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1 Unit 6 Journeys Lesson 14 Warming Up! 1.Lets see what team can read the most words! 2.Ready?

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2 1 Unit 6 Journeys Lesson 14

3 Warming Up! 1.Lets see what team can read the most words! 2.Ready?

4 Word List 1 1.rocking 2.ragged 3.rumble 4.wreath 5.razor 6.wiggle

5 Word List 2 1.rabbit 2.wrist 3.ribbon 4.wrinkle 5.railroad 6.wrong

6 And the Winners are….. 1.Congratulations team number ___! 2.You get 2 free tickets on fun Friday!!!! All other teams receive 1 ticket for trying their best!!! 3.Good Job Everyone!!!

7 Review 1.What sounds have we learned this week? Can anyone give me a word using these sounds and spellings?

8 Todays New Sound and Spelling is: 1./f/ sound spelled ph What sound does the letter F make? Get ready to practice this sound in the phonics center! Pg. 170-171 Objective: Introduce /f/ spelled ph

9 Spelling Words with /f/ sound spelled with ph 3.graph

10 Spelling Word Practice 1.Choose the Correct Spelling 2. 1. (a) ply(b) playd(c) played 3.The correct answer is: (c) played 4.2. (a) njoy(b) enjoy(c)injoy 5.The correct answer is: (b) enjoy 6. 7.

11 1.3. (a)goy (b) joye(c)joy 2.The correct answer is: (c) joy 3.4. (a) graf(b) grafe(c)graph 4.The correct answer is: (c) graph 5. 5. (a) join(b) jon(c)joyn 6.The correct answer is: (a) join 7. Awesome!

12 Line 1 Blending 1.photophasegraph 2.telephoneelephantPhil 3. 4.About the Words 5.This line focuses on words in which the 6./f/ sound is spelled ph. It can occur in the beginning, middle, or end of a word.

13 Line 2 Blending 1.bridgeledgebadgefudge 2.About the Words 3.This line reviews words with the dge spelling. What does the green box mean?

14 Line 3 Blending 1.greedyshinysleepyshady 2.About the Words 3.These words all end with the /ē/ sound spelled _y.

15 Line 4 Blending 1.pokertoesstrokeroar 2.About the Words 3.This line reviews different spellings for the /ō/ sound.

16 Line 5 Blending 1.middlepuddlemarblewiggle 2.About the Words 3.Some of these words end with le and some have short vowel sounds with double consonants.

17 Blending 1.photophasegraph 2.telephoneelephant 3.bridgeledgebadgefudge 4.greedyshinysleepyshady 5.pokertoesstrokeroar 6.middlepuddlemarblewiggle Great Job Class!

18 Sentences 1.Sentence 1: 2.Phil moved to Philadelphia to live with his aunt Sophia. 3.Sentence 2: 4.The photographer took a photo of the huge elephant at the zoo.

19 Missing Words 1. elephant shiny telephone bridge 2.The silver star is __________. 3.Answer: The silver star is shiny. 4.2.Do you know your _________ number? 5.Answer: Do you know your telephone number?

20 Missing Words 1.elephant shiny telephone bridge 2.3.We need a _______to cross the river? 3.We need a bridge to cross the river? 4.4.An _____________ has a trunk. 5. An elephant has a trunk.

21 Dictation and Spelling 1.Write the word: 2.rap 3.wrap 4.rope 5.wrote 6.write 7.right Get Your Pencils Ready!

22 Spelling: /f/ Spelled ph 1.Spell the word: 3.dolphin 4.elephants 5.Good Job!

23 Lets Get Ready to Read! 1.Decodable Book- A Photo for Fred Lets practice reading strategy: Reading the Questions First

24 Questions A Photo For Fred 1.What did Phil want to send to his friend Fred? 2.What does Phil think Ralph looks like in the photo? 3.What does Phil do instead of sending a photo to Fred?

25 Todays Reading Selections 1.The Camera Kid 2.Genre: Realistic Fiction Please take out your Second Reader Book and turn to the Table of Contents.

26 Concluding the Lesson 1.What new spelling did we learn today? 2.Who can give me an example of a word that has this spelling? 3. Good Job! Lets Get Ready For Centers! Wait quietly till I call on your group.

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