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Ministry Cards Address: 34 Sawyer Street Mailing: P.O. Box 1169

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1 Ministry Cards Address: 34 Sawyer Street Mailing: P.O. Box 1169
South Lancaster, MA 01561

2 Office Information Join our mailing list to get event information
Pastor Josue Feliciano, Director Pastor Ryan Simpson, Associate Director ext ext. 619 Joanne Cortes, Administrative Assistant April Montoya, Administrative Assistant ext ext. 620 Join our mailing list to get event information by contacting either Joanne or April.

3 Vision & Mission Vision
The youth and young adults of the Southern New England Conference  are a united community, empowered, committed, and engaged in serving others, in the presence of a soul changing God. Mission We are educating and leading our youth and young adults through Christ centered experiences. We are uniting and empowering our young people as disciples for Christ in developing relationships through service to each other and our surrounding communities.

4 Reach Seek  Serve  Save Seek – Devotion / ME
Develop a relationship through taking time daily to know God through His word, worship and prayer. Serve - Others Mingling with people, showing sympathy, ministering to their need, winning their confidence. Save – Faith/Trust in God Leading someone else to know Jesus. Sharing with them how God has worked in your life. Being God’s hands.

5 Priorities

6 Priorities Descriptions
Christ Centered: Youth leaders will be able to provide the youth and young adults with opportunities to discover Jesus through meaningful relationships. Unity: Youth leaders will be able to provide support and resources across ministries to ensure success. Youth leaders will also strive to create a cohesive environment that promotes growth and fellowship. Leadership: Youth leaders will establish clear roles and responsibilities that will develop mentor/coaches to those being ministered to. Education: Youth leaders will promote training opportunities provided by the AYM department of SNEC. Growth & Empowerment: Youth leaders will provide youth and young adults with opportunities to lead out in planning and the execution of their program, so that they are closer in their relationship with God through ministry. Relationships & Community: the AYM department will be a growing community that will nourish trust, relationships, and belonging; fostering acceptance to new ideas and methods, and creating a family among youth and youth workers. Goals: the AYM department will have inspirational goals that are measurable and reflective of what the department will accomplish. All conference and church youth ministries will seek to align their work to support these goals.

7 Eger Beavers / Little Lambs
SNEC Youth Ministries Group What is it? Contacts Adventurers/ Eger Beavers / Little Lambs Adventurer Ministries Adventurers is a family-based ministry that focuses on involving and supporting parents (care-givers) in the physical, social, spiritual, and mental development (Luke 2:52) of children in grades 1-4 who agree to keep the Adventurer pledge and law. In SNEC we plan and execute two main conference events: a summer Family Fun Day and a Spring Escape family camping weekend. The Conference Adventurer Director is assisted by three state coordinators (MA, CT & RI) as well as 12 Area Coordinators supervising 40 clubs in the tri-state. For coordinator/church assignments please visit or call the SNEC office. Name Pastor Ryan Simpson, Dir. April Montoya, Assistant Myrna Campbell-Claxton, MA Maritza D’Aloisio, RI Magda Rodriguez, CT Elisa Bravo Keila DeOliveira Alesandro Goncalves Alcides Jusino Pat Mainetti Annie Marcelin Anne-Marie Marrero Fednold Meunier Naomie Mondesir-Chery Telephone x619 x620 Federation Federations Federations exist to offer tangible aid through training, mentoring, and serving  as a source of support to Adventist Youth Society (AYS) groups.  The AYS objective is “to save from sin and guide into service.”  This is done through relevant youth worships, serving others, and building community.  Each federation organizes an area rally per year where youth can come together to celebrate Jesus and serve others. For federation/church assignments please visit or call the SNEC office. Pastor Josue Feliciano, Dir. Joanne Cortes, Assistant Area Presidents Cristina Hernandez, BAYYA Victor Acevedo, CAYYA Michael Battle, MAYYA Eddy Almonte, RAYYA x675

