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Focused strategy resulted in continued pace of sales Q1 - 2007 Ray Mauritsson, CEO Fredrik Sjöstrand, CFO.

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1 Focused strategy resulted in continued pace of sales Q Ray Mauritsson, CEO Fredrik Sjöstrand, CFO

2 This is Axis Q The market The future Todays agenda

3 This is Axis Founded in 1984 An IT company driving the network video market Worldwide presence in 18 countries, 477 employees Product areas, Network Video Solutions Network Print Servers Net sales in 2006: SEK (US$163M) Global partnerships through distributors, resellers and system integrators Nordic List, Mid Cap, Information Technology

4 Global distribution and sales Distributors ResellersSystem integrators End user

5 The markets broadest video portfolio Fixed camerasDomes & PTZsVideo serversManagement SW AXIS 223M AXIS 221 AXIS 225FD AXIS 216FD AXIS 216FD-V AXIS 211 and 211A AXIS 210 and 210A AXIS 207 and 207W AXIS 207MW AXIS 206 AXIS 209FD-R AXIS 232D+ AXIS 231D+ AXIS 214 PTZ AXIS 213 PTZ AXIS 212 PTZ AXIS 233D AXIS 243SA AXIS 243Q Blade AXIS 291 1U Rack AXIS 242S IV AXIS 214Q AXIS 241QA AXIS 247S AXIS 241Q & Blade AXIS 241S & 241SA AXIS 241S Blade AXIS 240Q & Blade AXIS 250S & Blade ACS ACM ADP > 400 Partners

6 Total net sales 338 (257) MSEK Total growth +32% Stable growth within video +41% Growth in all regions High activity in the market Transportation Retail Highlights January-March

7 Sales January - March, 2007 Total sales 338 MSEK (257) Growth 32% Currency effects -26 MSEK Video sales 309 MSEK (220) Growth 41 % MSEKGrowth

8 Operating expenses Selling and marketing costs Administrative costs Research and development costs Total costs Q1,2007 Q1, 2006 Q4, 2006

9 EBIT January – March, 2007 Gross margin 55,1 % (53,8 %) Operating margin 19,7% (14,8 %) Profit margin 19,6% (14,7 %) MSEKMargin

10 Sales in the product areas Q Video, + 41% Print, -33 % Scan & Other +1 %

11 Sales in the regions Q Americas, + 31 % EMEA, + 39% Asia, + 7 % Growth in the regions

12 Customer segments Banking & Finance Education Government Industrial Retail Transportation

13 Latest news AXIS STS and Labs 2, January Underground in Moscow, February School in US, March AXIS STS and Turkish telecom operator, March Three year warranty, March IBM, March Product launch – AXIS 233D & AXIS 247S

14 AXIS 233D Demanding security installations Pan and tilt speed Locate objects quickly Detailed zoom of an area

15 Customer case – Moscow, Russia Press release February, 2007 Approx 1,000 network video products installed Potential to further installations

16 The AXIS STS system

17 Growth of the global market Growth 10% CCTV Growth 40% Network Video

18 Worldwide marketshares: security cameras Top Ten Companies 1Panasonic (PSS) 2Pelco 3Bosch Security Systems 4Sony 5Honeywell 5Samsung Electronics 7GE Security 8Axis 9JVC 10Tyco Fire & Security Source IMS Research

19 Future outlook, Axis goals Focused product range Aggressive product development Intelligent solutions Focused business model Channel partnerships Focused company Market leadership Professional Network Video

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