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Annual General Meeting 2013 Saturday 12 th October.

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1 Annual General Meeting 2013 Saturday 12 th October

2 Formal company business Rod Simpson The future structure of Air-Britain Archives Magazines Publishing Awards presentation Question Time Rod Simpson Rod Simpson / Nigel Dingley Sean Meagher Nigel Dingley Rod Simpson / Tony Jones Running order Chairmans Remarks Travel Fly-In AB-PIC and AB-IX Future of Air-Britain Rod Simpson / Malcolm Fillmore Dennis Clement Phil Kemp Simon Wills Rod Simpson

3 Formal company business Rod Simpson

4 Chairmans Remarks Rod Simpson

5 Magazines Sean Meagher

6 Magazines 2013 Review Aviation WorldAeromilitariaArchiveNews 2014 Onwards Aviation WorldAeromilitariaArchiveNews e-ABN 1949 19751980 1972

7 e-ABN? A new magazine for 2014 and beyond

8 What is e-ABN? e-ABN is a new Tablet version of Air-Britain News available from January 2014. Membership subscription only available online In the near future we will be releasing two Tablet Apps. The Apps are designed to work on iPads, and Windows 8 Laptops/PCs and Tablets There are no plans to discontinue the printed ABN A sample copy will be available free for download from the Apple iStore, and Windows App Store. Simply search for Air-Britain in the store

9 Why should I choose e-ABN? Be amongst the first to receive your ABN every month – typically e-ABN will arrive 8-10 days before the printed version in the UK. No lost copies or postal delays Once a copy has been purchased, it can be re-downloaded as often as required to the same device. You wont lose access to your copy if you delete it Whilst away from home you can download e-ABN to your iPad/Tablet/Laptop anywhere in the world, all you need is WiFi

10 Are there other benefits? Full colour throughout Additional colour pictures Search facility across the whole magazine Text size can be expanded to allow for easier reading

11 Membership rates for UK members are the exactly same as for those members who chose to take a printed ABN. Unfortunately any printing & postage savings are offset by technology costs & VAT on electronic magazines Rates are also available for subscriptions which include both e-ABN and the printed copy So how much will it cost me? Individual copies will be available to purchase, however being a member gives a discount of up to 35% on the individual price

12 Overseas subscribers will benefit from e-ABN arriving on the same day as UK subscribers Savings available on international postage supplements What about non-UK members?

13 Finally

14 The future structure of Air-Britain Rod Simpson / Nigel Dingley

15 The future structure of Air-Britain Why Charitable Status? To ensure the long-term future of Air-Britain To enable the preservation of archives and assets To establish Air-Britain as a serious, respected organisation To take advantage of tax savings To allow Air-Britain to apply for Lottery and other grants

16 The future structure of Air-Britain Timetable for Change to Charity Preliminary approval at AGM Memorandum & Articles to be updated Company structure to be decided Special General Meeting – March, 2014 New status announced at the Fly-In, 2014

17 Archives Rod Simpson / Malcolm Fillmore

18 Archives Review of the current status of our Archives – Rod Simpson Black and White Negatives – Alex Travers Colour Slides and Negatives – Peter Dance Colour Prints – Andy Stevens Other archives – held by Board Members

19 Archives Future Plans – Malcolm Fillmore Property Access to archives Contact Board Members regarding current donations

20 Publishing Nigel Dingley

21 Travel Dennis Clement

22 Travel Poland and ILA 17 th – 25 th May 2014 Fly from Heathrow to Warsaw. Visits to Warsaw-Okecie : Warsaw-Bemowo :Warsaw-Modlin : Lodz : Piotrkow Trybunalski : Czestochowa : Krakow-Balice : Krakow-Pobiednik : Katowice-Pyrzowice : Gliwice : Wroclaw : Lesno : Zielona Gora : Culminating in ILA 2014 at Berlin Schonefeld : Schonhagen Trebbin. The tour will also include Muzeum Katynskie : Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego and Lubuskie Muzeum Wojkkowe. Return flight from Berlin to Heathrow Price £1198. Deposit £198

