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2 W ORKING TOGETHER, OUR CHILDREN SUCCEED Introductions Odle Success Initiative Communication Back to School Preparations School Begins Early Year Events Your PTSA Parent Involvement at Odle

3 M EET THE S CHOOL Main office: 456-6600 Liz Vandenberghe Mame Mulherron Counselors Kat Farkas A-L: 425-456-6606 Jenny Brooks M-Z & Speaks Spanish: 425-456-6607

4 T HE S UCCESS I NITIATIVE AT O DLE Introduced in 2011-2012 Comprised of several interrelated programs Extended Learning time (next slide) Effort Matters! Students supported in giving their best effort. Positive Rewards Grading Systems: Not Yet (NY) Grades Classroom-based Assemblies

5 S UCCESS Z ONES M ON /T UES /T HURS /F RI Tutorial 2:37-3:07 (In Classrooms) Students can choose to stay Students can be assigned to tutorial. Attend on the same day it is assigned. Additional instruction is provided so that students can be successful in class the next day. Extended Re-teaching & Extended Enrichment 3:07-4:10 (In Classrooms) Assigned by teacher or voluntary by student Teachers re-teach concepts Students can be invited for enrichment

6 S UCCESS Z ONES M ON /T UES /T HURS /F RI Homework Zone 2:37-4:10 (Library) Voluntary Work Completion Zone 2:37-4:10 (MUR) Assigned by teacher when student has incomplete work. Detention 2:37-5:00

7 H OW DO I KNOW WHEN MY C HILD HAS BEEN ASSIGNED TUTORIAL ? Automated Phone call Automatic Email Students may call home. Plan not to have music lessons, etc. during tutorial time slots.

8 C OMMUNICATIONS Viking News & Eblasts PTSAs online newsletter emailed by-monthly. Email now or sign up at business days. Websites District: Odle: PTSA: Morning Announcements PTSA Meetings & Principal Coffee Chats Email Teachers

9 G ETTING R EADY FOR S CHOOL Backpack Ready: PTSA website: click resources to find a school supply list. It is also on the school website. FAQs for new parents on Bus Routes Flyer will be mailed home. Information also available online: If the bus comes too early, consider driving your child to the last bus stop.

10 G ETTING R EADY FOR S CHOOL In August, print School Forms off Odle school website: There will be a very limited number of forms available at TCB so try not to forget to print ahead. No internet access? Pick up packet in August in Odle Main Office. Fill out forms and bring to Business Days with your checkbook.

11 T AKING C ARE OF B USINESS D AY TCB 6 th Graders on August 27 th Students Attend WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) 8:00- Noon All Students Stay for Pictures after WEB. Parents – Proceed to Library 1. Coffee and Breakfast Treats in Library 8:00 am 2. Parent Orientation in Library 8:20 – 9:45 3. Pay Fees and Take Care of Business 9:45 – Noon. Bring Completed Registration Forms & Checkbook!

12 B USINESS C HECKLIST / IN THE MUR Stations can be done in any order except PE clothes Schedules Planners Directory/Viking News Forms (turn in all forms from your packet) Pay School Fees (Main Office) Lunch Account FOOM Table Fees PE clothes is the last step (gym) Noon: Pictures (bring picture packets which will have been mailed home in the summer.

13 F IRST D AY School starts 7:45 Schedules handed out again. A very few students may have changes from the schedule they received on business day. Seven Period Day Lockers Assigned Schools out 2:33 (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday). Wednesday Schools out at 1:23.

14 L UNCH Lunch code is student ID number (on their schedule). Students find out their lunch on 1 st day of school. Add $ to lunch account at TCB and online Free and Reduced forms in main office. Viking Hut Student store in the MUR run by PTSA. Opens 5 minutes after lunch starts. Its not lunch! Need 2 PTSA volunteers each day.

15 S TAYING O RGANIZED Free Planners-- Handed out at Business Days! Use Parent Internet Viewer (PIV): Online Teacher Gradebooks See up-to-date grades See missing assignments Middle school passwords mailed several weeks into school Check weekly AND teach your student to check. Stay in email contact with teachers

16 A TTENDANCE /A BSENCES Mary Shahrvini- Attendance: 425-456-6611 Call to report absences. Complete a pre-arranged absence form 3 days prior to the absence. If student is ill over 3 days, parents may call the attendance office to request homework. Call attendance office during day to get a message to your student.

17 A FTER S CHOOL S PORTS 3:10- 4:10 Jubilee Reach (nonprofit charity). Listen to morning announcements. Students Receive Packet 1 st day of each session. Games on Wednesdays No cost SEASONSPORT FALLSOCCER WINTERCO-ED FLAG FOOTBALL SPRINGSOCCER & BASKETBALL

18 S CHOOL S PORTS 6-9 WEEK SESSIONS Volleyball Co-Ed Badminton Ultimate Frisbee Co-Ed Volleyball Co-Ed Track

19 A FTER S CHOOL C LUBS 3:10 – 4:10 School Clubs These begin several weeks into the year. Listen to morning announcements. Leadership (ASB), yearbook, French, jazz club, etc. Find out more by attending Ice Cream Social PTSA Math Club Attend Ice Cream Social September 11 for more information!

20 A FTER S CHOOL C ARE O PTIONS Boys and Girls Club: Teen Excellence Center Free Located Across from Samena in the Old Lake Hills Library. 15230 Lake Hills Blvd. 425-644-7885. Van picks students up at Odle at 3:07 and 4:15 Students check themselves in and out. A place to do homework and hang out. Samena Middle School After School Care Pick up a registration packet at Samena Swim club.

21 I MPORTANT E ARLY D ATES Ice Cream Social : September 11, 6pm. Odle track. Free! Learn about after school clubs, sports and activities. Meet other Odle families. Curriculum Night Arena Conferences (teacher conferences)

22 P ARENT -T EACHER -S TUDENT A SSOCIATION PTSA What Communication Bridge Between Home and School Give Parents a Voice in School Decision making Promote Parent Involvement at School Community Building Events Fundraise to Support Teachers & Enrich Student Learning Contact us Membership Special Savings and Programs for Members

23 V OLUNTEER O PPORTUNITIES WORKING TOGETHER, OUR CHILDREN SUCCEED PTSA Fill out a volunteer form at TCB days. Success Initiative Volunteers Help regularly in one of the after school SUCCESS zones. Click on the success calendar icon at to sign yourself up. District VIBES Program (Tutors needed!) Waiting list of students needing tutors. Meet with your student once a week. Sign up in the Odle attendance office.

24 F RIENDS OF O DLE M USIC /FOOM Nonprofit organization of Music parents. Fundraises for Odles Music programs. CD sales Bake Sales at concerts Much more

25 T HANK YOU FOR C OMING ! Please fill out a feedback form to help us improve.


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