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(Click here to go to our website) Call to Order President David Lin called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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1 (Click here to go to our website) Call to Order President David Lin called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

2 Invocation – Dave Hunter – Dear Lord, accept our thanks for this food, we pray, and for the chance to help those who need our help. Guide us in service. Amen. Vittles – Chicken Cordon Bleu, rice, mixed vegetables, salad and toppings, rolls and butter, strawberry shortcake, tea and coffee.

3 Announcements – David Lin stated that May 17 th will be the State Convention in Decatur. Attendance – 26 members, Guests – Larry (guest of Fonda). Birthdays – Byron. Lions Report – If you are ill or know a fellow Lion that is under the weather, please call Pat at 586-4535.

4 Yippeeee!!!

5 Lottery – Rex won the $14 lottery.

6 Weldon Garrelts reported that we collected just over $3,000 on Tootsie pop Day and he drove his truck over 250 miles. He said that Fred Greffe had worked worked several 2 hour shifts, for which we are most grateful. June 10 th is the Walk for Sight.

7 Fonda daughter, Tracy, kept her company Saturday on Tootsie Pop day at the Kirby & State Street County Market. She says they had fun.

8 Frank announced that in 3 weeks there will be an auction of a painting by Harold Haugaard, a long-time member of our Lions Club and Secretary for about 20 years.

9 This painting has hung in Frank and Phyliss family room for years but they must now downsize. All proceeds will be donated to the Club.

10 Program – Charlie introduced Jennifer Roscoe, News Anchor at WCIA-TV, where she has worked for 20 years.

11 Jennifer started with an interesting story about being an adopted child. Illinois law recently was changed to allow adoptees to get access to birth records.

12 She decided to apply for her birth certificate, mostly just to say "Thank you" to her birth mother.

13 Just recently she received a copy of her birth record and the Newsroom got involved in helping her to find her birth mother.

14 They found a phone number and she was able to speak with her birth mothers brother and then called and spoke with her birth mother; they cried and talked.

15 Jennifer had just 15 minutes to wipe tears from her eyes before going on the evening news.

16 Her birth mother was Principal of an Elementary School in the same town. She, as well as her current family, will meet with her birth mom on Mothers Day.

17 Jennifer feels that the day of her adoption is just as important in her life as her birthday.

18 She answered numerous questions including one about her first time on the news being in a car accident right in front of the News Station, when she first arrived.

19 When she first started working here, she was regularly out on the street for stories but now she does so only for stories such as "Angels Among Us."

20 Her favorite blooper was when a bug fell in between her and another reporterhe smashed it on the desk while she was on air.

21 Tail Twister – Tom asked Rich King to carry the bucket.

22 He relieved Rex of his lottery winnings;

23 fined Jay for not greeting last week;

24 Earl for not hanging on to his cell phone; Rich for his cell phone ringing;

25 and Byron table for his birthday.

26 Charlie bragged that his daughter is turning 2 years old. Dave won $10 in the District 1E Lions Calendar lottery and donated it to the club.

27 Jay bragged about his winning 3 rd place in the 10K Illinois Marathon;

28 Kathy bragged that her nephew is graduating from the University of Illinois;

29 La Triviata Last weeks winner: Past President Marvin Paulsen Last weeks question: David Lin doesn't always drive to meetings, what other form of transportation does he use? Answer: Motorscooter

30 Gordys Gotchas Each week, Gordy provides us with a quiz question. The Lion who can telephone Gordy at 355-0566 first with the correct answer will be recognized as the winner in our next Chatter. This weeks question: Ray Eliot once said the greatest athlete he ever coached was? La Triviata

31 May 16 - Jean Driscoll – Wheel chair athlete Greeters: Lew and Sam May 23 - Daniel Southerland – Urbana Pops Orchestra May 30 – Champaign Mayor Don Gerard email Charlie and let him know what you would like to see in a Lions Club program some time. Coming up

32 Thank you for watching Editor Rex Hess Publisher David Hunter To email Dave with your comments, click here To go to the our website, click here

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