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March 7, 2011 Olmstead Williams Communications, OWC G AINING R ECOGNITION FOR T ECH T RANSFER G ROUPS IN THE U.S. M ARKET.

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1 March 7, 2011 Olmstead Williams Communications, OWC G AINING R ECOGNITION FOR T ECH T RANSFER G ROUPS IN THE U.S. M ARKET

2 Media relations and editorial board support Fact-based/data-driven campaigns Writing – articles, opinion pieces, news releases, marketing materials, newsletters and Web site content W HAT IS P UBLIC R ELATIONS ?

3 Speaker placement Reputation management & social media strategy Crisis counseling & media training Message development, strategy and creativity PR A LSO IS …

4 Investors – venture capital, private equity and banks Partners and potential partners Suppliers Alumni Economic development groups/civic groups Any audience who can help drive commercialization at your university W HO C AN PR H ELP Y OU T ARGET ?

5 Top-tier dailies such as the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal – combined circulation of almost 3 million people for just those two publications The top 10 daily newspapers in the U.S. reach more than 8 million people M EDIA O UTREACH Reach key audiences through tens of thousands of U.S. media outlets:

6 T OP 10 U.S. P UBLICATIONS NameCirculation The Wall Street Journal 2,061,142 USA Today 1,830,594 New York Times 876,638 Los Angeles Times 600,449 Washington Post 545,345 New York Daily News 512,520 New York Post 501,501 San Jose Mercury News 477,592 Chicago Tribune 441,506 Houston Chronicle 343,952 These are paid subscription numbers only and do not include millions of additional readers sharing copies of the newspapers or reading them online.

7 Hundreds of tech and green technology publications Science trades Local TV, radio and national broadcast media outlets Thousands of blogs and other online media: ­ There are so many blogs in the U.S. that our media database can only access 5,000 of them per search (the maximum number of results) ­ indexes 52,566 blogs worldwide from 176 countries – almost half (25,445) are in the U.S. T RADES, B ROADCAST & B LOGS

8 T HIRD -P ARTY M EDIA E NDORSEMENT It works because as humans, we typically are more inclined to believe what an uninvolved third party – a friend, neighbor or unbiased reviewer (such as a respected journalist) – has to say than an advertisement or paid communication of any kind. – MSN.coms Investing Guide Articles in trusted publications: Provide credibility – estimated 3 times vs. advertising Position you as an industry expert Change perceptions and awareness Drive business

9 Despite the punditry of cable television, reporters and editors still crave data Give them what they want, and they will write stories about you that: ­ Improve your chances for commercialization ­ Drive business T HE V ALUE OF D ATA FOR THE M EDIA

10 60% of Americans use social media at least once a week (80% at least once a month) LinkedIn has more than 75 million profiles Social media sites make up 10-25% of Internet usage, and the percentage is growing rapidly There are more than a billion Tweets a month On average, 900,000 blog posts are created within a single 24-hour period D ON T F ORGET S OCIAL M EDIA

11 Objectives: Position USC Stevens as a top thought leader in bringing university innovation to the world, while raising awareness of certificate program, events, projects and research Results: Through media outreach (The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, etc.), networking and other tactics: ­ Aided development of a community of investors, entrepreneurs and other supporters ­ Fueled USCs prominence as one of the nations leading research universities ­ Helped faculty and researchers bring their innovations to market T ECH T RANSFER C ASE S TUDY

12 Strategic thinkers and planners – focus on your objectives, targets and results Precise, impactful materials that bring to life products, opinions and achievements Media relationships with top-tier reporters and editors Outstanding success record for media placements Crisis planning and management PR C HECKLIST

13 Tracy Williams President & CEO t: 310.824.9000 c: 310.387.7738

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