23 Travel Swiss Air Force Anniversary and Italy 23 rd – 31 st August 2014 Fly from Heathrow to Rome-Fiumicino Visits to Rome-Urbe : Museo Storico DellAeronautica Militaire Italiana : Rusty Angels Museum : Rieti : Perugia : Firenze : Bologna : Modena : Reggio NellEmilia : Nucleo Aereo Acrobatico : Parma : Cremona : Verona Boscomantico : Brescia Montichiara : Bergamo Orio al Serio : Milan Bresso : Milan Linate Milan-Malpensa : Parco Museo del Volo Volandia : Varese : Locarno : Lugana : Bern : Zurich Visit Swiss Air Force 100 th Anniversary at Payerne Return flight from Zurich to Heathrow Price £1346. Deposit £200

24 Travel South Africa 12 th – 21 st September 2014 Fly from Heathrow to Johannesburg by BA A380. Visit South Africa National Museum of Military History, South African Air Force Museum : Krugersdorp Johannesburg : Wonderboom : Grand Central : Lanseria : Rand Visits to the South African Airways Museum and Apprentice School Collections are currently being negotiated Fly Comair to Durban. Visit Pietermaritzburg : Durban Virginia. Return to Johannesburg Finally visit Africa Aerospace and Defence Show 2014 at Waterkloof AFB., Pretoria before catching return flight. Price £1777. Deposit £350

25 Fly-In Phil Kemp

26 ABPIC and AB-IX Simon Wills

27 AB-IX AB-IX is Air-Britain's Members electronic bulletin board. Membership is open to all Air-Britain Members. Easy to join Combined AB-IX and Sightings a couple of years ago Currently in excess of 1,100 members - just less than a third of the total membership of Air--Britain Something like 170,000 messages posted Topics are very wide ranging 10/10/13 included F84E crash; G-ACSP; status on various aircraft 4 Moderators with a wide range of interests

28 ABPIC ABPIC is an ongoing success for Air-Britain Open to all to submit digitised pictures All pictures are screened and approved Purely run by volunteers! Would you like to think about joining the team? > 380,000 images on line Current challenges

29 Future of Air-Britain Rod Simpson

30 Future of Air-Britain OUR CHALLENGES An ageing membership Appeal to younger members Shortage of Volunteers Challenge of the Internet Public Image of Air-Britain

31 Future of Air-Britain Volunteers – We need YOU! Marketing expertise Proof Reading Book Editors Originators Magazine Articles ABPIC Screeners Graphic Design

32 Awards Presentation Rod Simpson / Tony Jones

33 The Charles W. Cain Air Writers Trophy For the author of the best article published in Aviation World Tom Singfield Flight into Crime – The Disreputable Saga of the Belgian Pembrokes Published in Aviation World - Summer 2012

34 The Founders Award For the person who has given the most meritorious service to Air-Britain over a period of years. Howard Nash In recognition of his long term role as Membership Secretary

35 The H. B. Gwyther Memorial Cup For the author of the best article published in Archive or Aeromilitaria Michael Draper Hank Warton – His early days, Super Constellations and the Biafra Arms/Relief Airlift Published in Archive - Winter 2012

36 American Aviation Historical Society AAHS Award For the best contribution to American aviation history in Air-Britain publications Martin Best / Stephen M Darke The Fairchild C-123 Provider in Royal Thai Air Force Service Published in Aeromilitaria – Summer/Autumn 2012

37 The Don Hannah Award For the principal author of the best Air-Britain book The late David Gearing For the Book Rod Simpson For his role as General Editor of the Book On the Wings of a Gull: Percival and Hunting Aircraft

38 Honorary Membership Patrick Tilley – For the generous donation of his archives to Air-Britain Stephen Wells – For his work as long-term editor of UK Scene (Military) in ABN David Woods – For his work as long-term editor of Foreign Review (Military) in ABN

39 The Chairmans Award For long and devoted service Alan Johnson In recognition of his many years of service to Air-Britain

40 Question Time Time for you to have your Say!

41 Annual General Meeting 2013 Thank you for joining us today


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