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1 Information Handling Services Products & Solutions.

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1 1 Information Handling Services Products & Solutions

2 2 Specs & Standards Regulations Electronic Libraries Parts Information Enterprise solutions Validated designs SAE Digital Lib SAE TKC

3 3 IEEE Electronic Library

4 4 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Non-profit, technical professional association of more than 380,000 individual members in approximately 175 countries. Through its members, the IEEE is a leading authority in technical areas including: –computer engineering, –biomedical technology, –telecommunications, –electric power, –aerospace, –and consumer electronics, –among others. About IEEE

5 5 About IEE Institute of Electrical Engineers, IEE Largest professional European Engineering Society Over 130,000 members Founded in 1871 Flagship product - INSPEC

6 6 What is the IEEE Electronic Library ? (IEL) A comprehensive electronic collection of IEEE & IEE content since 1988 Journals, magazines, conferences & standards, linked through an INSPEC bibliographic database Over 1Million articles Over 500,000 authors Historical content since 1952 More than 4,000 publication titles >300,000 pages added every year INSPEC Subset Represents 30% of worlds technical literature in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

7 7 IEL IEEE Xplore Platform IEEE/IEE Electronic Library Content 1950 - present IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package 1998-present IEEE POP All All conferences 1998-present IEEE Standards Current and active IEE Journals & Conferences 1998-present >1 million documents All publications from 1988 Legacy data back to 1950 INSPEC subset

8 8 IEL Depth of content … More than Electrical Engineering & Computing: AcousticsAerospace Biomed EngBiometrics Communications Cybernetics Computer HardwareCivil Eng Industrial Eng Information Technology Info Systems Microprocessors Nuclear ScienceOptics PhysicsRadiology Remote SensingSoftware Design Storage SystemsTransportation Web ApplicationsWireless

9 9 IEL Quality of Content Year after year, the top-cited publications in the field are a part of IEL 9 of Top 10 in Elect Eng and 40 of Top 60 (205 journals analyzed) 6 of Top 10 in Telecommunications (46 journals) 6 of Top 10 in Computer Sci Hardware & Architecture (314 journals) 4 of Top 10 in Computer Theory & Methods 5 of Top 10 in Software, Graphics & Programming 3 of Top 10 in Information Systems 4 of Top 10 in Artificial Intelligence 3 of Top 10 in Applied Physics (69 journals) #1 cited journals in Automation & Control Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Imaging Science & Photographic Technology, Robotics, Telecommunications & Transportation Science and Technology Source: ISI 2003 Journal Citation Report

10 10 Tomorrows Technologies IEL is rich in content in all 5 key technology areas driving IT: 1) Web Applications / XML / Web services –4,500 related documents 2) Communications / Wireless / Networking –90,000 related documents 3) Storage Systems –28,000 related documents 4) Microprocessors / 64-bit computing –8,400 related documents 5) Homeland Security Technologies / Biometrics –1,000 related documents Source: Government Computer News (GCN)

11 11 Benefits of using IEL 1.Desktop access, reducing research time and costs 2.Less administration for information centers/librarians and savings on document delivery services 3.No storage required 4.Active archive at the desktop (from 1952) 5.Rapid access to the newest research worldwide (even before print) 6.Provides perspective of knowledgeable and experienced experts from industry and academia 7.Standards stimulate technology, innovation and creation: demonstrates how using standards in the R&D process is an investment in the success of a product or service

12 12

13 13 Who is using IEEE Xplore? Academic –National University of Ireland (IRL) –London University (UK) –Cambridge University (UK) –Linkoping University (Sweden) –Petoria University (RSA) –Madrid University (Spain) –Modena University (Italy) –Lebanese American University –King Abdulaziz University (Saudi) –Instanbul Teknik University (Turkey) Industry –Qinetiq (ex DERA) –BAE Systems Avionics –Nokia –Thales –Bosch –Philips Electronics –Alenia Marconi –France Telecom –European Space Agency –and many others

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