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The Four Cooperating Parties’ Scavenger Hunt

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1 The Four Cooperating Parties’ Scavenger Hunt
I-10 Resources The Four Cooperating Parties’ Scavenger Hunt

2 CMS AHA NCHS AHIMA 4 cooperating parties

3 See yellow highlighted 2012 I-10 and GEMS

4 See Yellow highlighted coding Guidelines

5 Select, and this opens. 113 pages of the new official coding guidelines.

6 Select 2012 Diagnosis code Set General Equivalency Mappings

7 This is the guide to use the GEMS

8 Here is the User guide

9 Example of GEM

10 This is the Technical or IT User Guide


12 CMS
1. Where would I go to find out the latest on the 5010 rules? CMS

13 CMS
1. Latest News New version 5010 Fact Sheet CMS

14 CMS
2. I would like step-by-step plan to guide my small physician practice? CMS

15 CMS
2. Latest News New ICD-10 Implementation Handbooks Now Available View the tailored step-by-step plans Small/medium size physician practice CMS

16 CMS
3. I need to know everything going on with 5010 and ICD-10-CM, what should I do? CMS

17 CMS
3. Go to the section below Latest News: CMS ICD-10 Industry Updates If you want to sign up for automatic s? CMS

18 CMS
4. I need an impact analysis of ICD-10- CM….. CMS

19 CMS
4. Find Implementation Planning on lefthand side Select CMS ICD-10 Impact Analysis on that page CMS

20 CMS
5. My staff would like some basic information, nothing too detailed…. CMS

21 CMS
5. Go to Provider Resources Understanding the Basics FAQ, etc. CMS

22 CMS
5. I like visuals, and I do not have time to put together a presentation for my coding and billing staff, where can I go? CMS

23 CMS
5. On the Provider Resource page find: AAPC PowerPoint presentation CMS PowerPoint presentation Transition: Let’s move to the second cooperating party responsible for I-10-CM CMS

24 Search AHA home page Scroll down AHA

25 AHA Coding AHA Central Office Coding Resource Page
Many similar kind of resources here. Some are costly… Now let’s move to NCHS AHA Coding

26 Search NCHS and this appears….,


28 And finally AHIMA is the last cooperating party

29 Tommi to cover this. AHIMA

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