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Essential Office Etiquette

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1 Essential Office Etiquette
WELCOME TO: Essential Office Etiquette 2012

2 Learning Outcomes On completion you will be able to:
Identify and correct protocols for business etiquette for a range of business scenarios. Apply the techniques required to build and project a professional image through professional behaviour. Describe appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in a range of workplace settings. 2

3 Workshop Material Delegate Guide:
You will find a delegate guide packed with information in front of you. This is for self study. During the course of our session I will refer you to specific sections for further reading. 3

4 Programme Map 4

5 Working Nine to Five… Dolly Parton, Nine to Five
Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition And yawn and stretch and try to come to life Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin’ Out on the street the traffic starts jumpin’ The folks like me on the job from nine to five. 5

6 Etiquette and Rules of Behaviour
SESSION 1: Etiquette and Rules of Behaviour 6

7 Conventional Rules Three questions:
‘Whose rules of conduct do I follow?’ ‘What is the appropriate behaviour?’ ‘Will I be appropriately dressed?’ Those who have mastered the rules of etiquette will instinctively know the answers to these questions. 7

8 QUIZ, Question 1 Your boss, Ms Alpha enters the room when you are meeting with an important client, Mr Beta. You get up and say “Ms Alpha, I’d like you to meet Mr Beta, our client from Cape Town.” Is this introduction correct? 8

9 QUIZ, Question 1 MODEL ANSWER No.
The client is always the more important person. You should address you client and say “Mr Beta, I’d like you to meet our Director of development, Ms. Alpha.” MODEL ANSWER 9

10 QUIZ, Question 2 You have forgotten about an important meeting with a business associate. You feel terrible and know that he is furious. You should: Write and apologise Send flowers Keep quiet and hope it blows over Call, apologise and set up another appointment 10

11 QUIZ, Question 2 MODEL ANSWER
d) Call, apologise and set up another appointment MODEL ANSWER 11

12 QUIZ, Question 3 Clothing is never neutral.  It either adds or detracts from a professional image.  True or false? 12

13 QUIZ, Question 3 MODEL ANSWER True.
Clothing is never neutral. People judge you by how you look and form an impression of you. Always make sure you are suitably dressed for the occasion. MODEL ANSWER 13

14 QUIZ, Question 4 At a social function you meet the CEO of a big organisation. After a brief chat you give him your business card. Is this correct? 14

15 QUIZ, Question 4 MODEL ANSWER No.
Protocol requires that you wait until he asks for your business card or gives you his. You may then give him your business card. MODEL ANSWER 15

16 QUIZ, Question 5 A business meal is a time to relax and “let loose.”
True or false? 16

17 QUIZ, Question 5 MODEL ANSWER False.
A business meal is not a time to relax and “let loose”.  It is a test of your social skills and your level of sophistication.  Your interpersonal skills, including your treatment of the wait staff, are on display.  One of the biggest blunders at the business meal is alcohol abuse.  You can undo months and years of good impressions by excessive drinking.  The key point to remember is that “business” should always be the number one item on the menu. MODEL ANSWER 17

18 QUIZ, Question 6 You are invited to a formal dinner function.
What do you do with your serviette? Open it immediately Wait for the host to take his / her serviette before taking yours Wait for the waitron to open your serviette and place it on your lap 18

19 QUIZ, Question 6 MODEL ANSWER b) Or c)
You wait for the host to take his or her serviette before taking yours, or, depending on the restaurant for the waitron to place it on your lap. MODEL ANSWER 19

20 QUIZ, Question 7 A man should wait for a woman in business to extend her hand for a handshake.  True or false? 20

21 QUIZ, Question 7 MODEL ANSWER False.
A man does not have to wait for a woman in business to extend her hand for a handshake. Business should be gender neutral. Many men were taught to wait for a woman to extend her hand in social settings.  Note that the etiquette for handshakes varies around the world.  So, if you are travelling to other countries or are meeting international clients, check the protocol for handshaking. MODEL ANSWER 21

22 QUIZ, Question 8 When a visitor enters your office you should:
Invite them to sit down indicating a suitable seat Say: “Just sit anywhere” Carry on working while the guest stands and waits for you 22

23 QUIZ, Question 8 MODEL ANSWER a)
Invite them to sit down, indicating a suitable seat, put down what you are doing and give them your undivided attention. MODEL ANSWER 23

24 QUIZ, Question 9 You are talking to a group of four people.
How would you make eye contact? Just the person you are speaking to By moving your eye contact from person to person Stare at a point in the distance 24

25 QUIZ, Question 9 MODEL ANSWER b)
By moving your eye contact from person to person and including the whole group in the conversation. MODEL ANSWER 25

26 QUIZ, Question 10 A drink should be held in the right hand at a cocktail party. True or false? 26

27 QUIZ, Question 10 MODEL ANSWER False.
Your drink should be held in your left hand so your right hand is free for handshaking.  This also prevents your right hand from being cold and damp. MODEL ANSWER 27

28 QUIZ, Question 11 Where would you find your salad plate?
To the right of the entrée plate or to the left of the entrée plate? 28

29 QUIZ, Question 11 MODEL ANSWER
Your salad plate is to the left of the entrée plate.  An easy way to remember this is to think of the BMW car.  From left to right, think Bread, Meal, Water.  Bread and all food to the left of the plate are yours.  Water and all drinks to the right of the plate are yours. Knowing this will help you avoid taking the wrong bread, eating the wrong salad, and drinking from the wrong water glass. MODEL ANSWER 29

30 QUIZ, Question 12 You are greeting or saying goodbye to someone.
When is the proper time to shake hands? 30

31 QUIZ, Question 12 MODEL ANSWER
It is appropriate to shake hand both during greeting and saying goodbye, provided it is appropriate to the other person culture. Remember to provide a firm handshake without hurting the other person. MODEL ANSWER 31

