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Infrastructure Simplified Your entire telephony infrastructure (and all of the headache and expense associated with such) is reduced.

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1 Infrastructure Simplified

2 Your entire telephony infrastructure (and all of the headache and expense associated with such) is reduced to nothing more than this: If you can Google… you can etherFAX By eliminating the need for costly components of a fax server, fax board, media gateways, and recurring telephony costs, the companys namesake solution leverages the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications. With etherFAX, expensive fax hardware, complex fault tolerance designs, and costly disaster recovery solutions are no longer needed. Additionally, etherFAX eliminates the complexities and costs of provisioning SIP, T.38, PRI, T1, and/or analog connections. By simply connecting on premise fax server infrastructure to etherFAX, all fax communications are securely delivered via the cloud. etherFAX is the fax board in the cloud, capable of processing billions of faxes each month.

3 Founded by telephony industry veterans First true fax Infrastructure as a Service Provider (IaaS) using modern day computing technology Worldwide POPs (Points of Presence) for fax origination and termination Millions of pages per processed per month (real time service) Non intrusive integrations to existing fax products Equinix IBX data centers to ensure HA, FT and compliance Worldwide network reseller base Patent pending technology Founded in 2009 with offices in NJ, Denver, PA, AZ, VA and Canada

4 Cloud computing based Internet telco fax carrier service Completely eliminates need for expensive fax hardware and Telco equipment Competitive per-page fax costs against your current telephone service provider No long term contracts Highly scalable from 500 – millions of pages/month Inbound faxing and porting of your existing telephone numbers Disaster recovery and fault tolerance Secure connections using multi-layer, government grade encryption Heartbeat alert notification Zero interoperability required

5 TelephoneServiceProviderTelephoneServiceProvider Microsoft Exchange CRMCRM MFPsMFPs PBX/Telco Analog Analog T1 T1 E1/PRI E1/PRI BRI BRI Fax Server SAP SAP Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics Sharp Sharp Xerox Xerox Messages Messages Attachments Attachments Expensive fax hardware, PBX/telco, TSP rates...

6 Fax Server etherFAX virtual adapter installed on fax server. Public Internet etherFAX Data Center etherFAX TSP -C TSP -B TSP -A Server operates behind corporate firewall using HTTP/S. Multi-layer encryption secures all network communication from end-to-end.

7 Operates in highly secured facility Authorized/required etherFAX personnel only Highly secure Internet transport Defense in depth, multi-level encryption (transport and message level encryption using ECC) Military grade encryption, exceeds standards defined by NIST and NSA CIDR restriction rules Use of traditional telephone circuits for fax delivery (TDM) Content destroyed as delivered using FIPS 140-2 deletion Security framework designed by renowned security experts Independent penetration and vulnerability testing

8 Vendor Certification Thousands or rate centers and COs Carrier Interoperability Routes always changing Short call durations NAT Traversal (Maybe a SBC Needed) T.38 the whole way CAPX Media Gateways, PRI, Soft switch License Logistics Server team Telco Team Fax Server Vendor T.38 vendor Phone vendor Physical Fax Server PBX Cards and Licensing Additional Infrastructure

9 Carefully select SIP trunk provider Specifically offer support for fax, preferably T.38 SLA, access options, and historical data to support QoS SLA, access options, and historical data to support QoS Geographical coverage matches your needs Geographical coverage matches your needs Most cases choose T.38 G.711 can be successful with a Well Managed Network, even V.34 speeds Even lowest levels of redundancy can protect against the impairments found in a Partially Managed Network Test and prequalify using a quality metrics tool Source Dialogic

10 Not all SIP trunk providers offer T.38 Not all T.38 implementations are alike Large transcoding delays with typical gateways Can be a challenge with multiple call segments Can be a challenge with multiple call segments Source Dialogic

11 Driver Interoperability NOT required Telco, Media Gateway, Phone company, Network Switch etc… Less complex and easier to make a internet connection more redundant. Most companies have in place today Much quicker and a less intrusive installation No need to get various IT groups involved Immediate flexible growth No capital investment One connection (Internet)

12 65 % of etherFAX customers have already tried and implemented a T.38 solution 99% of organizations who test etherFAX turn into customers Real time Fax Service Supported by nearly all the leading fax server products Less resources needed to support Never deal with the phone company again

13 LNP (Line number Portability) 95% Tier 1 and Tier2 coverage 8yy LNP (Dual RespORG) International DDI (Select Countries) New DID numbers New DID numbers New 8yy numbers


15 FeatureetherFAX Outsourced Solutions Microsoft Exchange (Messages, Attachments …) Lotus Notes (Messages, Attachments …) CRM Integration (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics …) MFP Integration (Sharp, Xerox …) HIPAA/SOX Compliant (Storage Security …) Secure Communication (Multi-Layer Transport Security) Limited e-Mail

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