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Faculty of Information Engineering and Technology IET Majors Orientation Prof. Yasser Hegazy Dean of IET.

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1 Faculty of Information Engineering and Technology IET Majors Orientation Prof. Yasser Hegazy Dean of IET

2 Yasser. G. Hegazy Agenda -Introductory Discussion -illustrative Case Study -IET Majors. -Electronics -Tracks -Example Projects -Career Opportunities -Communications -Tracks -Example Projects -Career Opportunities -Networking -Tracks -Example Projects -Career Opportunities

3 Presentation Objective Electronics Communications Networks

4 Yasser. G. Hegazy Engineering Responsibilities Design Install Maintain Produce Research Sales

5 Yasser. G. Hegazy IET Departments Electronics Communications Networks

6 Case Study Cellular Phone Introduction to IET

7 Electronic Engineering Introduction to IET

8 Communication Engineering Call GUC Introduction to IET

9 Network Engineering Introduction to IET

10 Electronics Engineering

11 Yasser. G. Hegazy Electronics Courses Electronics Math Physics Electromagnetics Semiconductor Physics Semiconductor Devices Semiconductor Systems

12 Electronics Tracks Tracks

13 Electronics






19 Electronics ElectronicDevices OpticalDevices DigitalElectronics AnalogElectronics Radio Frequency Electronics

20 Bluetooth Home Controlling System The second application this system offers is the full control of any appliance in the house through Bluetooth. Instead of controlling each device with its own remote control a simple mobile application could be a more effective alternative through Bluetooth connection. Electronics Projects

21 GSM and GPS for Car Security Control the car using cellphone to protect it from theft with the assistance of GPS to the locate the car. Electronics Projects

22 GSM Application For Home Security Full house security can be created using GSM technology. Electronics Projects

23 FPGA Implementation of AES Encryption and Decryption Military Satellite Sends and receives encrypted data from ground station. FPGA Chip where Encryption and Decryption process takes place Ground Station responsible for sending and receiving data from satellite Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an approved encryption algorithm used to protect data in transit, for example data being transferred via different networks. Electronics Projects

24 Wireless Controlled LED Matrix Display Wireless and no cables are required, Wi- Fi and Bluetooth are used. Electronics Projects

25 Electronics Opportunities

26 Communications Engineering

27 Communications Tracks Tracks

28 Yasser. G. Hegazy Communications Courses Math Physics Electromagnetics Signals Sending and Receiving Communication Systems Communications







35 Communications DigitalCommunications Digital Signal Processing CommunicationsElectronics RF, Waves & Antennas Networking Communications

36 Yasser. G. Hegazy Communications Opportunities

37 Communications Projects Initial patch Size- reduced patch Wearable Antenna for Zigbee Indoor Localization

38 Communications Projects Cellular Indoor Network Planning


40 Networks Engineering

41 Twenty Years Ago Telephone Networks Network Infrastructure Satellite Networks

42 The Networks Revolution Telephone Networks Network Infrastructure Satellite Networks Cellular Networks

43 WiFi Networks DSL Networks Cable Networks The Networks Revolution Optical Networks Sensor Networks Data Centers and Cloud Computing Body Area Networks Home Networks

44 Networks in Diverse Businesses Telecommunications BusinessInter vehicle communication HealthIndustrial Process Control Agriculture & Irrigation Mobile Applications

45 Yasser. G. Hegazy Networks Courses Networks Math Programming Networks Design Network Planning & Security

46 Networks






52 Networks TelecommunicationsNetworks Internetworking PerformanceModeling ProtocolEngineering Computer Science Networks

53 Yasser. G. Hegazy Networks Opportunities

54 Application:Simulator:Curve Fitting: Vehicle Guidance System

55 Indoor Localization

56 Good Luck

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