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1 Industries Meeting customer needs in multiple markets.

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1 1 Industries Meeting customer needs in multiple markets

2 2 Securing the aerospace industry Aerospace International Alaska Airlines American Airlines United Airlines Saudi Arabia Airlines Northwest Airlines Loral Aerospace Systems Midwest Express Airlines Air Services, Australia Iceland Air, Iceland

3 3 Securing the automotive industry Ford Motor Co. Nissan Motor Mfg. Corp. Solvay Automotive Engineering, Inc. Arizona Auto Association Yamaha Motor Corporation Hyundai Motor America

4 4 Securing the oil & energy industry Amoco Oil Company British Gas - England Shell Oil Co. - Australia Remavenca Oil Co. - Venezuela Mobil Oil Pequiven Oil Co. - Venezuela Cabinda Gulf Oil - Africa BP Oil Co. Marathon Oil - England Imperial Oil - Canada Kaiser Frances Oil Co.

5 5 Securing the government U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Courthouse U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board U.S Postal Service U.S. Postal Service U.S. Attorney's Office U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs U.S. PHS Indian Health Services

6 6 Securing the medical industry 1 of 2 St. Louis University Hospital - St. Louis Children's Hospital - Washington D.C. St. Michael Hospital - Milwaukee Duke University Hospital - Durham St. Lukes Hospital - Milwaukee Emmanuel Hospital - Portland

7 7 Securing the medical industry 2 of 2 Methodist Hospital - Indianapolis St. Vincent Hospital - Indianapolis Millard Fillmore Hospital - NY Leiria Hospital - Portugal Park Plaza Hospital - Houston Howard University Hospital - Washington, DC Ellis Hospital -Schenectady New England Medical Center Hospital - Boston

8 8 Securing the military U.S. Army Corps of Engineers U.S. Navy U.S. Army Reserve Command Ramstein Air Force Base - Germany California Army National Guard - Sacrament Naval Air Warfare Center Abu Dhabi Navy - UAE

9 9 Telecommunications SouthWestern Bell Hong Kong Telephone - Hong Kong U.S. Sprint New York Telephone United Telephone New York Telephone Southwestern Bell Telephone Hutchison Telephone - Hong Kong Moscow Local Telephone Network - Russia Denver & Ephrata Telephone & Telegraph Co.

10 10 Securing utilities Public Service Electric & Gas Columbia Gas Transmission Corp. Philadelphia Gas Public Service Electric & Gas Providence Gas Memphis Light Gas & Water Co. Intermountain Gas Co. Great Lakes Gas Qatar Gas - Bahrain

11 11 Securing educational institutions part 1 of 2 University of Colorado University of TX Elmhurst College University of Delaware University of Nevada University of Minnesota Parking Services Baylor College of Medicine Medical University of South Carolina Johns Hopkins University Athletic Center University of Illinois

12 12 Securing educational institutions part 2 of 2 Georgia State University University of Illinois University of Minnesota Arizona State University Stanford University University of Miami University of Illinois University of Alabama University of Chicago Syracuse University University of Delaware University of Virginia University of South Alabama

13 13 Securing international education Universidad De Santiago - Spain Universite des Science et Technniques - France College Jean Eudes - Canada University of Melbourne - Australia Tokyo University University of Bergen -Norway

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