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Anviz Online Training Lesson 5:SDK Training

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1 Anviz Online Training Lesson 5:SDK Training
Anviz Overseas Technical Support Team 5th/Sep/2013 Copyright © Anviz Global Inc. USA

2 What is Embedded System?
An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system.It is embedded hardware and mechanical parts. Embedded system contains processing cores that are either microcontrollers or digital signal processors (DSP).

3 ADSL modem router

4 1. Telephone Decoupling Electronics
2. Multi Color LED 3. Single Color LED 4. Main Processor 5. JTAG Test and Programming Port 6. RAM 7. Flash Memory 8. Power Supply Regulator 9. Main Power Supply Fuse 10. Power Connector 11. Reset Button 12. Quartz Crystal 13. Ethernet Port 14. Ethernet Transformer 15. Ethernet PHY Transmitter/Receiver 16. USB Port 17. Telephone Port 18. Telephone Connector Fuses

5 Mainboard VF30

6 Various kinds of devices belonging to Embedded System are commonly found in consumer, cooking, industrial, automotive, medical, commercial and military applications.

7 Communication Structure
Interface Type: Serial USB Ethernet

8 Device: PC: Device Display User Data Firmware Protocol Packet
Device Interface Hardware Interface Protocol Packet SDK User Data

9 SDK What is SDK? SDK is abbreviation of Software Development Kit,which is also typical a set of software development tool for: Creating Applications for Software Package Software Framework Operating System/Video Game Console

10 General Files Common Tool Support Document API for Compilation
Debugging Aids IDE Support Document Sample Code Technical Notes

11 API specifies a set of functions or routines that accomplish a specific task or allow to interact with a specific software component. For example: #include <math.h> double sqrt(double X) / float sqrtf(float X); SYNOPSIS sqrt computes the positive square root of the argument. ... DESCRIPTION on success, the square root is returned. If X is real and positive... RETURNS

12 DLL(Dynamic-link library) containing any combination of code,data and resources is the concept of shared library in the Win OS. These libraries have file extensions such as DLL,OCX, or DRV. DLL provides a mechanism for shared code and data, allowing a developer to share code or upgrade data without re-compiling the interlinkage of applications.


14 System Platform Available Win32 Win64 Others Linux Unix Mac OS

15 API Example CKT_GetDeviceInfo
[Funciton] retrieve device’s system information [Prototype] CKT_RESULT WINAPI CKT_GetDeviceInfo (int sno,LPDEVICEINFO devinfo) [Parameter] sno :Device ID,scope:1 —— devinfo:Structure pointing receiving system information [Return] success return1(TRUE) fail return 0(FALSE)

16 typedef struct CKT_DeviceInfo
{ int ID; // Device serial number int MajorVersion; // Device firmware version int MinorVersion; // Device firmware version int DoorLockDelay; // Lock control delay int SpeakerVolume; // Speaker volume int Parameter; // int DefaultAuth; // int Capacity; // Capacity for the staffer information int RealTimeAllow;//Allow to transfer data real-time. int RingAllow;//Allow to make ringing int LockDelayTime;//Lock delay time int FixWGHead;//Fixed wiegand area code

17 int WGOption;//wiegand option
int AutoUpdateAllow;//Allow to update the fingerprint template intelligently int KQRepeatTime;//Options for the repeated clocking char[8] AdminPassword; // Commuinication password } DEVICEINFO, *LPDEVICEINFO; [Sample] DEVICEINFO devinfo; if (CKT_GetDeviceInfo( , &devinfo)) { printf("(CKT_GetDeviceInfo success.\n"); } [Note] The returned structure members Parameter, DefaultAuth is no sense, just keeping compatible with OA200.

18 Anviz Overseas Technical Support Team
Thank You Anviz Overseas Technical Support Team

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