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SpinetiX S.A. Rue des Terreaux 17 1003 Lausanne Switzerland Mail: A Short Introduction.

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1 SpinetiX S.A. Rue des Terreaux 17 1003 Lausanne Switzerland Mail: A Short Introduction

2 2 SpinetiX in a nutshell SpinetiX SA, incorporated in October 2006 in Switzerland (Lausanne) Experimented Team: 8 founders formerly working at VisioWave SA (sold to GE in 2005) 12 years of solid and proven skills in: Management Marketing and sales Production and logistic Video technologies Digital networks Embedded systems International and industrial standards

3 3 Vision Become the world-leader in professional networked display by developing a new technological approach to networked digital signage

4 4 The Digital Signage Market Composed of vertical market segmentations: –Advertisement (Transportation, Retail, Points of sales, …) –Hospitality (Campus, Hotels, Hospitals, …) –Finance (Bank agencies, Trading rooms, …) –Events (Stadiums, Concerts, …) Domination of PC-based solutions with dedicated signage software: –High maintenance costs –Non scalable and often proprietary

5 5 SpinetiX answer: The HMP100

6 6 Hyper Media ? It is used as a logical extension of the term hypertext in which graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks intertwine to create a generally non-linear medium of information. hypertexthyperlinks –A movie is a linear medium: you watch it from the beginning to the end. –A Web page is an example of Hyper Media: media elements are dynamically and interactively consumed.

7 7 Turning displays into network appliances! Plug & Play High reliability –dedicated hardware and firmware, –no fan, no hard disk Open platform –Build your application on top of HMP100 and standard APIs Remote monitoring and maintenance –Intuitive HTTP server –Professional SNMP protocol Green product –Low consumption (2W) –Low logistic costs

8 8 Simplifies content production From simple power point like content to true Hyper Media Web like content publishing –Support SVG and PHP –CMS like management possible Retrieves on the fly content from network resources –Live streaming, RSS news, –Network disks Natively support –latest media formats and standards –International languages –Scheduling Real-time access to global information

9 9 Build value on top of SpinetiX products SpinetiX solutions enable an opportunity rich ecosystem –Implement small projects and demonstrations with the HMD- standard software license delivered with HMP100 units –Implement larger network projects with the HMD Professional license –Customize interfaces and develop added value service suitable to your application scenario

10 10 SpinetiX Products Hyper Media Player: HMP100 Hyper Media Director: HMD –30-days trial –Standard license (limited to 10 units) –Professional license (unlimited # of units) On-line support: – – Training

11 11 SpinetiX Offers Available online from Starter Kit: 699 –1 HMP100 unit –1 license of HMD software Professional Pack: 5990 –10 HMP100 units –1 license of HMD software HMD Professional license: –launch price 999

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