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CHLA/ABSC Who are we?. CHLA/ABSC Chapters & Members Dec, 2005 410 Members.

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1 CHLA/ABSC Who are we?

2 CHLA/ABSC Chapters & Members Dec, 2005 410 Members



5 Brief History of CHLA/ABSC 1976 -Grew out of the Medical Library Association and the Canadian Association of Special Libraries and Information Services Today -Canadas largest and most established professional organization for the dissemination of health sciences information Complete History Crawford, D. S. CHLA/ABSC 25 years on. Bibliotheca Medica Canadiana Winter 2000; 22(2)

6 Mission The mission of CHLA/ABSC is to improve health, and health care, by promoting excellence in access to information.

7 Statement of Values Informed decisions should be based on the best knowledge available. We provide timely, relevant, and accurate information to our user communities. We provide leadership and expertise in developing, managing and accessing knowledge-based resources of the highest quality. We promote equitable access to these resources for all health care practitioners in Canada. We are committed to improving health and health care in Canada.

8 National Network for Libraries of Health Advocacy for health libraries Chapter Development Partnerships Development of Standards Continuing Education Strategic Directions

9 Chapter Meetings and Events Annual General Meeting Journal – JCHLA/JABSC Listserv – CANMEDLIB-l E-news Web site Activities of the Association

10 National Network of Libraries of Health Task Force on Hospital Library Standards Awards & Honours Program Advocacy Tools Development of Journal Content Current Initiatives at CHLA/ABSC

11 18 410 7 3 CHLA/ABSC Structure Association Office Board of Directors Chapters CHLA/ABSC Members

12 CHLA/ABSC Board of Directors, Ex-Officio Members Association Office Vice PresidentSecretary Journal EditorAFMC Liaison Treasurer Past PresidentJournal Asst Editor Webmaster Director Public Relations President Director CE Coordinator

13 CHLA/ABSC Chapters

14 18 chapters across Canada –Full listing can be found at:

15 Chapter activities ebb and flow with local circumstances Chapters promote and enhance members networking and learning opportunities Continuing Education offerings Establishment of committees to address member and local needs Combined business and social opportunities Organizing CHLA/ABSC annual conference Chapter Activities

16 Chapter Executive Not all positions must be filled in each chapter Chapter officers are required to be a member of CHLA/ABSC Past ChairVice-Chair Treasurer Additional Directors Chapter President

17 Promote and enhance members networking and learning opportunities Follow the requirements set out in the By-laws of the CHLA/ABSC Submit an Annual Report to CHLA/ABSC Provide feedback from the members to the CHLA/ABSC Board Whats Expected of Chapters

18 What does CHLA/ABSC provide to the Chapters? Chapter Initiatives Fund Listserv for exchange of ideas between chapters, and between Board and chapters Chapter Presidents luncheon at annual conference Incentive for organizing annual CHLA/ABSC conference (5% of conference profit)

19 Run for the Board of Directors Run for a Chapter Executive position Volunteer to organize a local CE event Participate in a Task Force Participate in organizing a CHLA/ABSC conference in your region Ways To Participate in CHLA/ABSC and its Chapters

20 Reasons to Participate Learn about Yourself –Self development Give Back to your Profession –Mentoring –Leadership Networking –Colleagues as resources –Friendships Resume Building –Future jobs –Enhancement

21 CHLA/ABSC Contact: www.chla/

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