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Your Dream Our Plan Welcome to Your Dream, Our Plan. Thank you for joining me for this Forever Living opportunity presentation! My name is Bill Lewis.

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1 Your Dream Our Plan Welcome to Your Dream, Our Plan. Thank you for joining me for this Forever Living opportunity presentation! My name is Bill Lewis. My wife and I have been Forever Living Distributors for thirty years and have realized our dreams through the Forever Living marketing plan; I’m confident that it can do the same for you and invite you to consider carefully what you’re about to hear. It has the power to change your life!

2 What is Your Dream? Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” How do you see your future? What is your dream? Is it a beautiful home? Is it the freedom to spend quality time with loved ones? Is it a first-class education for your children? Is it to travel the world and experience various cultures and history? Is it to have enough money to be out of debt? Is it exotic transportation? Perhaps you dream of having the time and money to donate to worthy causes. If you don’t have a dream, it’s never too late to choose one! It’s been observed that being old has nothing to do with age. You’re never old until you stop dreaming. The secret to an enthusiastic, optimistic, successful life is to pursue a dream!

3 What is Your Plan? Inherit a Become a Start a Job? Fortune? Celebrity?
Business? Invest? Franchise? Inherit a Fortune? Become a Celebrity? Job? Win the Lottery? What is Your Plan? Okay. You have a dream, and you look forward to achieving it! Now we need to ask, how are you going to achieve it? What’s your plan? Let’s discuss a few possibilities. You could win the lottery, and have all the money you need to buy your dream. Possibly; but the chance is so remote that, if you bought a lottery ticket every week, you could expect to win the jackpot every quarter-million years. Not a very good plan if you want your dream in this lifetime! Is your plan to get a job with a stable company (perhaps like General Motors?) and work for 50 years? The fact is, when you work for someone else, you have very little control of your future. You’re at the mercy of lay-offs, wage freezes, corporate take-overs or bankruptcies, job eliminations, a boss that doesn’t have your welfare at the top of his concerns…well, you get the picture. For a person with a big dream, a job isn’t a very viable plan. Perhaps you’ve thought of a franchise. Well, if you can raise from 250,000 to 6 million dollars to pay the franchise fee, this might be the way to your dream. However, it has plenty of challenges such as: making sure your employees show up for work; paying salaries, wages, employee benefits, rent, utilities, cleaning… there’s a good probability you’ll become so tied down with administrative headaches that you’ll have no time to enjoy your profits. How about skipping the franchise fee, and starting your own business? Perhaps; but consider, in addition to the administrative headaches associated with a franchise, you have the added responsibility of marketing. In other words, not only do you need to make sure your business pleases your clientele, but you must get people to walk through the door in the first place. Well, then, you could drop the idea of running a business, and just invest in other businesses; that way, you could reach your dream without all the time limitations and headaches. Now this sounds like a plan! But wait, this requires money up front; and quite probably you don’t have that money. In fact, isn’t that the reason we’re considering a plan in the first place: to earn enough money to help you reach your dream? Here’s another plan without the headaches: wait to inherit a fortune from your rich uncle! Believe it or not, some people see this as the answer, and are sitting back waiting for the momentous event that will end all the financial obstacles to their dream. This is not a very wise plan when you consider the fact that you have no control over it, and that most people don’t have family with a fortune to pass along in the first place. Does your plan include becoming a celebrity? That would bring you fortune, fame and all the dreams you could ever desire! But, even if you had the talent, you need to pass through a sifting process that leaves out 99% of those who try. This plan simply is not accessible for the great majority of people and therefore not a realistic possibility. There is another plan we’d like you to consider. This one is accessible to just about everybody, and has some important advantages over the other plans we’ve considered. We’d like you to consider the FLP plan.

4 Consider Our Plan! No Boss! 10 Income Sources! Health & Beauty!
With our plan you are your own boss. Your success is in your hands. You decide when you work. You determine your income. It’s exciting to know that the harder you work, the more you’ll earn. There is no large investment of money required in our plan; no bank loans demanding to be paid; no sleepless nights or ulcers from worrying if you’ll get your money back. There’s no risk; we are so confident of our plan that we have a very liberal ‘opt out’ policy if you should decide it isn’t for you. Our plan involves the health and beauty industry, one of the largest and universal industries in the world. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually by people who want to look and feel better. In our plan, you can benefit from business generated in over 140 countries, without leaving your hometown. With our plan, you receive compensation from ten income sources. This is the most generous compensation plan in the industry! Our plan allows you to enjoy a truly free lifestyle. There is no overhead tying you down; and no employee or management headaches, no hours of operation dictating your schedule. Whether you want to attend your child’s piano recital, or take a trip to the Orient, you are free to do so! No Boss! 10 Income Sources! Health & Beauty! No Risk! No Investment! Freedom Lifestyle! International Income! Consider Our Plan!

