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Tatiana Usova, Bibliothèque Saint-Jean, University of Alberta June 11 th, 2010.

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1 Tatiana Usova, Bibliothèque Saint-Jean, University of Alberta June 11 th, 2010

2 Opened in 1908. One of Canada's top 5 universities. 36,836 students: – 30,148 undergrads – 6,688 grads 1 500 teaching faculty 673 students 70 teaching Faculty 59 librarians About 10 mlns holdings Bibliothèque Saint-Jean 3 librarians + 7 support staff About 200.000 holdings Source: University of Alberta (U of A) Data Book 2008-2009

3 Mission: Within a vibrant and supportive learning environment, the University of Alberta discovers, disseminates, and applies new knowledge through teaching and learning, research and creative activity, community involvement, and partnerships. Strategic Plan 2007-2011 From Good to Great The continuous evolution of teaching methods, and the creation, dissemination, accessibility and preservation of generated or acquired information and knowledge. … continuously driving to embody excellence and to be innovative in all that it undertakes.

4 The Sydney Graduate: statement of Graduate Attributes, the outcomes of a University of Sydney education that allow graduates to excel in the world of work and contribute as leaders and agents of social good in our society.

5 If you think about the media environment that an average American teen lives in, to walk into a classroom that does not have any of this media must be like walking into a desert Steve Maher, Chatham High School, USA (source: PBS Frontline video Digital Nation) Image source: Change of student population ( ) Development of technological tools Move of the CSJ courses online Nature of library resources and their use mostly outside of library walls

6 Image source: What blends of pedagogical strategies and technological advances are most effective for todays learners?

7 Encourages Student-Faculty Contact Develops Cooperation among Students Encourages Active learning Gives Prompt Feedback Emphasizes Time on Task Communicates High Expectations Respects Diverse Talents and Ways of Learning (Source: Chickering, A. W. & Gamson, Z. F., ( 1987). Seven principals of good practice in undergraduate education. AAHE Bulletin, 39 (7), 3-7.) 4 pillars of effective learning We learn best when we are motivated We learn best by doing We learn through feedback We learn through digestion or reflection

8 Hybrid – a thing composed of mixed or incongruous elements Oxford Canadian Dictionary, 2006 Full-time Millennial students …have frequently reported that they do not expect technology to replace face-to-face contact with their teacher, and they expect teachers to help them to know how best to use technology for learning. There is no automatic transfer of technology skills from social and personal use to academic use, and most students are aware of this. Tony Bates ( ) Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies. Department of Education Report, May 2009 ( Hybrid course assumes work in both online and face-to face environments. There are three times to engage students : Before, During and After class.


10 Assumes work with the Faculty on identifying course objectives and librarys role in insuring students success. Provide learning –by-doing opportunity. Offers formative feedback. Image source: t/community_relations/news/media_releases/images/Boeserwit hLaptop_001.jpg Implies reflection and analysis of achieved results and learnt outcomes.

11 Start with Learning Goals Create Ways for Students to Learn Before Class. Create Ways for Students to Learn In Class. Create Ways for Students to Learn After Class. Use Multiple Forms of Communication. Encourage Collaboration. Utilize Online Resources. Utilize Both Low and High Stakes Grading. Seek Assistance from Professionals. Stay Organized Shibley Ike, Penn State University. Online seminar 10 Ways to Improve Blended Learning Course Design

12 Tutorials Online course Biblio 100 Course plan

13 Online course created for undergraduates student and accessible via Moodle platform. Through dynamic tutorials and quizzes students learn the basics of navigating library Web pages, finding electronic databases, searching the catalogue, requesting and renewing materials.

14 Immediate assessment Four educational modules with tutorials and quizzes Interactive communication Online resources


16 Reference :

17 Allows us to accomplishing traditional instruction tasks in a more effective and efficient way. Expand the classroom Reach and engage today's learner Involve the learner into interactive activities Maximize feedback Meet millennial students learning styles Encourage creativity and innovation in teaching Promote active learning Image source:

18 Tatiana Usova, Head Librarian Bibliothèque Saint-Jean, University of Alberta Email:

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