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Telephone System By : Warsun Najib.

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1 Telephone System By : Warsun Najib

2 Telepon System Concept
Telephone network is often called as PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) Telephone Device Central Office (CO) suatu istilah untuk menggambarkan pusat jaringan telepon (dalam suatu kota). Tugasnya menyediakan daya untuk telepon, me-routing panggilan, merekam tagihan telepon, dsb. Trunk (E1) Link/kabel between CO to other CO Local Loop Pasangan kabel telepon yang terhubung antara central office dan pesawat telepon rumah (kantor). Switch Perangkat yang me-route komunikasi ke bagian (tempat) yang lain. Pada awalnya, switch terbuat dari banyak switch-switch mekanik Saat ini, mayoritas switch adalah elektronis, bahkan digital. Digital switches lebih reliable, dan menawarkan banyak keuntungan Distribution Network MDF Rumah Kabel

3 Telephone Set Hibrid Pemisah mic dengan speaker Penekan nada samping
Dialer Mic Speaker Bell Hook Switch 1 2 Standby : Hoook switch is on position 1, Idc from CO does not come, Ringing signal (ac) can activate Bell Busy : Switch is off-hook (hook-switvh on position 2),

4 Telephone : Off-Hook / Busy
dial I DC H D bicara lawan IDC bicara saudara I dc I sendiri

5 Side Tone

6 Dialing System DTMF (Dual tone multi frequency) Rotary Switch

7 Dual Tone Multi-frequency
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 # * Baris 1 [697 Hz] Baris 2[770 Hz] Baris 3[852 Hz] Baris 4[941 Hz] Kolom 1 [1209 Hz] Kolom 2 [1336 Hz] Kolom 3 [1477 Hz]

8 DTMF i(t) Digit ‘1’ Digit ‘6’ space T T t
Periode T > 100 ms depend on how fast finger push the button (normally 250 ms)

9 Dialing : Rotary Switch
7 6 5 4 3 2 1 8 9 v1 v 2 I ‘1’ one stop pulse ‘2’ two stop pulse ‘3’ three stop pulse ‘0’ ten stop pulse

10 Rotary switch dialing system
T :100 ms ≥ 4T ‘3’ ‘2' i(t) t space Dial a number Off-hook

11 Subscriber link signal (Link Voltage)
100 50 -50 -100 -150 Bell, ringing voltage Dialing pulse voice Off-hook On-hook Incoming Outgoing 1-2 V ingoing 0,5-1 V I:16-20 mA, 6-8 V 48 V Δv: 48 V ΔI: 18 mA 20 Hz, 90 Vrms, 2 s on, 3 s off

12 Switching Element trunk SLIC Switching Device Pengisyaratan Controller
Central Office register Switching Device Controller trunk SLIC Pengisyaratan To/from other CO Controller can be : Sentralized Distributed at signaling and switcing Device SLIC : Subscriber Line Interface Circuit

13 Switching System Step By Step,
Each digit activates directly one switching-level, except the last 2 digit usually connected to 2-dimension switch 3054 3 5 4 Call Finder Switch level 1 Switch level 2 Switch level 3 Switch level 4

14 Illustration of Call Switching

15 Common Control Each digit of dialed number is first stored in a register at CO, then if the destination number is not busy, call is routed to the phone.

16 Switching Process of Telephone Call
Caller lift handset / off hook CO find the available link Get a link No Yes CO send dial-tone to caller Caller dial the destination number

17 CO make switching process
Is dialed number free (not busy) ? yes no CO send busy tone to caller phone CO send: Ringing signal to dialed phone Ringing tone to caller phone (tuut – tuut…..) Called phone Off hook Call drop No yes Call success

18 Voice Signaling

19 Private Branch eXchange
CO Common Subscriber ... m ext-link PBX 90XXXX 2201 2202 1302 ... n main link Operator

20 PBX is categorized: PMBX private manual branch exchange
Both intern and extern call is handled by an operator PABX-private automatic branch exchange Intern call is automatic Extern call Automatic if the device has DID (direct inward dialing) Via operator If device does not have DID If n >1 (link between co-pbx) User call via one number if PABX has hunting system User can call via n different number if PABX doesn’t have hunting system. Advantage of PBX Cost Probability of success call

21 Numbering System Open System Close System

22 Network from CO to Subscriber
Primary network LE - MDF CCP CCP MDF 2000 pairs CCP 50 pairs DP:10 pairs DP DP PBX DP Secondary network MDF,CCP,DP are in a form of cable switching terminal

23 Network Between LE LE Toll Central Regional yk1 yk2 yk3 One local area

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