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The Office Procedures and Technology

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1 The Office Procedures and Technology
Chapter 12 Telephone Systems and Procedures Copyright 2003 by South-Western, a division of Thomson Learning

2 Transmitting Information Using Telephone Technology
Satellite dishes receive microwave signals from orbiting satellites Telecommunications Electronic transfer of information over a distance Many forms of information can be sent electronically Voice and video Data and text Images Telephone lines Older analog lines are being replaced with digital lines Digital signals transmit large amounts of data at fast speeds Communication satellites Play an important role in worldwide communications Communicate with satellite earth stations to transmit and receive data Modem: a conversion device for digital and analog data Key Term Topic 12-1 Telephone Technology and Services Slide 2

3 Image Communication Systems
Facsimile technology Transfers images electronically using telephone lines Features Procedures Videoconferencing Allows two-way voice and video communication between people at different locations Web conferences may be conducted using computers and a private computer network or the Internet A fax cover sheet should be sent with each fax transmission Topic 12-1 Telephone Technology and Services Slide 3

4 Voice Communication Systems
Centralized systems Route calls into and going out of an organization All calls are handled by a single computer or operator switchboard Common features of telephone systems Voice mail systems Messaging systems that use computers and telephones Can record, send, store, and retrieve voice messages Auto redial Call waiting Call block Conferencing Caller ID Memory Call queuing Speakerphone Call return Specialized telephone equipment Mobile telephone equipment Features for impairments Conference call services Operator-dialed service Dial-in service Automated attendant: computerized system for handling telephone calls Key Term Topic 12-1 Telephone Technology and Services Slide 4

5 Telephone Service Providers
A sample of one long-distance carrier’s rate periods for direct-dial calls Offer a variety of equipment in many price ranges Local telephone company provides local call service Customers may choose from a variety of providers for long-distance service Topic 12-1 Telephone Technology and Services Slide 5

6 Integration of Telecommunications Technologies
Telephony The integration of computer and telephone technologies Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) A set of interface standards Enables many types of computers and electronic devices to communicate Topic 12-1 Telephone Technology and Services Slide 6

7 Focus On … Voice Mail A computerized voice messaging system
Use is widespread in business Proper procedures must be followed to avoid creating a negative impression Use your voice mail system effectively Prepare a complete and professional message Record the message yourself Refer callers to someone else if you will be out for several days Check your voice mail frequently Return calls as soon as possible Answer your telephone most of the time rather than letting voice mail answer Leave a professional message State your name, your telephone number, and the reason for the call Speak slowly and distinctly Spell out any difficult names Do not communicate bad news in a message Topic 12-1 Telephone Technology and Services Slide 7

8 Making a Favorable First Impression
Your voice Tone Pace Volume Your attitude is reflected in your voice when you speak to callers Your speaking skills Pronunciation Grammar Vocabulary Your attitude Attitude is transmitted through your tone and manner of speech Strive to project a sincere, positive attitude Modulation: controlling the volume of speech Key Term Topic 12-2 Effective Telephone Communications Slide 8

9 Incoming Telephone Communications
Proper telephone techniques Answer promptly Identify yourself Assist the caller Conclude the call Information on a message form should be recorded accurately and legibly Effective telephone procedures Screening calls Placing a caller on hold Transferring calls Handling a disconnected call Giving information Handling difficult callers Handling personal telephone calls Taking messages Topic 12-2 Effective Telephone Communications Slide 9

10 Outgoing Telephone Communications
Planning calls Dates and times of meetings or events that relate to the call Documents that relate to the topic Questions you want to ask Pen and paper for notes Time zones Check time zones in other cities to ensure that calls are placed during business/office hours International calls may require calling before or after your normal business hours This Web site provides the official U.S. time in various time zones Topic 12-2 Effective Telephone Communications Slide 10

11 Outgoing Telephone Communications
Using directories Local directories Personal and company directories Computerized directories Directory assistance Long-distance service Direct-dial calls Specialized long-distance calls Person-to-person calls Collect calls Conference calls Telephone credit cards Toll-free service Topic 12-2 Effective Telephone Communications Slide 11

12 Controlling Telephone Costs
Use direct dialing for most calls Plan calls so time is spent efficiently Call when rates are lowest Notify the operator when you reach a wrong number Compare rate plans and promotions Learn to use the features of your telephone system Topic 12-2 Effective Telephone Communications Slide 12

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