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Summer Opportunities. So many different places to go!places To find a program for the summer, just select Interim, Summer I, Summer, or Summer II in the.

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1 Summer Opportunities

2 So many different places to go!places To find a program for the summer, just select Interim, Summer I, Summer, or Summer II in the Term box. To narrow it down to just the Biology related trips, select Biological Sciences in the Fields of Study box.Interim Summer ISummer Summer II Do not be afraid to look outside of biology into other departments. For instance, New College has a really cool trip to Belize planned that definitely applies to Biology!New College

3 Helpful Hints for Study Abroad Check the deadlines for the trip of your interest! Most are rolling deadlines, so you dont want to wait too long!deadlines If you are worried about affording study abroad, Capstone International often has scholarships/financial aid to aid If you are interested in a specific program, ask the professor in charge or Capstone International if there is a student you could talk to who has done the program before. If you have any other questions, please dont hesitate to ask either of your officers who have done study abroad or contact the Study Abroad Office. Contact information for Capstone International: Contact – Location: 135 BB Comer – Phone: 205-348-5256 – Email:

4 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

5 What Are REU Programs? There are many REU programs all across the country and even some overseas! They are all funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), so they look pretty awesome on applications. In an REU program, you will work side by side with a faculty member and 5-10 other students doing research. All programs offer stipends and most assist with housing and travel costs.

6 Where To Find Program Listings All REU programs are listed on the NSF website. The ones in this link relate to Biological Sciences specifically.REU programs There are programs everywhere from Alaska to the Smithsonian. The programs cover topics ranging from ecology to biological engineering. There is truly a program for everyone!

7 Who Can Apply for REU Programs? Individual sites may have their own requirements. NSF only requires a few things: – Must be an undergraduate. – Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the US This information references a specific experience and may not apply to all REU programs. Application included: – Main application – CV – 2 letter of recommendation – Personal Statement After the first application round, I had emailed back and forth with the program director. Finally, I had a phone interview - Sara Martin What is the Application Process Like?

8 HOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH EXPERIENCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Participate in: a spring 2012 seminar, "Great Discoveries of Science." a nine-week summer program of independent research under the guidance UA faculty mentors, a summer research symposium Perks: Earn $3,600 (working 40 hours per week for 9 weeks), and $400 for living expenses will be added onto ACT Cards. Cool field trips to Hudson Alpha and Cahaba River field site. If interested, contact: Dr. Martha J. Powell, Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Alabama. Telephone 348-5960 e-mail: First Consideration Application Deadline: November 28, 2011 Women and minority students underrepresented in sciences are especially encouraged to apply.

9 Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy Basic science research programs: The Molecular and Cellular Biology Summer Program (IGP) Summer Enrichment Research Program in Education and Neuroscience Training Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Pharmacology Vanderbilt Benign Urologic Disease Center Summer Program Vanderbilt Summer Diabetes Research Program Vanderbilt Summer Undergraduate Research Internship in Biomedical Informatics (SURI-BMI) Benefits Stipend determined by the specific program they enter ranging from $2500-$4000. Some programs provide housing supplements offers biomedical research opportunities to undergraduates who want to pursue a career in the biomedical sciences

10 Vandy continued… For those geared towards clinical medicine Undergraduate Clinical Research Internships Program What do you do? round with hospital based general medicine resident one morning per week. select a research project in an area of interest to them from a menu of mentored options (provided after acceptance). This project may be clinical in nature or more basic science if they so choose. attend weekly seminars to discuss the patients they see on rounds, learn about the process of medical education, and discuss issues on health care. Benefits? Provides housing, however does not give a stipend.

11 Find out more at… or just google Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy The deadline to submit an official application is February 1.

12 Biotrain- Hudson Alpha http://www.hudson on/biotrain/positio ns Summer research for undergraduates at Hudson Alpha Biotechnology center in Huntsville, AL Stipends offered


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