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Dispatch Software for MOTOTRBO. Integrated Dispatch Solution.

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1 Dispatch Software for MOTOTRBO

2 Integrated Dispatch Solution

3 Radio Dispatch SmartPTT functionality for voice communication –Two-way individual, group and all calls at the dispatcher console; –Calling subscriber identification; –Emergency calls –Subscriber remote voice monitoring; –Voice calls between dispatchers (Intercom); –Telephone calls from the dispatcher console; –Telephone and radio subscribers interconnect; –Lone Worker –Radio Check –Call Alert –Radio Kill –Voice logging

4 Subscriber Call Window Sound Panel

5 GPS Monitoring –Real-time subscriber location tracking –Many map formats supported –Subscriber location logging –Track drawing for specified period of time –Subscriber movement animation in scope of the track –Subscriber track details –Geofencing –Predefined routes –Automatic location request –Location request by event –Manual location request –Export locations to KML

6 Real-Time Monitoring

7 Track Animation

8 Data transmission and storage Data Transmission –Text message exchange –Email gateway –Subscriber status control –Telemetry commands control Data Storage –Event logging –Voice logging Data Processing –Rules and Alerts on Dispatcher and Radioserver sides –GPS Rules

9 Event Log

10 Telephone Interconnect Telephone Interconnect can be initiated by: Telephone subscriber (dial Radio ID or Group ID from telephone set) Radio subscriber (dial phone number with keypad, sending text message) Dispatcher Console

11 Intelligent Bridging Service

12 Advantages of SmartPTT Bridging Service Breaks the limits of 15 repeaters per IP Site Connect Direct connection to the repeaters via IP Selective voice and data routing Convenient tool to manage routing configuration Intelligent dynamic routing for private and group calls

13 SmartPTT Monitoring In-depth analysis and control over connected MOTOTRBO infrastructure Real Time Monitoring Coverage Map Network Topology Hardware Diagnostics Monitoring Analytics Monitoring Reports

14 Real Time Monitoring

15 Hardware Diagnostics

16 Coverage Map

17 SmartPTT Architecture Approaches

18 Benefits of direct connection to repeaters Enhanced Functionality –Event and voice logging of ALL activity in the radio network. –Information about the repeater used for the subscriber activity (for IPSC). Scalability –Various amount of dispatcher consoles and controlled radio networks –Remote dispatcher control through IP Reliability –Less amount of functional units for dispatcher control implementation in comparison with other systems. Cost Effectiveness –Considerable savings on server infrastructure –Control stations are not required

19 Reliable Architecture Multiple Radioservers connected from the Dispatch Console Distributed log storage (at both Radioserver and Dispatch Console) Offline mode for Dispatch Consoles

20 Heat and power industry Oil and gas transportation Oil refactoring Mining Chemical industry Power distribution Emergency services Transportation Airports Safeguarding SmartPTT Target Areas

21 Key Benefits of SmartPTT & MotoTRBO MOTOTRBOSmartPTT High quality of the voiceAll type of voice calls are supported in SmartPTT Dispatcher Double Capacity 2 time slots Control over all radio network channels GPS ReceiverEnhanced AVL features IP Site Connect Multi site conventional Direct IP Connection Breaks the limit of 15 repeaters by means of the routing service Capacity Plus One site trunking Specially adjusted to dispatch large Capacity Plus systems Digital Telephone PatchVoIP based telephone patch Enhancements for DTP ARS, TMS, Telemetry, Emergency, etc.Data flow control Voice and event logging

22 SmartPTT & MOTOTRBO vs. Tetra and MPT1327 MPT1327MOTOTRBO + SmartPTTTETRA (Dimetra IP Compact) SignalAnalogDigital Frequency intervals 136-174 MHz, 300-350 MHz, 403-470 MHz 136-174 MHz, 403-470 MHz370-450 MHz, 800 MHz Frequency channel width25 kHz12,5 kHz25 kHz Logical channels per one physical channel 12 time-slots (TDMA)4 time-slots (TDMA) Type of callsPrivate, Group, Emergency Private, Group, All call, Emergency, Remote monitoring, Block/Unblock, Radio check, Radio de-key, Call by VOX Private (duplex and half-duplex), Group, Emergency Text MessagingStatus and text messages Phone interconnectHalf-duplex Full duplex Additional features Caller ID, Calls queue, Automatic roaming Caller ID, Automatic roaming, Lone worker, Embedded GPS Caller ID, Calls queue, Automatic roaming, Embedded GPS Encryption Yes Data rate per channel1.2 kbps per channel2 kbps per time-slot (logical channel) Up to 7.2 kbps per time-slot Up to 28 kbps per frequency channel Price$$$$$$$$$$ Best use casesMultisite trunking solution Conventional systems Multisite conventional systems Single-site trunking systems Multisite trunking solution Limitations Outdated system, inefficient use of frequencies pool Partial functionality in trunking mode High prices, less radio coverage comparing with others

23 Service & Consulting Technical support –3 SmartPTT engineers –3 Radio engineers –3 Telephone engineers –2 Network engineers –Certified by Motorola, Cisco, LG, Coral, MiniCom… –Remote support by System deployment consulting –Over 17 years of experience –Technical trainings –System Design Office Marketing support


25 Shell Refinery, Malaysia GPS monitoring Voice and event logging Capacity Plus –2 voice + 2 data revert channels –250 subscribers

26 SAMU – Ambulance, Brazil GPS monitoring Voice and events logging IP Site Connect for 2 sites 70 subscribers 7 dispatchers

27 EMDEC – Public Transportation Authority, Brazil GPS Monitoring Voice and events logging Voice calls from dispatch consoles 4 sites 5 dispatchers 250 subscribers

28 Centrovias – Autobahn, Brazil GPS Monitoring Voice calls from dispatch consoles Voice and events logging 120 subscribers 18 sites 6 dispatchers

29 FCA – Railways, Brazil GPS Monitoring Voice calls from dispatch consoles Voice and events logging 500 subscribers 20 sites 3 dispatchers

30 PDI – Investigations Police, Chile Voice and events logging Voice calls from dispatch consoles 4 sites 90 subscribers 2 dispatchers

31 Advanced Elastomers – Chemical plant, UK Telephone interconnect Voice and events logging Voice calls from dispatch consoles 50 subscribers 2 dispatchers

32 RapidKL – Public Transportation, Malaysia GPS monitoring Events and voice logging 1600 subscribers at final stage

33 RussNeft – 2 oilfields, Russia GPS monitoring Voice and events logging Voice calls from dispatch consoles 1 voice channel + 1 data revert channel

34 Emergency Service, Komi Republic, Russia Voice calls and logging Telephone interconnect Over 50 regional fire brigades Central Dispatch Console at HQ


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