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Presented To : Town of Leesburg 2011 Broadcast Production Proposal RFQ No. 1001124-FY11-02 Presented By: Becky Campbell & Brian Bartusiak Date: 4/25/2011.

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1 Presented To : Town of Leesburg 2011 Broadcast Production Proposal RFQ No. 1001124-FY11-02 Presented By: Becky Campbell & Brian Bartusiak Date: 4/25/2011 ** All concepts contained within are intellectual property of Studio Center ** Estimates enclosed within are firm for 90 days 1

2 Explanation of the Town of Leesburg Proposal The following proposal serves to propose the execution of creative elements needed to convey through video why Leesburg, Virginia is a prime choice for businesses and targeted industries to headquarter and operate. As outlined in the RFQ Studio Center will communicate to those business targets through executive testimonials that will be captured on one day in one location provided by the client. The second day included within the scope of work of our proposal is to get all necessary B- Roll of the Town of Leesburg for each of the videos. The end product will be professionally produced, high quality, series of 5-7, 1-2 minute non broadcast videos, totaling up to 10 minutes of finished length. You will find in the following slides an explanation of the scope of work we recommend, an estimate for all 5- 7 videos, examples of past works we have completed relevant to the project, and a list of references. Those services that we offer that are most relevant to the scope of work needed are the following: - Creative Concepting - Script Writing - Free Voice Talent Auditions - Video Production - Motion Graphics Animation - Video Post Production 2

3 PROFILE, EXPERIENCE & ORANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Studio Center was established in 1966, we are one of the first production companies to specialize in broadcast advertising. In our forty-four years in business, we have enjoyed creating unforgettable spots for successful advertising campaigns nationwide. We do television commercials, post production for TV shows, long form videos, radio spots and podcasts. Studio Center brings to your project the most awarded team of broadcast producers in the world. Our sound designers have received over 800 Addys, Andys, Clios, Tellys, Silver Microphones, Gold Quills, Silver Screens, Axiems, EMAs, Mobiuses, 5 Emmys, a Grammy, five Best of Shows and the AAF's prestigious Silver Medal. Experience and Professional Competence Our staff of 53--23 of which are producers-- serves clients in all 50 U.S. states as well as 23 foreign countries, with over 14,000 commercials produced annually in our studios. We daily produce radio and TV that air in the top markets of the United States and around the world. Some of our clients include: AAA, the A&E Network, the American Red Cross, Burger King, Disney, Harley Davidson, KFC, Pepsi, Pier 1, Pontiac, Sears, Toyota, the Washington Post, and Wendy's. Technical Information Studio Center has 8 video editing suites equipped with Final Cut 7 editing software along with After Effects for motion graphics design (2D animation). In addition there are 24 audio production studios in its Richmond, Virginia Beach, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NYC & Memphis locationsspanning all time zones--each equipped with state of the art recording, mixing and mastering technology. All producers are very experienced with ProTools, considered the industry's best digital recording platform. It is not only unequaled in terms of sound quality, but is perfect for group projects, with raw sessions and tracks easily downloaded on CD for multiple users. Within Studio Centers Richmond and Virginia Beach studios there are also 2 shooting studios with green screen and white screen capabilities. 3

4 Talent We have a non-union roster of hundreds of voice-over talent, hundreds of union talent providing several thousand voice styles and impressions and an unlimited roster of on-camera talent. We say it because we believe it…we simply have the best roster in the world. We audition and screen thousands of voice talent each year to insure each performer has a successful track record and distinctive style. Additionally we have a complete roster of foreign talent so weve got you covered no matter what your specific voice needs may be. We also offer free live get to hear our talent reading your script before you ever book a session. And if you need union talent we have signatory services available. Turnaround We are able to turn on a dime and offer day of sessions and will never charge rush fees or overtime. Television Field and Studio production formats 35mm/16mm film, DVCProHD, Digital Betacam, DVCPro50, DVCam & BetaCamSP Post Production FinalCut Pro HD, AfterEffects, AVID Adrenaline, AVID Express and the latest creativity enhancing software for awesome graphics and effects. Post Formats CD, DVD, Digital BetaCam, DVCProHD, DVCPro50, DVCam, BetaCamSP, ½ inch VHS (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) and FTP site uploading in web, standard-definition, and high-definition file formats (Quicktime, Windows Media File, Flash) Producing/Editing, Directing, Scriptwriting, Audio Production, Casting, Original Music, Stock Music, Computer Graphics, Interactive Video, Disc Design Make-up, Archival Footage, Animation, Stock Photo Research, Webcasting 2D/3D Digital Animation 4

