objectives - To help you to understand the structure and purpose of competency-based recruitment and selection. -Gain an insight into the recruiters point of view. -Recognise appropriate evidence of your skills and understand how to present this effectively in writing (& through interview).

3 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS 3 The recruiters perspective Recruiting is expensive and time consuming. They need to get it right. They are looking for tangible evidence and (at interview) a sense of rapport. They do not want to catch you out. They will often end up working with the person they recruit!

4 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS 4 Selectors are asking themselves: Do you have the ABILITY? Do you have the MOTIVATION? Do you FIT? What are recruiters looking for?

5 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS 5 Competency based recruitment What is it?

6 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS 6 What would be the top five qualities/skills that you would look for in a consultant within your specialty? List your top five then discuss with partner. How do your lists differ? How would you measure that a person had these skills? Good, better, best….

7 7 Communication Organisation & planning Managing others Problem solving Interpersonal skills Decision making Leadership Conceptual thinking People skills STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS Behind the Buzzwords

8 Good communication skills? Email or telephone? You have to contact someone you havent worked with before. Do you prefer email or telephone? Argue or Avoid? You are having a disagreement with a work colleague. Do you prefer to confront the issue with them directly or avoid conflict? Concise or considered? Would you be better at writing an annual review report or a piece of marketing literature for your practice? Push or pull? Do you like to get people on board through appealing to logic or reason, or by tapping into their motivations and enthusiasm? STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS 8

9 9 Competency question example -Give us an example of a situation where poor communication skills had an adverse impact on the care of a patient. -Describe a situation in which you used effective communication skills to make a difference to the care of a patient. STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

10 10 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS Presenting yourself effectively in writing – Application Forms -

11 11 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS Application forms Reader What is their focus? Content Relevance and priority Structure Readability Priority Logical flow Theme then evidence

12 12 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS Competency Questions An opportunity to demonstrate a required or desired behaviour Describe specific incidents Stay focused – provide evidence and context Dont undersell yourself Try STAR technique …

13 13 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS STAR Situation[concise overview] Task or target[what had to be achieved?] Action [what did you actually DO?] Result/reflection [what was the end result?] [what did you learn?] [Situation/task 15%, Action 70%, Outcome 15%]

14 14 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS Presenting yourself on paper - CVs -

15 15 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS What is the purpose of a CV? What would you include on a CV? How long?

16 16 CV sections Personal details Career Statement Education and Qualifications Present position Career history (ensure that any gaps in employment are accounted for) Clinical skills and experience Management and leadership experience Development courses and conferences attended Presentations Clinical audit Research experience/Publications Teaching experience Interests Referees STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

17 17 Common pitfalls Irrelevant information Putting earliest experiences first Too much description Long prose paragraphs Poorly presented Inconsistency of style or format Spelling or grammatical errors STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

18 Specialty Interviews 18 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

19 Prepare yourself –Understand how you are being judged –Formulate your evidence –Practise your delivery 19 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

20 –Understand the requirements –Unpack the competencies –Think of examples –Structure your examples –Practise telling the story 20 STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS Preparing and Presenting your Evidence

21 21 Different types of questions Understanding questions What are the essential elements of…? Biographical questions Tell me about yourself… Scenario questions What would you do if…? Behavioural questions Describe a situation in which you… Experience questions Tell me about your experience working in… Motivation questions What appeals to you most about… Competency question Give an example of a time… STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

22 Interviewing with Impact Confident and positive first impressions The handshake What to wear Eye contact Posture Facial expressions Body language Building a strong rapport Find common ground Active listening STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

23 23 Recruiter wish list Besides good clinical skills, recruiters want trainees who will... –Learn quickly...not need repetition –Take responsibility...not need direction –Decide reliably...not need correction –Show initiative...not need spoon-feeding –Push themselves...not need motivation –Stay...not change their minds STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

24 24 Evidence for motivation Research What have you discovered about the specialty and how? Decisions What choices have you made leading up to this stage? Behaviour What have you done to gain relevant experience and awareness? Interests What do you devote time to inside and outside medicine? STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

25 25 Your evidence laid BARE –Background – setting, situation, objective –Actions – what you did, how you did it –Rationale– your thinking and choices –End result – achievements and learning STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

26 26 Primacy and recency STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

27 27 Some useful tactics –Stay focused and slow down –Have some structure – even if its retrospective! –Give yourself thinking time Repeat, comment, Can I have a minute? –Think of the key features before you talk –Seek clarification Are you looking for an example of...? –Ask for feedback Is this example useful? –When in a hole, stop digging Sorry, Ive got a bit lost. May I start again? STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

28 28 NHS issues Clinical Governance Appraisals, Assessment and Revalidation Evidence-based medicine NHS reforms and modernisation agenda European Working Time Directive (EWTD) Improving Working Lives (IWL) MMC & the Tooke report Payment by results STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

29 29 NHS Issue practice question How can the NHS develop a blame-free culture? Is the expanding role of nurses a positive development for the NHS? Does it pose any problems for the medical profession? Has MMC addressed all the problems that it was designed to do? IS MMC a good thing? Is the appraisal process worthwhile? What is the biggest challenge facing the NHS over the next twenty years? Who are the lost tribe? Have they been found? What will be the effects of the European Working Time Directive on the medical profession in the UK? STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

30 30 Researching NHS Issues NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement Medical Leadership Competency Framework petency_framework_-_homepage.html Dept of Health Interview intelligence articles MMC Royal colleague websites STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

31 31 Want more Individual Help? BMA Career Advisory service BMJ Careers – medical jobs and careers advice Podcasts A Day In The Life of a Speciality Doctor (specific to each area) Career Essentials – online e-learning modules for Foundation Doctors BMJ Learning – 150+ CPD accredited courses BMA Library British Medical Journal STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

32 Dont Miss Out – Join Today! Employment Protection and Advise Free Contract Checking Careers - essential support and guidance Free access to BMA Library Free Copies of British Medical Journal (£360) Free access to BMJ Learning Free access to Careers Essentials for Foundation years STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

33 33 Thank you & Good Luck STANDING UP FOR DOCTORS

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