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National Apartment Association Education Institute Telephone Presentations 1December 2013.

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1 National Apartment Association Education Institute Telephone Presentations 1December 2013

2 Telephone Presentations Objectives Implement good telephone etiquette in the workplace. Apply effective speaking and listening skills to telephone presentations. List preparations a Leasing Professional should make for a telephone presentation. 2December 2013

3 Telephone Presentations Objectives Describe the basic objectives of a telephone contact. Develop a process for working with current residents. Handle an irate caller. 3December 2013

4 Telephone Skills Self-Evaluation In all telephone conversations: When speaking to a prospective resident: When accepting a service request: 4December 2013

5 Todays Agenda 5December 2013

6 Importance of the Telephone 9 of 10 future residents call first 4 times more likely to lease 6December 2013

7 Preparing for a Telephone Presentation 1.Pens and pencils Telephone message pads, blank guest cards 2. 3.A calendar 4.An up to date list of apartments available to lease 7December 2013

8 Preparing for a Telephone Presentation 5. Written directions to the community from North, South, East and West for ease in providing directions 6. Blank service request forms 7.Frequently called numbers 8. A positive attitude 8December 2013

9 Projecting your Professional Image 1.Smile and be enthusiastic 2.Speak clearly and at an appropriate pace 3.Not place your fingers or hand over the mouthpiece 4.Keep your personal calls to a minimum 5.Be sincere and courteous to your callers 9December 2013

10 Telephone Etiquette 1.Answer the call promptly 2. Add warmth to your response by smiling when greeting the caller 3. Keep the greeting clean and simple 4.Identify yourself 10December 2013

11 Telephone Etiquette 5. What you are doing and give the caller your undivided attention STOP 9. Do not eat, drink or chew gum while on the telephone 6.Slow down and take control of the conversation 7.Do not carry on additional conversations with others in the office while you are on the telephone 8.Do not handle the call while trying to process paperwork, etc 11December 2013

12 Telephone Etiquette 10. Put people on hold only after asking them to hold and waiting for their response 11. Do not leave the caller on hold for longer than thirty seconds 12. Always say thank you 13. Wait for the caller to hang up before you hang up the telephone 14. Do not use industry jargon or slang 12December 2013

13 Improve your Speaking Skills… Improve your Performance. Communication is a two-way street Never assume Think before you speak Vocabulary Speaking Voice Inflection 13December 2013

14 Voice Inflection I didnt tell Tom you were stupid. 7% Spoken word 93% Non-Verbal Communication 14December 2013

15 Voice Inflection I didnt tell Tom you were stupid. 15December 2013

16 Voice Inflection I didnt tell Tom you were stupid. 16December 2013

17 Voice Inflection I didnt tell Tom you were stupid. 17December 2013

18 Voice Inflection I didnt tell Tom you were stupid. 18December 2013

19 Voice Inflection I didnt tell Tom you were stupid. 19December 2013

20 Voice Inflection I didnt tell Tom you were stupid. 20December 2013

21 ACTIVITY Empathic Listening December

22 Top 10 Ways to Improve Listening 1. Work to understand the other person. 2. Pay attention to the substance of the speaker's requests. 3. Make it a habit to listen first and respond second. 4. Be attentive. 5. Listen carefully for the main idea. 22December 2013

23 Top 10 Ways to Improve Listening 6. Concentrate on the facts. 7. Ask good questions without overly interrupting the caller. 8. Do not allow positive or negative reactions to the speaker change your behavior. 9. Concentrate all your energy on the speaker. 10. Jot down more detailed notes. 23December 2013

24 According to Research Prospects call an average of nine communities 24December 2013

25 Types of Callers Time Saving Caller I Dont Trust you Caller Geographical Caller 25December 2013

26 Basic Objectives Who? What? When? Where? Why? How much? An appointment? 26December 2013

27 Keep These in Mind 1. Make sure you guide the conversation 2. As you respond to questions, make sure you ask some of your own 3. Talk about a specific apartment. It is more personable 4. Elaborate on the benefits of this apartment before quoting rental rates 5. Speak positively about the rates. Build value! 6. Always remain pleasant even if you cannot schedule an appointment 7. Leave the prospect with a positive feeling 27December 2013

28 INITIAL LEASING QUESTIONS How much are… Do you have any… Can you tell me about… 28December 2013

29 Why Use Q/A/Q? 1.It deflects the price issue momentarily. 2.It places the Leasing Professional in control of the call. 3.It helps qualify the caller by asking when they need their apartment home. 4.It begins the closing process with use of the Assumptive Close. 29December 2013

30 Whats wrong with this Telephone Call? Leasing Professional Prospective Resident 30December 2013

31 Key Elements of a Successful Presentation The leasing presentation begins the moment the telephone is answered. People buy from people they like. 31December 2013

32 3 Key Elements P ersuade I nform E nthuse 32December 2013

33 Closing Begins with the Telephone 1.Establishes a relationship 2.Gathers information 3.Describes the community 4.Looks for opportunities to "close" 33December 2013

34 Tracking Weekly Traffic Resident Referrals 34December 2013

35 Taking Requests for Service 1.What are the three most frequent requests for services from existing residents at your community? 2.Which requests are easiest to address? Which are hardest? Why? 3.Do you notice any difference in your manner when talking with prospective residents than with existing residents? If so, how do you account for it? 35December 2013

36 Identifying Caller Needs 36December 2013

37 Identifying Caller Needs Resident's name Apartment number Telephone number The date(incl. year) and time of the call Permission to enter the apartment Pet? Intrusion alarm code Specific nature of the problem Specific location of the problem Information that should be obtained from the resident generally includes the following: 37December 2013

38 Resolving Problems Follow up to Ensure the Resident is Satisfied 38December 2013

39 Handling Irate Callers 39December 2013

40 The Most Frequent Causes of Irate Calls 1.Previous service request was ignored. 2.Previous service request is still not completed. 3.Increase in rent or decrease in amenities/ resource facilities. 4.Personal problems of the caller unrelated to the service request. 5.Problems with neighbors. 40December 2013

41 Dealing with Irate Phone Calls from Residents Remain calm. Use the caller's name once or twice during the conversation. Listen to everything the caller says without interruption. Identify the problems. Probe for additional information. 41December 2013

42 Dealing with Irate Phone Calls from Residents Apologize for any inconvenience, real or imagined. Keep the voice low. Reassure the caller that everything possible will be done to solve the problem. Follow up to make sure the resident is satisfied with the results. Take thorough notes throughout the conversation. 42December 2013

43 Fair Housing Implications Arranging appointments Making callbacks Acts of courtesy Personal information required Availability of properties presented Location of properties presented Follow up procedures 43December 2013

44 Telephone Presentations 44December 2013

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