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Capacity Development Networks Kees Leendertse (Cap-Net UNDP) 30 May 2013.

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1 Capacity Development Networks Kees Leendertse (Cap-Net UNDP) 30 May 2013

2 Table of Content 1.RedeVale's historical 2.Objectives and goals 3.Axes of the actuation 4.Partnerships and fomentation 5.Method 6.Results 7.Final Discussions

3 Purpose of 5th Symposium RedeVale – Agent qualification in Water Resources: a plot between Development, Technology and Society.

4 Purpose of 5th Symposium 1.RedeVale's historical The RedeVale was born in 2005 with the aim of bringing together the academic community associated with the the Water Resources theme. The ideia was born from conversations among researchers. It Aims: capacitate agents in Water Resources providing technical inputs and training on various subjects involved in this process, with the purpose of creating participatory subjectivities capable of acting locally, proposing development suggestions regarding the Water Resources theme.

5 Purpose of 5th Symposium Stages: 1.RedeVale was structured with equipment and infrastructure (funded by charging for water use). 2.Put their goals in practice (funded in part by charging for water use and part by other research funding agencies). 3.The project was consolidated and increased their coverage area (funded by charging for water use). 4.Future: is looking for fund to continue the research process and continue offering courses.

6 Purpose of 5th Symposium 2.Objectives and goals The RedeVale seeks to overcome gaps of interaction between research in Water Resources and Society, expanding the capacity of inter institutional work, and provide a permanent link of dialogue from the academic-scientific and society. The RedeVale thinks on water management through teaching and research that solved possible and existed problems or, aiming a good water management, which is the biggest goal.

7 Purpose of 5th Symposium 3.Axes of the Actuation A network of discussion and information of research in Water Resources, aiming to democratize and provide innovative solutions to water challenges. A website that comprise since projects informations about Water Resources of all the region of the Paraíba do Sul basin to news on the subject at national and international level. Execution of training, workshops, symposium on Water Resources.

8 Purpose of 5th Symposium A Distance Learning Platform, from which courses are offered as technical improvement. The objective is that the model of RedeVale can be reapplied in other countries, since exist a good demand for students from Portuguese-Speaking countries. Obviously if reapplied the model used by RedeVale should be adapted, however, keeping the objectives: to launch subsidies through technology, combining research and society that contribute to good water management.

9 Purpose of 5th Symposium 4.Partnerships and fomentation ITA (Technological Institute of Aeronautics) AGEVAP ( Agency of Paraíba do Sul river basin ) CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) ANA (National Water Agency) FCMF (Casimiro Montenegro Filho Foundation) INEA (State Institute of the Environment) CT / HIDRO (Water Resources Sector Fund) Comitê CEIVAP (Committee of integration of Paraíba do Sul river basin) We are seeking new partnerships for research and fomentation, to increase scope and continuity of RedeVale.

10 Purpose of 5th Symposium 5.Method The RedeVale uses a distance education system that provides the scope of numerous participants involved in the process; with national coverage and Portuguese-Speaking countries, in order to mobilize and to exchange experiences between knowledge local/regional to a more wide (Global) looking for replication in other possible areas. The project uses the tool: Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Enviroment) software for free use, specifically designed to meet the existed educational demands.

11 Purpose of 5th Symposium The courses are offered by researchers or research groups (institutional) meeting the training demands of the basin, however exploring international issues, making a counterpoint between the Brazilian and the other countries of the world. The courses are free, funded by funding agencies for research in water resources and involving all stakeholders in the issue, seeking to create focus groups for intervention and development with innovative approaches that facilitate the search for emerging answers. The execution of Workshops and Symposium follows the line of analysis of productions on the theme, and it also provide discussions about relevant problems and related to water resources.

12 Purpose of 5th Symposium The courses: Seek: Expansion of formal knowledge about water management in its various aspects, with the capacity of multiplication given by the public profile participants; Institutional strengthening from the diffusion of technical and scientific knowledge on water resources; Qualification and increasing social participation in the water system management. Courses offered: Institutional organization in water management; Introduction to water management; Economic instruments and water resources; Monitoring of water quality; Hydrological monitoring - quantitative aspects; Sanitation with emphasis on solid waste; Projects elaboration;

13 Purpose of 5th Symposium 6.Results If considered the period of 2011-2012 the RedeVale had a global reach of 471 students enrolled in the courses. Of these, 256 actually participated in the activities being proposed and also qualified, however, as the RedeVale follows an evaluation system, and of those 256 regular students, 165 were approved for certification levels. The evasion level (56) and disapproval (35) was considerably lower, excluding students enrolled who never access the virtual environment. Besides these students, RedeVale added 514 new users to your database, making it more robust. The following charts show the overall scope of the project RedeVale 2011/2012:

14 Purpose of 5th Symposium


16 RedeVale had a global reach of 29,008 hits from February 7th to March 25th 2013, reaching a peak of 1665 hits daily. Observe the global scope:

17 Purpose of 5th Symposium 7.Final discussions Whithin the Results obtained during the years of operation of RedeVale, we intend to continue the work done so far, and consolidate RedeVale as a participatory network of teaching and research, and for that, we need fomentation and new partnerships. With this, RedeVale wants the expansion of formal knowledge about water resources in its various aspects, aiming the knowledge democratization, institutional strengthening and increase social participation in the water management system, as creating possibilities for overcoming problems related to water treatment and the benefits of these discussions in order to extend knowledge through innovative approaches aimed at developing (SOUSA JUNIOR, 2007).

18 Purpose of 5th Symposium Important to note that RedeVale was finalist on ANA AWARDS 2010, ranks among the three award-winning initiatives in EDUCATION category nationwide. The Objective is to achieve the 2014 award in its edition.

19 Purpose of 5th Symposium Thank you for your attention. Master student in development, technology and society. Alberto Luiz Barboza Neto Researcher teacher RedeVale - ITA

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