5 Rex Maughan - Founder & CEO
PROVEN MANAGEMENT Why Forever Living? Executive Committee more than 300 years Network Marketing Experience Founded 1978 Scottsdale, Arizona “Largest Private Company” Arizona 100 “6th Fastest Growing Private Company in America” Inc 500 Magazine “No 1 Privately Held Company” Business Journal “Billion Dollar Club” Direct Selling News PROVEN MANAGEMENT So, what is Forever Living, and why should you consider making it a part of your plan? There are three fundamental reasons why. And after we explain them, we’re confident you’ll agree that the Forever Living plan is the way to achieve your dream. The first reason: Proven Management. Let me introduce you to our founder and CEO, Rex Maughan. Years ago, Rex began to dream of giving people of limited income opportunities and restricted financial resources, a way to achieve financial greatness. Rex was already a successful and wealthy man when he founded Forever Living, and he wanted to share what he’d discovered about becoming financially independent. His formula was simple: by helping others get what they want, you get what you want. A marketing plan was built around this principle and the Company was launched in Since then, Forever Living has received many prestigious awards and recognitions. Rex realized that he couldn’t do it alone; and part of his genius was in surrounding himself with a distinctive group of individuals to serve as the Executive Committee. All of them have been with the Company for more than 15 years; some for more than 30. They have collective experience in network marketing of more than 300 years. You won’t find this level of experience and dedication anywhere else in the industry. The result has been continuous growth and today, worldwide sales exceed two billion dollars. Rex Maughan - Founder & CEO

Romania Turkey INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Ireland Scandinavia Japan Paraguay Mexico UK When we say worldwide, we really mean world wide! Forever Living is in more than 140 countries, and very impressive financial commitments underscore the stability of the Company. Take a look at just of few of the beautiful home offices around the world! Your business can easily extend into any number of these countries, and your groups will receive professional, caring attention from the local staffs housed in these offices. We might add that these buildings are debt-free. The same is true of all other Company assets. How many companies can make that claim today?

Not only is Forever Living debt-free, but it’s also vertically integrated. We own and control every aspect of our business: from the carefully cultivated 13 million aloe vera plants in the Dominican Republic to the state-of-the-art formulation and packaging facilities of Aloe Vera of America and Forever Nutraceuticals. The result is a constant supply of consistent, high-quality, exclusive products at affordable prices.

8 DIVERSIFIED Leopard’s Trail South Africa Callville Bay Nevada
Dallas Signal Mtn Lodge Wyoming In addition to being vertically integrated, Forever Living is diversified with Forever Resorts. This is a collection of more than 60 resort properties around the world; the most famous of which is Southfork Ranch of the well-known tv series “Dallas.” These resorts help to keep the cash flow consistent throughout the year, as well as provide exciting award vacations for our distributors. The current state of the Company, including its executive staff, international debt-free status, vertical integration, and diversification, is the result of proven management. It’s good to know that the plan to achieve your dream is partnered with a Company that will be around to make sure your dream continues!

9 Patented Stabilization
PROVEN PRODUCT CONSUMABLE Repeat Business Why Forever Living? UNIVERSAL Health & Beauty EXCLUSIVE Patented Stabilization QUALITY 100% Guaranteed PROVEN PRODUCT APPROVED 140 Countries This brings us to the second reason why you should consider making Forever Living a part of your plan: proven product. For over 30 years, Forever Living has laid a foundation of excellent products, a foundation that you can build a solid business on. This foundation provides you with these advantages: The products are highly consumable, which means a steady repeat business. They’re universal. Since they’re centered around health and beauty, they are very much in demand. In fact, there isn’t anyone you meet who doesn’t need or want one or more of our products. They’re exclusive. Forever Living owns the patented stabilization process for the aloe vera, as well as the product formulations. The same products cannot be purchased anywhere else at any price. The quality of the products is 100% guaranteed. If the retail consumer is not satisfied, he gets his money refunded, no questions asked. The products have been approved in 140 countries. This speaks very highly of the quality and purity of our products; no other network marketing company has its products approved in so many countries! In addition, we also have received the Islamic Seal, Kosher rating, and certification by the International Aloe Science Council.