5 Original Music Should you need original music, we have three original music producers on staff. We provide music clearance services should you need an existing popular piece of music added to your production. Writers Need help with creative? We can help fill in the gaps. We have access to hundreds of award winning broadcast writers and producers. Ease of Contact Were open 24/7 if you need us to be. As it stands we offer our cell phone numbers and home numbers to clients and invite you to call us any time! QUICK RECAP: Audio postproduction Dolby certified Video Production Free casting / Free auditions (voice talent & on-camera talent) Concepting / Copywriting 2 Shooting studios in Virginia Ability to travel anywhere in the country Exclusive non-union talent roster Union talent roster Foreign Talent rosters Translations Music Clearance Original Music Celebrity Procurement 24/7 availability / no rush or overtime charges 866-515-2111 5

6 SUMMARY OF PAST PROJECTS & EXAMPLES OF WORK As a full service production company we have worked with clients around the country and internationally to create campaigns across several media outlets. In fact, heres what one of our clients has to say about his experience of working with Studio Center … I really enjoyed the cooperation with you guys - and of course also the result. Everybody understood immediately our idea, added his creativity and professionality and made these great pictures possible. And we also appreciated the cooperation between the film crew and our photographers; they did not disturb each other but helped the other party to make both - film and photos - even better. And also the back office crew - editors and everybody else being involved - just did a terrific job. So thank you very much for being with us in this project. Be sure, that I will remember you when we next time need a film crew in the US! Best regards, Josef Schloßmacher AUDI AG Please see below link to relevant examples of work for your reference as well… LINK TO EXAMPLES OF VIDEO WORK: 6

7 PROPOSED APPROACH AND PRICING STRUCTURE Pre Production - Script Writing - Concepting Production (days) - 2 Producer - 2 Director of Photography - 1 Lighting Gaffer - 1 Audio Engineer - 1 Teleprompter Operator Equipment (days) - 2 HD Camera Package - 2 Small Lightingg Package - 1 Teleprompter Operator - 1 Audio Engineer - 8 Tape Stock Video Post Production - 4 Digitize Hours - 32 Edit Hours - 4 Graphics Hours - Stock Footage - 1 Music - 2 Audio Post Hours - 1 Deliverable Investment (before discounts): $19,115 Total Investment (after discounts): $17,735 ** This is an estimate only. Price may fluctuate depending on complexity of project. Estimate does not include shipping and only includes one deliverable. All additional deliverables will be an additional charge VIDEO PRODUCTION ESTIMATE : 5 – 7 Non Broadcast Videos 1-2 Minutes in Length, Totally 10 Minutes 7

8 Next Steps Next Steps: - The New Business Agreements are to be filled out and faxed to Studio Center. - You will be introduced to one of our extremely talented Video Producers. - Our team along with the Town of Leesburg will discuss in greater detail the scope of work, what to expect before, during, and after the shoot, and time frames. WE LOOK SO FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU ALL! THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A DYNAMIC AND FUN PROJECT TO BE A PART OF! ~Becky, Brian, & The Entire Studio Center Family 8

9 1) Virginia Wesleyan College Janice Marshall-Pittman, Production Manager 1584 Wesleyan Drive Norfolk, VA 23502 Telephone: 757-233-8778 We recently completed a series of 1-2 min web videos; each focused on a difference aspects of their college lifestyle. From athletics to academics, undergraduate research to student life on campus 2) Thomas University Micky West, Executive Director 1501 Millpond Road Thomasville, GA 31792 Telephone: 229-226-1621 Thomas University reached out to us to produce at 30 second commercial highlighting the programs they offered and promoting their online classes. 3) American Association of State Colleges and Universities done through CRT Tanaka Christian Mumson, Vice President 101 West Commerce Road Richmond, VA 23224 Telephone: 804-675-8151 Studio Center created a 50 th Anniversary video for the AASCU the consisted of interviews of college alumni explaining how the AASCU helped them personally. 4) Defense Media Activity Pete Hatzakos, Project Manager 2713 Mitscher Road, SW Anacostia Annex, Building 168 Washington, DC 20373 Telephone: 202-433-2153 We have done video projects for Naval Media Center for over 15 years. We have scripted, shot, directed, and edited the shows. We have shot across the US including Hawaii, as well as Japan, Italy, England, Crete, Korea, and Guam. APPENDIX : REFERENCES 9

10 5) City of Norfolk Sarah Parker, Marketing Director 500 East Main Street Suite 201 Norfolk, VA 23510 Telephone: 757-664-4338 We have worked closely with the City of Norfolk on numerous video/audio projects. Most recently, we completed a series of videos to recruit young entrepreneurs to do business and live in the area. 6) Navy Medicine Support Command Sherry White, Project Manager 8901 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, MD 20899 Telephone: 301-295-1494 We have produced over 15 long form pieces with NMSC. The projects range from training films to recruitment videos. We have traveled all across the country to capture the footage for this videos. 7) Amerigroup Doug Pilley, Director, Creative Services 4425 Corporation Lane Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Telephone: 757 321-3526 We have produced projects for Amerigroup for about 10 years. We have produced commercials, sales videos, web videos, and marketing pieces. The projects were shot in Virginia, Texas and New York. 10

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