8 SNEC Youth Ministries AY Group What is it? Contacts Pathfinders
Master Guide Pathfinder Ministries The Pathfinder club is a church-centered spiritual-recreational-activity program designed for young people years of age. It is filled with action, adventure, challenge, group activities, and provides opportunities for the development of new attitudes and skills that produce personal growth, team or community spirit and a sense of loyalty and respect for God, His creation, and His church. SNEC Pathfinders have a yearly camporee where approximately 1,000 Pathfinders come together to be challenged to grow.  Pathfinders can also participate in Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE), an opportunity to sharpen their Bible knowledge while on a team. For coordinator/church assignments please visit or call the SNEC office. Master Guides are leaders that serve the church in all areas of youth ministry. Its curriculum is designed for youth and adults, ages16 and older. It prepares the participant for leadership roles with the Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Youth Ministries. The emphasis is on in-service training and active involvement in learning new skills and developing methods for successful leadership. See contacts for program leaders. Name Pastor Josue Feliciano, Director Joanne Cortes, Assistant Eli Oritz, Conf. Coordinator Glorimar Teixeira, MG Coord. Jesus Arocho, MG Assistant Sandra Barrett Julio Carrion Maida Carrion Emmanuel Chery Meg Chevalier Sherri Dovich Steve Dovich Eulalio Gonzalez Mirna Gonzalez Ruthy Guerrero Ricardo Guerrero Eric Jean-Baptiste Mayerline Linares Joyce Malin Roy Rodriguez Lydia Rojas Evelyn Santana Samuel Valentin Frankie Vazquez Jonathan Velazquez Cynthia Wilson Telephone x675

9 Adventist Medical Cadet Corps
SNEC Youth Ministries AY Group What is it? Contacts Adventist Medical Cadet Corps Medical Cadets The Medical Cadet Corps is a ministry for youth & young adults from ages 16 and over. Our motto is to serve, serve, serve. We serve God through lives consecrated to its service, we serve our local church through various trainings where we create leaders who are a blessing to the ministries of our church, and we serve the community. We are prepared to serve in disasters, first aid and other trainings to help our neighbor with love as Jesus did. Name Pastor Josue Feliciano, Director Joanne Cortes, Assistant Dennis Martinez, Conf. Coord., MA Gabriel N. Morales Burgos , Alpha Company Commander, CT Telephone x675 Youth This ministry serves as a supplemental benefit to local church youth program.  SNEC youth ministry offers teen prayer conference and Hispanic youth retreat to challenge youth to grow in their relationship and experience community.  Youth ministries also offers Missionary Impossible, a short-term mission trip in April to a foreign country where young people are given opportunities to share the Gospel by leading. Summer Camp Summer Camp ministry focuses on bringing young people and families to the Lord in an outdoor setting, through activities, worship, skits/plays, Bible study, and cabin counselors.  By using these means, the gospel is presented in a language that the young people speak.  The time period usually lasts one week. Camp Winnekeag works hard to serve campers and show Jesus in a new way.

10 SNEC Youth Ministries AY Group What is it? Contacts Young Adult
Young Adult Ministries This is still going through an evolutionary or developmental phase for SNEC. Presently, our department is in a process assessing the spiritual, social and relational needs of our young adults in an effort to pilot a ministry that will address at least in part these needs to develop a young adult church retention ministry model. Our feature event for this ministry is an annual Young Adult and Collegiate Congress that serves as an opportunity to assess and address some of the spiritual challenges of young adults as well as a launching pad for young adult ministry initiatives and to celebrate ministry successes of the year past. Name Pastor Ryan Simpson, Director April Montoya, Assistant Telephone x619 x620 Public Campus Public Campus Ministries Public Campus Ministries is geared toward reaching both Adventist and non-Adventist students at public colleges and universities. Some have estimated that at least 80% of Adventist students attend public colleges. This ministry is geared toward supporting students that find themselves in this often unfamiliar environment and challenging them to reach out to their peers. Our efforts are focused on the Boston area collages and universities such as Harvard where the conference director is also the Adventist chaplain, as well as the five college campuses out in western Massachusetts where we have a well-established ministry going. Public Campus Ministries in SNEC shares the Young Adult and Collegiate Congress as its annual feature event. 

11 NSO SNEC Youth Ministries AY Group What is it? Contacts
Family Ministries Family Ministries exists to provide resources and support to local church family ministries directors and the families of our conference. In this department we strive to provide ministry and resources to support the subgroups that exists within the family such as Single Adults, Couples, Parenting, Pre-marital and Post-marital support among others. Presently our main feature event has been our annual couples retreat which is usually held in mid to late February. In recent times we have seen exponential growth in couples attendance from an average of 20 couples to 53 couples in 2013. Name Pastor Ryan Simpson, Director April Montoya, Assistant Telephone x619 x620 NSO The National Service Organization North American Division Chaplaincy office of the Seventh-day Adventist church National Service Organization The National Service Organization (NSO) aids Adventist youth in successfully understanding and dealing with issues related to the military, by holding regional NSO Sabbaths in the conference.  NSO also provides spiritual support and information for anyone who is anticipating or actively serving in the military. Pastor Josue Feliciano, Director Joanne Cortes, Assistant x675

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