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Godly Financial Wealth! The average American worker struggles to make ends meet often living paycheck to paycheck. The result is obvious: They live a.

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2 Godly Financial Wealth!

3 The average American worker struggles to make ends meet often living paycheck to paycheck. The result is obvious: They live a stressful life never earning enough to save which means they can never invest in their future. The good news is… WE CAN CHANGE THAT!!! Quit living paycheck to paycheck

4 The Christian Financial Network can help you build financial wealth suited to support your family. Using our extensive savvy, we can teach you how to succeed in a world where failure is too often the status quo. Start Building financial wealth TODAY

5 Live the American Dream At Christian Financial Network, we make dreams come true- The American dream! We provide you with the tools you will need to build a solid foundation for financial success. No experience is necessary We require no franchise fees We offer unlimited opportunity You determine your own territory There is NO RISK or INVESTMENT

6 Our GOAL: To help you achieve or surpass your own financial dreams through targeted assistance in areas where you need it most: INVESTMENT!!! Our FOCUS: To provide answers to your questions using established techniques proven to produce results, not excuses! Providing Answers since 1997

7 Our SYSTEM: We offer unique programs to match any borrowers needs: Traditional Mortgage Products > Fixed-rate loans > ARM loans > Balloon Loans > Second mortgages > Home equity loans Interest-Only Loans > Pay only the interest each month > Maximize your tax benefits > Free up money to re-invest

8 What sets us apart from other major brokers is our competitive pricing due to volume. Think about how finance works and you will quickly come to the conclusion that in the financial world, the more you have, the more affordably you can lend. More affordable means more volume; more volume increases a network consequently reducing costs. Its a catch 22 youre invited to profit from. Competitive pricing due to Volume

9 At Christian Financial Network, we aim higher than all other investment companies because we deal with real people, with real dreams. In dealing with our organization, you are certain to benefit from proven business systems designed to cater to a working class investor like you! We deal with REAL people like YOU

10 We are eager to teach you the basic skills that will help you succeed – You will know how to: > Find Borrowers > Calculate LTV > Present options to borrowers > Interview borrowers > Pick loan programs > Order appraisals > Pull credit reports > Find the right lenders > Clear conditions & close loans Learn & apply basic skills

11 Our Promise: At Christian Financial Network, we pride ourselves in providing on-demand client support available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our team of seasoned financial experts are here to answer your questions pertaining to our wide array of mortgage services. We promise to NEVER ignore your inquiries and ALWAYS strive to help you reach or surpass your own financial goals!

12 Of course, you can always try starting your own mortgage company all by yourself! The challenges you will most likely encounter are: > Considerable out of pocket expenses > Over extensive learning > Tremendous financial risks > Unhealthy frustration Avoid headaches – Let us help you

13 With our Help… YOU WILL SAVE TIME > You only learn what works and avoid wasting time knocking on closed doors > We handle complex tasks allowing you to concentrate on finding and closing deals YOU WILL SAVE MONEY > We already invested millions to implement a system that works > We make it possible for you to work from home and save on overhead

14 With our Help… YOU WILL BYPASS THE RISKS > We keep you initial investment to a minimum eliminating risk > You decide how much money and time to invest in our system YOU WILL AVOID FRUSTRATION > We provide you with support certain to keep wind in your sails > We equip you with a specific plan thats proven to work

15 Our Strategic Partners are the forefront of the finance industry in America. Through our network of established partnerships, you will benefit from proven solutions already in place with: > Wells Fargo > Washington Mutual > Citi Mortgage > Delta Funding Co. > Bank of America > Chase Manhattan > GMAC > HSBC Your Strategic Partners

16 As part of the Christian Financial Network, you will receive training and support certain to help you secure a financial future for your family. Our startup program includes: > The CFN Success KIT > Basic mortgage training > Team building training > Optional advanced mortgage training > Corporate website > Management/tracking software > 24/7 customer support Award winning Training & Support

17 Working full-time or part-time, our program is scaleable, user friendly and simple to implement. Whether you are working by yourself from home or starting a mortgage business, your earning potential is limitless: > Close 1 loan per month – Earn $21,600/year > Close 2 loans per month – Earn $43,200/year > You have unlimited potential > You pick your own work schedule > You pick your territory The opportunity of YOUR lifetime

18 Using our proven methods, YOU CONTROL YOUR INCOME! For example, lets look at theoretical data featuring a $200,000 loan and a $6,000 field payout. You control your income level Commission Level1 loan/year1 loan/month2 loans/month 30% $1,800/yr$21,600/yr$43,200/yr 35% $2,100/yr$25,200/yr$50,400/yr 40% $2,400/yr$28,800/yr$57,600/yr 45% $2,700/yr$32,400/yr$64,800/yr

19 Getting Started Today! Getting started is easy as 1-2-3! Simply fill out our online application, include your training fee, download our training manual and youre on your way to financial freedom! 3 steps to financial success: > Complete the online application > Pay the $175.00 training fee > Download your training manual Instant download – start now!!!

20 Results are GUARANTEED Our system and financial solutions are PROVEN to work for you and anyone that implements each step according to a specific plan. Best of all, our user friendly process is self- replicating, self-financed and through the exponential success you will experience, its even self-motivating!!!

21 Are you looking for financial independence? We can make it happen. Timer text

22 You are invited to join an organization… Timer text That makes a difference.

23 A team of seasoned mortgage professionals… Timer text Eager to help you shape your financial future.

24 Through our award winning techniques… You have unlimited potential. Timer text

25 We provide Golden Opportunities for motivated individuals and share Proven methods that will help you meet or Surpass your own financial goals. How?

26 We use established networking channels... Helping you build a foundation for success. Timer text

27 We equip you with the tools you will need… To provide for your family. Timer text

28 In a world where money matters… Knowledge is essential. Timer text

29 KNOWLEDGE is Timer text our BUSINESS

30 Timer text Join the nations premier network and find out how you too can secure your financial future.

31 Take advantage of the business opportunity… of YOUR LIFETIME! Timer text

32 We can teach you how to earn more … While working less. Timer text


34 We are Christian Financial Network Join us Today! Individual performance and results may vary. All compensation data used in this presentation are for illustration purposes only.

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