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800-511-1800 Web Development & Ecommerce Specialists.

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1 800-511-1800 Web Development & Ecommerce Specialists

2 800-511-1800 Is Your Web Champion Since 1994, we have supported a wide variety of online business needs. We are a group of over 100 web developers who work together with your team to accomplish your goals. Our staff is your staff. We can help you make important decisions by providing information up front that can save you time and money. We specialize in all web technologies because we have experts in every area.

3 800-511-1800 Our Specialties eCommerce / Order Fulfillment From general products and checkouts, to a combination of products, services, and "virtual" products and memberships, we can set it up for you. Custom Administration Panels Our custom administration panels allow you to manage your business quickly and efficiently. Navigation Systems That Focus On Growth Our custom menus allow you to grow when you need to grow, without breaking the architecture. Complex Application Development And Installation Our programming abilities are limited only by your imagination. Migrations and Transfers Whether you are migrating to a license-free platform, or transferring from one host to another, we help eliminate your downtime. Website Maintenance / Webmaster On Call Regardless of who designed your site, we can maintain it by performing updates and minor revisions for you on a regular basis or when needed.

4 800-511-1800 Our Staff Support a Wide Variety of Clients

5 800-511-1800 A Few Samples of Our Work…

6 800-511-1800 Makers of the popular singing software, Singing Coach. Invited to American Idol's Randy Jackson for a personal product demo. Making serious headway into major singing arenas. Carry a Tune Technologies

7 800-511-1800 Carry a Tune Technologies Scaleable Simple Flexible

8 800-511-1800 Coupons Generated from custom admin panel Discounts Available with special promotions Shipping based on weight Order Batched and filled Fraud Filters Deter fraudulent activity Carry a Tune Technologies

9 800-511-1800 Carry a Tune Technologies Supports hundreds of products (songs) at various prices, in multiple categories. Searchable and downloaded in real-time. Users receive a set number of free songs before payment is required. Real-time processing. Members-Only Cart

10 800-511-1800 Add, delete, or modify product information for both carts. Place pages or products on hold to coincide with promotions or special release dates. Administer new store locations for products to be sold. Modify customer information. Create and analyze customer profiles via surveys. Report on top selling products. Generate coupons for online or offline usage. Create discount options for special promotions without the need for coupons. Generate financial reports based on sales, customer demographics, and suppliers. Administer website, including new page creation and menu navigation and arrangement. Business Administration Tools Carry a Tune Technologies

11 800-511-1800 Featured on: ABC Action News Prime Time, Herbal Medicine in America. Herbs of Light, Inc.

12 800-511-1800 One shopping cart for two types of users: general public, and wholesale customers. Minimum purchase requirements. Volume discounts on cases of products. Wholesale Member Login Herbs of Light, Inc.

13 800-511-1800 Add, delete, or modify product information for both carts. Locate stores based on customers zip code. Manage shipments. Review order histories. Update and authorize wholesalers. Business Administration Tools Herbs of Light, Inc.

14 800-511-1800 With a name that invites a hearty giggle, this site also boasts a unique shopping cart that incorporates both tangible and virtual (downloadable) items during a single shopping experience. Practical Woo Woo

15 800-511-1800 Both tangible and virtual products available in a single shopping trip. Shipping module calculates shipping costs based on the customer's zip code for final shipping costs. A Shopping Cart for the Web & The Real World Virtual products can be downloaded immediately after payment authorization. Downloads are set to expire after a period of time. Practical Woo Woo

16 800-511-1800 Business Control Panel Tools Practical Woo Woo Add, delete, or modify product information for all product types. Provide discount options for special promotions without the need for coupons. Website administration tools including new page creation and editing using customized, pre- designed templates.

17 800-511-1800 This grassroots organization started from the ground up and uses a variety of ecommerce, advertising and information solutions to address different buying needs of visitors. Band Director Media Group

18 800-511-1800 Flexible navigation system. Each major component can be easily adapted to break free from the mold to do its own thing. Pages and navigation can be quickly added and modified by the client. Each navigation component can be adapted to include multi-dimensional navigations within it. Most recent addition: The Product Guide, a resource center including manufacturers and resellers promoting their products in this niche market. A Reviews section assists customers in purchase decisions. Project Features Band Director Media Group

19 800-511-1800 Over 230 product categories. Add, delete, and modify advertisers anywhere in the site. Modify the status of ads with on/off switch options. Advertisers can update their own ad spaces with fresh images and content. Advertisers have on/off switch options which help them coordinate special promotions and product launches. Allows back office to keep their own site fresh with new text, articles, videos, and images. Site Highlights Band Director Media Group

20 800-511-1800 An ideal example of how the web can be used to improve critical business objectives, such as transferring and tracking live medical data in a secure environment. Medi-Task Medical Transcription Service

21 800-511-1800 The Challenges Meet and surpass stringent HIPAA security regulations imposed on medical clientele. Ensure all connections to sensitive medical information are forced SSL; even when a user attempts to modify the URL (from an http), the system knows to immediately revert to SSL, or https. Youll always see the lock at the bottom of your browser when youre logged into this site. Accept and process data from multiple sources, making it available for tracking, processing, and accurate invoicing. Medi-Task Medical Transcription Service

22 800-511-1800 Site Highlights Data arrives from multiple locations; brought securely to one centralized work station. Entire staff can focus on their real tasks instead of using a variety of tools to go to multiple locations. Easily add new workers and clients to the system. Staff and clients can easily access their work environment using a simple process designed to save them time and improve productivity. Reporting mechanisms perform file tracking, staff tracking, late file system alerts, and billing summary tools. Medi-Task Medical Transcription Service

23 800-511-1800 Idea to Reality We work from your business concept; developing a full featured turn-key commercial website. We use your ideas to develop all aspects of your project… from site blueprint to graphics, technical writing, HTML, client side programming, database and server side programming, testing, debugging, and successful launch. Our Unique Wallboard Approach We go the extra mile to get you what you need. You will see and approve work before it goes to our programmers. Some clients literally print and tape their wallboards to their walls for greater understanding of the flow of their website! Documentation & Backups We maintain quality records and backups to make sure your success isnt confined to the availability of a single programmer. You Can Count On Us For quality, availability, reliability, and accountability. Our Process

24 800-511-1800 The Process Model We Dont Follow

25 800-511-1800 How can we help you realize your online business goals? For more information on how to get started, please contact us at: 800-511-1800

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