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2 Career Opportunities with

3 Tech Opportunities 0 Full Time and Internships 0 Software Development 0 Hardware Engineering 0 Game Design 0 IT & Operations 0 Content Publishing 0 User Experience 0 Full Time only 0 Technical Consulting / Services 0 Supply Chain

4 Software Dev 0 Software Development Engineer (SDE) 0 Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) 0 Program Manager (PM) SDE PM SDET

5 SDE 0 Software Development Engineer 0 Dive deep into code, working as part of a team of experts 0 Solve problems and build tools used by millions of people every day 0 Collaborate with SDETs and PMs to ensure stellar product quality and well informed product requirements 0 Bottom Line: You produce the worlds most advanced software

6 SDET 0 Software Development Engineer in Test 0 Highly technical engineers using technical prowess to: 0 Build and maintain automation systems 0 Debug and isolate problems 0 Execute creative tests, ensuring software is ready for the world 0 Produce lots of code, testing features and extending automation infrastructure 0 Continually looks for ways to integrate systems across business groups and products

7 PM 0 Program Manager 0 In-house advocate for the millions of Microsoft product users 0 Drive technical vision, design, and implementation 0 Gather customer requirements, write functional specifications, and analyze usage cases 0 Partner with other product teams to drive collaborative solutions 0 Negotiation, evangelizing, and empathizing with customers

8 IT & Operations 0 IT Software Development Engineer 0 IT Software Test Engineer 0 IT Program Manager 0 Operations Engineer 0 Solution Manager 0 Service Engineer 0 Network Engineer

9 Life at Microsoft

10 Intern Life with Miko!

11 Pass the Interview! How to get the job with the companies that matter to you

12 The Microsoft Interview 0 Job interview technique used by Microsoft to assess possible future Microsoft employees 0 Significant because Microsofts model was pioneering 0 Later picked up by companies including Amazon, Facebook, and Google

13 Outline 0 Three Main Parts 0 Resume Screen 0 Telephone Screen / Core Competency Screen 0 Engineering / In-Person Interviews

14 Resume Screen 0 Objective: Get to a human 0 One of the most difficult steps 0 You have one (maybe two) pieces of paper to prove your worth 0 Generally submitted online or to a recruiter, and reviewed by a recruiter 0 Market yourself and your skills, dont treat this like an academic exercise

15 Resume Screen 0 Example in marketability 0 Scenario: 0 Two individuals 0 Identical skills, experience, education, etc. 0 Both worked at Lockheed Martin as a programmer on the same project team

16 Resume Screen 0 Person A

17 Resume Screen 0 Person B

18 Resume Screen 0 Resources to improve your resume 0 Microsoft: What a recruiter looks for in an initial review 0 0 Microsoft: Is it a lie or an exaggeration? 0 0 Google Recruiter Tips & Tricks: Preparing your resume 0 0 Google: Preparing your CV/resume 0

19 Telephone Screen 0 Objective: Demonstrate your knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm 0 Companies want you to want to work there 0 Microsoft practically requires all applicants to be passionate and enthusiastic technology 0 Typically done with a member of Human Resources 0 Not always the case, and can be given by an Engineer

20 Telephone Screen 0 Engineer or no Engineer, expect technical questions 0 Software Development / Testing 0 Algorithm efficiency, memory efficiency 0 Classic data structures 0 Example: Implement a doubly linked list or Talk about the data structures used in memory 0 Program Management / Design 0 Design questions, team management, strategic collaboration 0 Example: How would you design X.

21 Telephone Screen 0 Telephone Screen DOs 0 Smile when youre talking, convey enthusiasm and interest 0 Talk with confidence, demonstrate you know your stuff 0 Have questions ready for the interviewer 0 i.e: What do you like about ? What are some challenges about your job? 0 Walk around, dress up, or anything to improve your enthusiasm or state of mind

22 Telephone Screen 0 Telephone Screen DONTs 0 Mumble and second guess yourself 0 Give up when getting stumped by a question 0 Ramble on not giving the interview the ability to interject 0 Be distracted, or be in a loud area 0 Psyche yourself out, or make problems more difficult than they really are

23 Telephone Screen 0 Resource: Microsoft: Ace that phone interview! 0 0 Be prepared to cover behavioral talking points: 0 What kind of team projects have you worked on? 0 How many lines of code have you written? 0 What is your favorite programming language? Why? 0 What is good code vs. bad code? 0 Why ?

24 Final Round Interview 0 Objective: Show your charisma, problem solve, get an offer! 0 This is the most trying step, but also the most exciting 0 Microsoft Experience: 0 One morning HR interview 0 Two back-to-back engineering interview 0 One lunch engineering interview 0 One senior level engineering interview 0 One as needed interview

25 Final Round Interview 0 At Microsoft 0 Excluding the HR interview, getting to your 4 th interview generally means youre doing well 0 The as needed interview is typically the hiring manager 0 Each interview typically is composed of half behavioral questions and half engineering problems

26 Final Round Interview 0 Final Round Interview DOs 0 Verbally explicate your thought process, explain your intentions every step of the way 0 Ask questions! 0 Some questions are intentionally vague, ask follow ups 0 PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! 0 Jumping right into code will make you fail the interview every time

27 Final Round Interview 0 Final Round Interview DOs 0 Be yourself! Show your interviewer that you would be a cool person to work with 0 If theres no dress code, wear something that matches what one of the employees would wear day-to-day 0 Have questions prepared for each interviewer, and ask questions youre generally interested in

28 Final Round Interview 0 Final Round Interview DONTs 0 Rush into code, design, or a logic question 0 Be disrespectful or abrasive with the interviewer 0 Be up the night before partying and hitting the town 0 Get a good nights sleep and eat a good breakfast! 0 Stress yourself out!

29 Final Round Interview 0 Resource: Microsoft: General Interview Tips 0 0 Resource: Glassdoor: Interview Questions/Reviews (MSFT) 0 0 In the event your company negotiates on salary, do your research before hand! 0 Resource: Glassdoor: Salaries for popular job listings 0

30 Wrapping up! 0 Summary 0 Be prepared, be calm, be collected 0 Be confident 0 You can get this job, and the company would be silly not to hire you 0 Search online for additional tips! Theres hundreds of interview accounts, preparation questions, and general advice available 0 Bing it! 0 Plan, ask questions, and show your enthusiasm at every stage

31 Additional Resources 0 Comprehensive interview reviews are out there 0 Some excellent resources: 0 Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job 0 ISBN-10: 057012167X, $17.72 at Amazon 0 Programming Pearls (2 nd Edition) 0 ISBN-10: 0201657880M, $26.08 at Amazon

32 Pass the Interview! How to get the job with the companies that matter to you

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