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The Rebirth of a Phoenix By: Justina, Kacey & Isaac.

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1 The Rebirth of a Phoenix By: Justina, Kacey & Isaac

2 Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone in 1876 for which he receives two patents. With two financial backers he found the company that becomes AT&T. Within three years, telephone exchanges existed in most major cities and towns in the United States, operating under licenses from what was now the American Bell Telephone Company.

3 Building out from New York, AT&T reached its initial goal of Chicago in 1892, and then San Francisco in 1915. On December 30, 1899, AT&T acquired the assets of American Bell, and became the parent company of the Bell System.

4 Between 1894 and 1904, over six thousand independent telephone companies went into business in the United States, and the number of telephones boomed from 285,000 to 3,317,000.

5 In 1982, AT&T and the Department of Justice settled the antitrust case against AT&T. AT&T agreed to break itself up into several firms in 1984. These were known as Baby Bells. They provided telephone service in different regions.

6 The Department of Justice apparently felt that one company that provided local and long-distance service, was not required for productive efficiency, or that there were other offsetting gains from the diversity. According to the Department of Justice, AT&T provided an unfair monopoly against other providers of long-distance service.

7 The Department of Justice had difficulty of monitoring cost-shifting among AT&T's regulated (telephone) and other unregulated businesses (such as the manufacture of telephones and other equipment). The breakup of the telephone company eased the government's concerns.



10 In 1998, AT&T signs a definitive merger agreement with TCI, the second largest cable company in the United States. In 2005, SBC will acquire AT&T in a $16 billion transaction and create the industry's premier communications and networking company. AT&T is the largest provider of mobile telephony and fixed telephony in the United States.


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