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…thousands of people following your brand online every day… for weeks… …tracking your road show every step of the way… …dozens of media and bloggers,

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2 …thousands of people following your brand online every day… for weeks… …tracking your road show every step of the way… …dozens of media and bloggers, pinging daily updates about your tour and products… …hundreds of new customers flocking into your store or dealerships to learn more about your brand... …all these people coming together as a new community to talk about your tour and your products… online and in the real world. We will reach your target demographic from press to public, using the latest digital technology. This is an innovative product. Lets demonstrate it appropriately. IMAGINE…

3 Trunk Show | trŭ NG k Shō | Touring Event A "trunk show" is a special touring event in which Designers and Marketers present merchandise directly to consumers at unique venues. Trunk shows got their name from the way dresses used to be transported to these eventsin trunks. Touring, online and/or virtual trunk shows are gaining traction in the luxury sector. Bergdorf Goodman held its first all virtual trunk show in 2010 and Salvatore Ferragamo launched its first online show in August 2011. Linda Fargo of Bergdorf labeled virtual trunk shows "the future. fashiontv Mobile | fashiontv mō bīl | adjective "Mobile App computing experience featuring fashion related entertainmnet without a pre-defined location and/or connection to a network - to publish and/or subscribe to important fashiontv news, updates and entertainment.

4 Objective To enhance fashiontv and Key Partner Brands via exclusive, story driven content related to the ever expanding mobile market, creating exciting and relevant interaction of sponsor goods that go above and beyond traditional product placement methodologies. To expand the global fashiontv audience by demonstrating fashiontv Mobile applications as a key resource for our viewers to connect with enterainmnet, information, friends and sponsor partners, as a part of their everyday lives.

5 Solution Create a dynamic mobile marketing activation campaign that reaches the target audience while leveraging existing fashiontv brand advocates, creating unique entertainment opportunities and original content for fashiontv fans. This campaign travels to key markets throughout Europe and Asia to increase Brand visibility and maximize the App Launch. Bonus Takes full advantage of the on-going show about the mobile marketing tour while creating original programming and content - with exclusive segments seen only on fashiontv and fashiontv Mobile, in the form of a reality based, behind the scenes TV Show platform. We will also cross promote with social networking partner platforms.

6 How we do it Create a Story in order to tell a Story. We will follow a group of six young Fashionistas (our Brand Ambassadors) as they make their way from city to city and compete on the fashiontv Mobile Tour. In each city, they will visit famous international destinations and be responsible for setting up and managing the activations to be held in each partner event venue. What better way to reach out to potential mobile customers, than inviting them out for a great night with friends and celebrities, and then loading your app directly onto their smart phones with our Brand Ambassadors there to assist? A behind the scenes fashiontv camera crew will follow their experiences on this global tour, catching all the advenutre and memorable moments for the fashiontv audience to watch on upcoming episodes of The fashiontv Trunk Show.

7 The Global Tour Season One of the fashiontv Trunk Show/Mobile App Tour is a multi-country road show that will showcase the great cities of Asia. fashiontv Trunk Show will travel city to city, carrying both supplies and teams of young fashionistas as they spread the fashiontv mobile and Sponsor brand messages along the route. The first stop on the tour will be in Dubai and will be soon followed by New Dehli, Bali, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Seoul. The final episode of Season One will conclude with the fashiontv Trunk Show App/Wrap party in Tokyo. This international tour will help garner global interest in the fashiontv Mobile Network and our Sponsor Brands. Key Sponsor location stops such as Flagships Stores and iconic stops like the Eiffel Tower, etc. will be built into this tour. Our Trunk Show Cast will all meet with fans and spread the brand messaging; these important stops will be worked into the tour based on final schedule and sponsor selection. Season Two of the tour will include the key markets of Istanbul, Berlin, London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Vienna. Seasons Three and Four will include an American Tour and Eastern Europe Tour respectively.

8 The Live Show Activation @ fashiontv venues The fashiontv Trunk Show is specialty high concept stage performance mixing modern mobility, high fashion and stylized choreographry. A customized fashion show has been created that will take advantage of designer relationships to expand international brands, local designers and/or emerging designers, through live performance and taped for the burgeoning mobile entertainment market. These fashions will be shown with unique choreography, high-energy music, dramatic hair and makeup style and innovative staging and choreography not often seen in a traditional runway format. This form of high-power and high style format will celebrate the unique brands in a way to create visual and visceral interest around the Sponsors and fashiontv.

9 The TV Show – The fashiontv Trunk Show Tour The fashiontv Trunk Show is a new specialty concept for the world of fashion, where high fashion meets high concept mobile reality show, exclusively for fashiontv and fashiontv Mobile. Our show tells the story of international travel and is centered around the travels of four female and two male lead characters. Some cast members will even be chosen based on internet video auditions as submitted to fashiontv by fans from around the world. We will follow our cast of Fashionista Brand Ambassadors as they activate the public and load Sponsor and fashiontv Mobile apps for the public from some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Each cast member will compete for points based on how many activations they can complete within each route and city stop. Two top winners at the end of the first season (points leader and audience favorite) will advance to the next leg of the global tour (Season Two). New international cast members will be added via traditional casting and additional internet video auditions to add new talent for Season Two, Three and so on…

10 Target Sponsors for Product Placements It is a brave new (mobile) world and this new reality requires brave new ways to connect with your target demographic. We are looking for fashion forward partners on this high tech adventure into mobile programming and activation. Not for the feint of heart, we want to partner with companies that understand this changing dynamic, and embrace it. The digital world is changing fast, and we look to partner with those who want to position their brand on the cutting edge of mobile media that directly, targets and connects with your upwardly mobile demographic. Partner Sponsors will benefit from the most unique multi-platform approach ever assembled to connect with your target demo. Very few marketing campaigns are able to match the breadth and reach of this effort. Sponsors will be able to reach new customers via cable TV, Satellite TV, computer desktop, mobile smart phone, and by visiting and interacting our cast directly as part of the multi country tour. No other marketing opportunity can quite match the global reach of this new activation tour. Each Sponsor will enjoy unprecedented access to a combination of existing entertainment opportunities as well as the ability to reach a whole new level of prospective customers. You can follow… or you can lead the way!


12 Mobile Application

13 fashiontv is a New Media leader, with a highly trafficked and expansive digital reach that includes YouTube channels (24,000,000 views in 1 month), (1 mil visitors per month), a Facebook page (1,500,000 fans) and more. In top 30 pages on Google+ with 700,000 subscribers.

14 fashiontv triumphs on YouTube! More views and subscribers than Top 10 fashion magazines combined! fashiontv (04.06.2012) has reached new video view records on YouTube with more than 280 million views and 380.000 subscribers. These numbers alone are higher than the Top 10 major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Maxim, FHM etc., combined.

15 Top 20 Number of households for distribution of fashiontv around the world in millions.

16 fashiontv Mobile Networks Everything Fashion in the palm of your hand!

17 Presented by In association with

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