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Project Update.

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1 Project Update

2 Overview The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) implementation project: replaces an outdated, difficult-to-maintain system with end-of-life equipment and a service contract ending 12/2015 provides a current generation voice technology system and the foundation for future enhancements involves the Academic Division and the Medical Center, including the University Hospital will migrate approximately 26,000 existing telephone lines will replace approximately 20,000 telephones All existing Siemens lines/telephone numbers are in scope (analog, digital and Siemens VoIP) Existing Siemens call centers are in scope (with some exceptions involving the Medical Center) New voic system to replace Xpressions Voic can be forwarded to as a .wav file attachment Elimination of Forced Authorization Code (FAC) requirements, except for: International calling Calling from ‘public’ phone types New phones Same telephone numbers 5-digit dialing maintained Enhanced caller ID

3 VoIP Project Steering Committee
Milton Adams Senior Vice Provost Julian Bivins Associate Vice President for Advancement Services Sarah Collie Associate Vice President for Organizational Excellence Anthony de Bruyn Deputy Chief Communication Officer Virginia Evans Chief Information Officer Bryan Garey Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Tom Harkins Chief Environment of Care Officer Dave Hudson Associate Vice President for Research Sean Jackson School of Medicine & University Physician's Group CIO Rich Kovatch Associate Vice President for Business Operations Rick Myers Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Planning Gary Nimax Assistant Vice President for Compliance & Enterprise Risk Mgmt Scott Norris Director of Business Services Nancy Rivers Chief of Staff for the President & Associate Vice President for Admin Kevin Savoy Director of Hospital and Information Technology Audits Rick Skinner Medical Center Chief Information Officer Randy Smith Darden Chief Technology Officer Debra White Director of Business Operations and Grants Management, Office of the VP and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity Comprehensive new telephone system design project was completed in 2013 Project steering committee formed in April, 2013 17 committee members representatives from both academic and medical areas chaired by the CIO meets monthly to provide project governance and oversight approved the system implementation project on 11/19/13

4 General Implementation Approach
Phased building cutovers will begin approximately June 2014 (with Medical Center beginning approximately September 2014) and last 16 months, utilizing 8 project cutover teams (5 Academic; 3 Medical). See VoIP Cutover Schedule by Building. Just-in-time provisioning of telephone configurations via Department Telephone Representatives (DTRs). Working with the VoIP project team, DTRs will facilitate a detailed departmental telephone data collection/verification process. Each building migration includes ~60 business days of scheduled activities in a “flight” to prepare for the building’s final cutover, as described below. Larger buildings may require multiple “flights” for completion. There will be multiple concurrent “flights” in varying stages and statuses at any given time.

5 Data Collection & Verification Communication to Peers & Colleagues
DTR Role Data Collection & Verification Communication to Peers & Colleagues (department lists; staff meetings, etc.)

6 DTR Data Collection & Verification
VERIFY… for each telephone number Current Equipment type PTAO Building and Room location COLLECT… new information Named vs Un-named Extension FN, LN, Computing ID if appropriate New Polycom telephone type BroadWorks ‘Station Type’ Shared Call Line Appearances Hunt Groups, Pickup Groups, Other requirements ***************************** ACD/Call Center Info

7 60-Day Flights Cutover Process T minus 60 days: Data prep begins
T-51: Data available to DTRs; DTR data collection/verification (per a given building) begins; DTR works with building PL to resolve any issues and address questions (NOTE: We expect some challenges!) T-17: DTR data completion milestone T-14: New Polycom telephone placement (per DTR data) T-7: Communication to Unify (Siemens) and CenturyLink re telephone to be ported; User provisioning data loaded into Loki database T-0: CenturyLink ports number; UVa activates user in BroadWorks; Unify migrates # in switch; operational testing (test calls, etc.) T+1: Onsite post-migration support for issues, questions, etc.

8 Training Plans Quick Reference Guide Video Tutorials Other
Distributed with Phone Using Your Phone (Polycom VVX410 & VVX500) Activating and Setting Up Voic Using New Telephone System Portal Classroom Online Reference/PDF docs


10 Questions ________________________________________________________________ You may also use the Contact Us form on VoIP project website (on FAQ page)

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