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15th Annual Assistive Technology Summer Institute Assistive Technology: Catch the Wave July 8 – 9, 2013 Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution.

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2 15th Annual Assistive Technology Summer Institute Assistive Technology: Catch the Wave July 8 – 9, 2013 Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (AzTEDP)

3 The STATE OF ARIZONA serving YOU! Vicki Thompson ~ Program Planner for AzTEDP Christine Milano ~ Voucher Technican 602-542-3365 V/TTY 1-866-223-3412 V/TTY 602-761-9541 VideoPhone (VP) Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program

4 ACDHH Information and Referral Agency Interpreter Licensure Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (AzTEDP) Oversee the Arizona Relay Service Traditional Relay CapTel Voice Recognition Relay

5 What is the AzTEDP? AzTEDP is part of the Arizona Commission of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACDHH) ACDHH is the state agency in Arizona responsible for Deaf & Hard of Hearing matters. Arizona state law mandates that Deaf & Hard of Hearing Arizona residents have access to the telecommunications network (phone system).

6 Who we serve…. AzTEDP provides FREE telephone equipment to anyone who qualifies as: Deaf Deaf/Blind (Hard of Hearing/Low Vision) Hard of Hearing Speech Impaired

7 Current application packet Click on AzTEDP 602-542-3365 (Vicki) 602-254-1124 (Christine) 602-542-3323 (Main ACDHH) 1-866-223-3412 (Toll free for 520 & 928)

8 Application for AzTEDP Application form signed by professional Conditions of Acceptance Proof of AZ residency – Drivers license, etc. Proof of legal US residency and identity (2009) Proof of name change IF that applies to consumer Citizenship form (CapTel Supplement if chosen)

9 Citizenship and identity…. United States Birth Certificate proves citizenship for the infant documented. Later, IF that infant changes his/her name due to marriage or any other circumstance, the name change(s) must be substantiated with marriage certificates or other legal documentation. So, YOU need to submit COPIES that prove YOU are who you say you are, proving you are legally present in the U.S.A. U.S. Passport with current name would suffice.

10 Voucher Program: Telephone Products FREE Amplified phone

11 How to cash a voucher: Sign the voucher as instructed, and mail to the vendor of choice. Five year warranty with the vendor chosen.

12 Voucher VS. Loaner If a brand new amplified telephone is chosen, AzTEDP staff will print a voucher for it. The voucher can be redeemed for the specified device. The device becomes the clients property at the end of five years. Sometimes it is better for an amplified phone from our inventory to be issued due to a variety of factors. This is considered a loan and doesnt become the clients property.

13 TTY / Text Telephone Products Available via Loaner and Voucher TTYs are only appropriate for people who do not speak and do not hear. Why would anyone use a keyboard if they can speak?

14 What if consumer needs change? If someone wants to try CapTel, they can at any time. We allow 30 days to keep it and the amplified phone they may already have. The unwanted phone must be returned.

15 How are a persons telephone needs determined? Talking to a friend or family member. How is their vision? Does the person deal well with change? If it goes through the Arizona Relay Service, will he or she be open to that? Talk to the person – amplified phone with big buttons may suit best.

16 CapTel – NO CHARGE Loaner program Is it right for anyone and everyone with any hearing loss? NO

17 Captioned telephone methods can be a miracle for some… With the right frame of mind With the right support With good vision With good cognitive skills With a desire and ability to be independent It can be the miracle some people have been waiting for!

18 AzTEDP Loaner CapTel Phones – FOR THOSE WHO NEED CAPTIONS BUT DONT HAVE INTERNET. CapTel 800 CapTel 840 AzTEDP does NOT provide the internet versions. The 840i can simply be purchased from a vendor that sells it.

19 CapTel 800 and 840 2 line capable. 2 lines are not necessary. Available on loan from AzTEDP

20 Operation of CapTel 800 and 840 ONE LINE MODE (most people) Captions are provided FREE by the AZ Relay Service. Calls you make are automatically connected to the Captioning Service to provide captions as long as captions are left ON. Incoming callers dial the service first at 1-877-243-2823, and hear a recording which tells them exactly what to do which is to enter the phone number of the person they wish to call. Adjustable font sizes and color contrast. Easy access to voice mail and answering machine messages.

21 How do captions show up on incoming calls for people with only one line?

22 AzTEDP does NOT provide CapTel 800i or 840i Any other captioning device

23 Captioned Telephone via the INTERNET on the go or at home. Online – - A free telephone captioning service for qualified Mac/PC/mobile users. – 840 i ( i is for internet) BOTH OF THESE CAN BE OBTAINED FREE FOR THOSE WITH SUBSTANTIAL HEARING LOSS!

24 Encourage consumers to ask questions about Captioned Telephone!!! Questions are OKAY & EXPECTED! Watch the signal meter and start talking – explain need for patience to your caller! Auto amplify – for those who CAN use eyes and ears at the same time, then respond appropriately. CapTel Customer Service 1-888-269-7477

25 Program Equipment Changes AzTEDP changes the equipment choices every five years. A small variety of big button amplified phones will be added. July 1, 2013 new choices will be available.

26 Arizona Relay Service Free Average of 1.1 million calls per year Spanish translation available 711 HCO/VCO/STS AZRS PROVIDES THE CAPTEL CAPTIONING

27 Other topics…. Emergencies VS. everyday life Who pays the bill? ACDHH pays for the cost of the captioning. You are still responsible for your regular home phone service including long distance. Phone company doesnt need to know.

28 Questions??? Comments??? 602-542-3365 V/TTY 1-866-223-3412 V/TTY


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