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VoIP Technology By: Dan Del Vecchio & Isaac Juneman.

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1 VoIP Technology By: Dan Del Vecchio & Isaac Juneman

2 What is it? Voice over Internet Protocol

3 How does it work?

4 What you need $28 - $60$35 - $110 Headset USB Phone Adapter (wireless) $129 - $210

5 Why VoIP? Pros –Low cost –Integrate voice and data applications –Great for video conferencing Cons –Some services don't work during power outages –Difficulty connecting to 911 dispatchers –Errors

6 Driving Factors of VoIP Growth of the Internet and wide usage of IP Avoid long distance charges Speed Flexibility Exciting future

7 Service Providers VoIP Providers include:

8 FCC Regulation Currently in the proposal stage Comply to the same regulations as traditional telephone services Will VoIP services be connected to the public switched telephone network? How will VoIP services handle emergency services such as 911? CPUC believes VoIP services are public utilities and subject to its regulatory authority. Jeffrey Citron, CEO of VoIP provider Vonage Holdings, stated too much regulation would retard innovation.

9 Conclusion VoIP is a new technology that enables voices to be delivered using IP Alternative to public switched telephone networks The main driving force is to avoid long distance charges and other fees Practical for large organizations Exciting future: IP conferencing, distance learning applications, voice web browsing. Very hot topic right now in relation to voice/data integration

10 More Information Please visit For more information.

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