32 QUIZ, Question 13 You are invited to a reception and the invitation states “7:00 to 9:00 pm” You should: Arrive at 7:00 pm Arrive at any time between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm Arrive between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm Arrive early and leave early 32

33 QUIZ, Question 13 MODEL ANSWER c)
Arrive any time between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm. It is impolite to arrive too early and it is equally impolite to arrive minutes before the allotted time is up. MODEL ANSWER 33

34 QUIZ, Question 14 A colleague’s phone rings and you answer it.
What is the most appropriate answer? Sorry she is not here, please call her later. Susan is not at her desk, may I please take a message and ask her to call you back? 34

35 QUIZ, Question 14 MODEL ANSWER b)
Susan is not at her desk, may I please take a message and ask her to call you back? MODEL ANSWER 35

36 Dealing with Colleagues
SESSION 2: Dealing with Colleagues 36

37 Elements of Relationships
Self respect Mutual respect Compassion Co-operation Mutual trust Commitment 37

38 Etiquette for Personal Contact
For further reading, go to Here you will find a comprehensive guide to international business culture and etiquette in over 35 countries. Topics covered include: negotiating, gift-giving, and entertaining. 38

39 Handshake Etiquette Tips_Diane Gottsman - YouTube
Video Clip Handshake Etiquette Tips_Diane Gottsman - YouTube Handshakes 39

40 Personal Body Space 40

41 Colleagues with a Disability
With sweeping legislative changes in employment equity, disabled persons have been afforded opportunities to join main stream employment and knowing the correct etiquette and protocol when dealing with a disabled colleague or client has never been more important. 41

42 SESSION 3: Professional Conduct 42

43 Your Professional Image
Being thought of as a professional in your field takes a lot more than doing your work well. Even if you are good at what you do, you may find it difficult to reach the type of success you strive for unless you are also considered to be professional by others. 43

44 Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda - YouTube
Video Clip Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda - YouTube The Brand called You! 44

45 Your self-impression = How people perceive you
Building Me Inc Your self-impression = How people perceive you ACTIVITY 45

46 Personal Branding Personal branding:
Is process where people and their careers are marked as brands. It suggests that success comes from self-packaging. Further defined as the creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person or individual; this includes behaviour, body, clothing, appearance and knowledge contained within, leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable as professional. 46

47 Dress for Success - YouTube
Video Clip Dress for Success - YouTube Dressing for Success 47

48 Professional Image, Summary
Personal appearance Clothes and dress code Hair styles, colour and cleanliness Accessories and make-up Posture Skin and nails Perfume / colognes / after-shave 48

49 Dealing with Difficult People and Issues
SESSION 4: Dealing with Difficult People and Issues 49

50 How do your colleagues signal these needs to you?
Difficult People Every individual has four basic needs that need to be satisfied: “I need to be understood” “I need to feel welcome” “I need to feel important” “I need to feel comfortable” How do your colleagues signal these needs to you? 50

51 Ethical Dilemmas How to solve an ethical dilemma:
Consider your own motives. Consider your moral code of conduct. Think about the consequences. Act with the frame of reference of ethical behaviour in mind. 51

52 SESSION 5: Etiquette in Meetings 52

53 6 Secrets Of Effective Meetings - YouTube
Video Clip Allan Matthews 6 Secrets Of Effective Meetings - YouTube Meeting Etiquette 53

54 SESSION 6: Netiquette 54

55 Internet Usage Internet Usage Policy
If your organisation does not have a policy in place, adhere to the internet usage guidelines listed in your delegate guide. Lets discuss these guidelines. 55

56 E Mails Excerpt from
"It is amazing to find that in this day and age, some companies have still not realised how important their communications are. If your company is able to deal professionally with , this will provide your company with that all important competitive edge. 56

57 Good Telephone Etiquette
The five step process to ensuring a professional telephone conversation… 57

58 STEP 1 Greet the caller, identify your company, identify yourself, ask how you can assist. 58

59 STEP 2 The caller then has an opportunity to greet you and state the purpose of the call. 59

60 STEP 3 The conversation then follows.
Make sure that you have the necessary information at hand and place the caller on hold if you need to gather more information. 60

61 STEP 4 Close the conversation by summarising key points and any action items and saying goodbye. 61

62 STEP 5 Replace the handset, only after the caller has put the phone down. 62

63 Annoying cell phone guy 1 of 3 - YouTube
Video Clip Annoying cell phone guy 1 of 3 - YouTube Cell Phone Etiquette 63

64 Etiquette in and Around the Office
SESSION 7: Etiquette in and Around the Office 64

65 Open Plan Office Etiquette
Video Clip Workspace and Staff Kitchen Etiquette - YouTube Open Plan Office Etiquette 65

66 Office Party Etiquette
The Telegraph, 23 December 2011: Researchers have found that drinking in environments not normally associated with alcohol consumption can leave drinkers less able to control their behaviour. 66

67 Confidential Issues Computers, fax machines and printers
Computer display Telephone, internet ( ) and other communications Passwords Storage of confidential information Access 67

68 Business Entertainment
SESSION 8: Business Entertainment 68

69 Business Entertaining
Careful Planning is essential Give sufficient notice Start business talk carefully - Avoid the hard sell Choose the venue and the menu wisely Watch budgets and tastes when you order drinks Never be a greedy guest Keep the conversation going 69

70 Summary To close lets consider what has been the most valuable learning points for you. In you groups, identify two key learning points from the session. Remember to appoint a spokes person to provide feedback to the plenary. 70

71 Thank you Fasset Call Centre 71

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