PROVEN PRODUCT ALOE VERA DRINKS Healthy Digestive System WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Lo-Carb – No Stimulants NUTRITION Exclusive Formulas PERSONAL CARE Head-to-Toe Aloe Formulas COLOR COSMETICS Aloe-Based with Marine Extracts Our products include: Aloe Vera Drinks which help to maintain a healthy digestive system; A line of weight management products that are lo-carb and contain no stimulants; Exclusive nutritional formulas that support and maintain a healthy body; Personal care including skin care and hair care products; and our exclusive line of aloe-based color cosmetics. 1

11 Why Forever Living? PROVEN PLAN
The third reason why you should consider Forever Living: a proven plan. After 3 decades, the FLP marketing plan continues to lead the industry. Let’s consider why…

12 Simple Profitable! Network Marketing Traditional Sales and PROVEN PLAN
Factory Network Marketing FLP Distributor Traditional Sales Distributor Simple and Profitable! Wholesaler In traditional marketing, when a consumer purchases a product, his money is divided among four segments of the supply chain: the factory, the distributor, the wholesaler, and the retailer. In Forever network marketing, our Independent Distributors market the product directly to the consumer and earn the profits that used to go to the middlemen. This system is so simple and profitable that people from all walks of life, regardless of education or background, have developed income from various sources. Let’s describe a few of them. Retailer Consumer 1

13 Retail Profit 30% (SRP) 43% (ROI)
PROVEN PLAN Retail Profit 30% (SRP) 43% (ROI) FLP Distributor YOU PAY 700 YOU COLLECT 1,000 YOU EARN 300 Distributors earn a retail profit as they market the products to consumers. For example, when a distributor pays 700 dollars for product from the Company, he collects 1,000 dollars from the consumer. The resulting 300 dollar profit is equal to 30% of the retail price and represents a generous 43% return on his investment. Consumer 1

14 Personal Bonus 5% - 18% (SRP)
PROVEN PLAN Personal Bonus 5% - 18% (SRP) FLP Distributor In addition to the retail profit, Distributors earn a personal bonus (similar to a manufacturer’s rebate). This bonus ranges from 5 to 18%, and is based on the full retail price of all the volume they generate during the month. Other companies pay a similar bonus, but it is usually based on the wholesale price, or on a figure that is less than wholesale. In the Forever opportunity, all our bonuses are based on retail. Consumer 1

15 Group Bonuses 2% - 13% (SRP)
PROVEN PLAN Group Bonuses 2% - 13% (SRP) Our Distributors increase their earnings by sponsoring marketing groups, and receiving bonus overrides on the volume generated by these Distributors. As this downline group markets products to consumers, the Company pays Group Bonuses to the upline sponsors ranging from 2 to 13% of the retail value. Consumer 1

16 Earned Incentive Car Bonus
PROVEN PLAN Earned Incentive Car Bonus Distributors can qualify for an extra bonus that can be used to purchase or lease a new car. Consumer 1

17 Annual Profit Sharing 20+ consecutive years
PROVEN PLAN Annual Profit Sharing 20+ consecutive years The profit sharing bonus is paid annually to all qualifying distributors; and we are proud to say that we have now made profit sharing disbursements for more than 20 consecutive years in North America. Consumer 1

18 Rallies Expense Paid PROVEN PLAN
There are two rallies or conventions held each year at various destinations in North America. Our Distributors can earn all-expense paid trips to attend these exciting training and recognition events. 1

19 Inheritance Income PROVEN PLAN
One of the major attractions of the Forever opportunity is that you can pass the business you build to your children; and they can continue to earn the bonuses generated by your downline groups. As you build your Forever business, you are literally building a financial legacy for your posterity! 1

When you consider the strength of Forever Living in each of these areas, Management, Product, and Plan, it’s no surprise that the Company has done so well for so long. It’s provided the perfect vehicle for countless distributors worldwide to reach their dreams!

21 Your Dream… At your present rate,
Would you like to achieve it sooner? At your present rate, how long will it take you to achieve your dream? If you are open-minded and would rather achieve your dream sooner than later… Would it be okay if you earned an extra paycheck each month to help you reach your dream? Are you married to your current job; or are you open-minded? Use a Combo Pak (feel the health & beauty yourself!) Start your dream NOW! Show others how (to look & feel better!) Your Dream… Now let’s go back to your dream. Ask yourself these questions: At your present rate, how long will it take you to achieve your dream? Would you like to achieve it sooner? Are you married to your job, or are you open-minded? Would it be okay if you earned an extra paycheck each month to help you reach your dream? If so, then we give you this challenge: If you are open-minded and would rather achieve your dream sooner than later, then start your dream NOW! Here’s all you need to do: Use a Combo Pak (which is a variety of our most popular products) and feel the health and beauty yourself! Show others how to look and feel better by sharing the products with them! Show others the way to achieve their dreams by sharing the opportunity with them! It’s as simple as that. In closing, consider this quote from Mark Twain: Show others the way (to achieve their dreams!) With your dream And our plan You CAN!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore! Dream! Discover!” – M. Twain INCOME for TODAY SECURITY for TOMORROW! “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore! Dream! Discover!” We invite you to start now to develop income for your today and security for your tomorrow! Thank you!

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