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The Drum. Signal Fires Smoke Signals Signal Mirrors.

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1 The Drum

2 Signal Fires

3 Smoke Signals

4 Signal Mirrors

5 Signal Flags

6 Can & String

7 Telegraph

8 Telephone

9 ISDN Digital Telephone

10 Satellite Telephone

11 Digital Cellular Phone

12 Digital Network Cell-phone

13 Torsion Field Communications

14 The Basics How Nature Works How Data & Information Work How to Couple With Natural Forces The Torsion Field Concept The Technology The Challenges The Implications

15 Y-Bias & Angularity Self-Organizing Criticality The Sand Pile Experiment Fractal Geometries Punctuated Equilibrium Quantum Thresholds Power Laws Fibonacci Series of Numbers

16 Torsion Fields Basic Concepts David Bohm & Kurt Goedel – The Uncertainty Model Nicolas C.E.R.N. – Positron Electron Pairs Greg Hodowanec – Instantaneous Detection of Solar Mass Ejections Akimov, Shipov & Shpilman – Astronomical Interferometers Falaco Soliton – Quantum Entanglement

17 Nicolas Gisin – C.E.R.N. Simultaneity at a Distance Reaction Time = 10^9 x Speed of Light

18 Quantum Entanglement Distance

19 Greg Hodowanec Rhysmonic Detector

20 Russian Academy of Sciences M-2 Experiment Morse Code – dots & dashes Beyond Visible Horizon – 50 kilometers No Radio Frequency Propagation 22 Meters - Steel Reinforced Concrete Inside Mountain Cave – Signal Source

21 Akimov, Shipov & Co. Astronomical Interferometers Detects Actual Position in Space Measures Actual Velocities Establishes Superluminal Trajectory Not a Photonic Device

22 Falaco Soliton Torsion in Natural Systems

23 Falaco Soliton (2)

24 Falaco Solitons Spiral Arm Galaxies

25 Design Concepts Proof-of-Concept Apparatus Torsion Field Generators Signal Input – CTHA & Laser Coupling Shielding – Faraday Cages Signal Decoding and Modulation Encryption Strategies Bandwidth – ¼ wave Frequencies of Light Time Domain Modulation

26 Laser Coupling

27 Photonic Coupling

28 Magnetic Torsion

29 Torsion Coupling

30 Photonic Transistor

31 ¼ Wave Light Frequencies

32 CTHA Spherical Wave Generator

33 Torsion Field Generator

34 The Prototype

35 Faster Than Light Communications

36 Torsion Field Generator

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