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Public Hearing on Fiscal Year 2014 Board of Education Operating Budget February 6, 2013.

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1 Public Hearing on Fiscal Year 2014 Board of Education Operating Budget February 6, 2013

2 Public Engagement o Town Hall Meetings o Business Roundtable o Rally around the Promise

3 Budget Priorities Retaining and attracting quality staff Technology School safety & security

4 Budget Highlights Total expenditures $547.3 million 4.6% increase over FY2013 budget Total revenues $531.6 million $15.7 million variance between revenues and expenditures Version 1.0

5 Revenues Summary County $244,311,223 State 264,237,651 Other 23,047,538 Total $531,596,412

6 Revenue Details County Funding Total Estimated County Funding - $244,311,223 o Maintenance of Effort (MOE) - $229,737 more than FY2013 o Additional $1,576,667 related to pension shift o $4,000,000 transfer related to sale of surplus properties o $663,598 increase in in-kind services

7 Revenue Details State Funding Total State Funding - $264,237,651 o Estimated increase of $3,702,995, approximately 1.4% over FY2013 o Includes Estimated Geographic Cost of Education Index (GCEI) of $6,379,612 in FY2014

8 Revenue Details Other Revenues Federal Revenues o $17.7 million in federal funding is unchanged but may be affected by sequestration Miscellaneous Revenues o $5.4 million in tuition, fees, rents, rebates and investment income o Includes no estimated rollover fund balance from FY2013

9 Expenditures Summary Total FY2013 Expenditures$523,087,640 Reversals and Adjustments 7,982,857 Enrollment(2,709,855) Continuation of Programs & Services 4,056,322 Mandated Items 4,452,057 Salary & Staffing Resource Pool 10,472,321 Total Increase$24,253,702 Total FY2014 Expenditures$547,341,342

10 Expenditures Detail Reversals and Adjustments Lease Payment from surplus property$4,000,000 proceeds Remainder of FY13 delayed increment4,052,157 Other(69,300)

11 Expenditures Detail Enrollment Changes due to staffing formula$ (3,065,743) Expansion of Pyramid Program355,888

12 Expenditure Detail Continuation of Programs & Services Health & Dental Insurance$4,639,381 Retiree & Transitioning Employees1,178,700 Salary Savings(1,650,000) Middle School Schedule357,961 School Security 48,660 Inter-scholastic Athletics50,000/(49,158) Other (519,222)

13 Expenditure Detail Mandated Items Less FY14 Bus Purchases than FY13$(1,040,000) Non-Public Placements 700,000 Retirement Contribution468,435 Pension Sharing1,576,666 Charter Schools2,513,955 Other233,000

14 Expenditure Detail Salary and Staffing Resource Pool Salary & Staffing Resource Pool $10,472,321 (subject to negotiations)

15 Next Steps February Board Meetings – February 13 & 27 BOE operating budget request to BOCC by March 1 st BOCC Public Hearing May 7, 6:00 p.m. Urbana High BOE budget discussions May 8 & 22 BOCC adopts County Budget June 6 BOE adopts BOE Operating Budget June 12

16 Other Ways to Stay Engaged Facebook: FCPSMaryland Twitter @ FCPSMaryland #FCPSpromise YouTube PSAs at Email: Special section at SmartPhone App: Available at FindOutFirst factoids and news releases Feedback Cards or postcards


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