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Tru Face Essence Ultra Ethocyn Tel-Aviv, Israel November, 9th 2011

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1 Tru Face Essence Ultra Ethocyn Tel-Aviv, Israel November, 9th 2011

2 Ethocyn® Tru Face Essence Ultra RETURN TO FIRM
A novel, proprietary ingredient specific to increasing the important elastin fiber production in skin. Chantal Burnison Biochemist Medically and scientifically published inventor Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

3 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Chantal Burnison Biochemist Inventor Attorney Areas of Study: Cell Physiologist Biochemistry Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

4 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
CV at For detail of my CV and the many studies behind ETHOCYN in TFEU you can go to this Information website. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA 4

5 Presentation Contents
Research and Development of Ethocyn Molecule The $20mm Safety and Efficacy Testing of Ethocyn Results of Medically Published Ethocyn Clinical Trials Ethocyn for Firmer, Smoother, More Beautiful Skin. This www, information website will give you Information about Ethocyn. Of course, GO TO THE Nu SKIN website to purchase TFEU and learn about the other wonderful ingredients in TFEU. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

6 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
How Ethocyn Works Unique cosmetic ingredient in TFEU 19 years and $20+ in research and development. A topical, safe and efficacious non steroidal anti-androgen. that penetrates to the dermis causing fibroblast cell to make elastin at 20 year old youth levels. Research and development of Ethocyn molecule Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

7 Ethocyn World Testing Centers
Works on: all skin ethnicities male and female > than 25 years of age Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

8 Patents Issued/Pending Around the World
Composition of matter Process Use Trade Secrets Isomeric composition Stereo specific synthesis Exo- and endo- ratio studies IND (investigation of new drug) submissions Trademarks Ethocyn® Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

9 Ethocyn Scientific & Medical Publications
Tru Face™ essence ULTRA 9

10 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
The Ethocyn Molecule Over $20 million and over 19 years of research and development Small Mwt. 266, lipophilic molecule Non-steroidal target tissue DHT-receptor blocker Passive diffusion to dermis (C14) transdermal penetration studies Safe (44 studies; 5 species) Efficacious DHT receptor blocker (competitive inhibition) Ethocyn Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

11 Ethocyn is Unique, Safe and Clinically Efficacious
No other cosmetic ingredient in the world treats skin aging (skin laxity and wrinkling) in this important way Ethocyn is a proven safe and efficacious, small mwt. non steroidal anti androgen TFEU: Formulation that has optimally combined Ethocyn at its clinically proven MTD (maximum therapeutic dose) with extraordinary, moisturizers, antioxidants, mmp inhibitors, and collagen boosting ingredients. Ethocyn is a unique, patented firming ingredient Ethocyn firms lax, wrinkled skin by increasing important skin elastin fibers content Elastin fibers are the skin’s “rubber bands” Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

12 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
It is important to have young skin levels of elastin fibers The skin is comprised of collagen and elastin fibers. Collagen fibers are the structural fibers of the skin. They do not stretch well. Elastin fibers are the important “youth protein” fibers of skin. They give skin “snap back” elasticity. Young skin is abundant in elastin fibers. As we age elastin fiber content decreases. Remember: Our skin’s elastin fibers are what give skin its retraction and snap. It is elastin that gives young skin its firmness, smoothness, and resiliency. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

13 Recognized Causes of Skin Aging
Mechanical aging Extrinsic aging Intrinsic Aging Old Skin Young Skin Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

14 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Medical Text Book Peter T. Pugliese, M.D. School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania B’Nai Brith Americanism Award Maison De Navarre Gold Medal Award American Academy of Dermatology member Authored >60 scientific papers Given >100 scientific mtg. presentations Contributed >10 chapters to scientific texts Published 4 books Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

15 Physiology of Skin Sagging and Wrinkles
The wrinkle starts in the dermis as a decrease in the quantity and quality of elastin production by fibroblast Cells which decrease in fiber causes the skin elastin fibers to lose their snap, and thus the skin becomes lax and loose. The skin sags. The skin is no longer able to retract to its original “young firm” state. As a result, sagging and crinkling occur in a pattern that is called wrinkles. Ethocyn increases important skin elastin fiber quantity and quality to that of young, 20 year old skin elastin quantity and quality. This has been proven (p<0.001) in controlled, punch biopsy Ethocyn clinical trials at major university medical centers. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

16 The Single Most Important Cause….
“The single most important cause of age related wrinkles is the loss of skin elastin fibers, Everyone, whether female or male will begin to lose skin elastin fibers at age 25. Elastin fibers are the restorative force on the skin.” Peter T. Pugliese M.D. Internationally acclaimed author of the dermatology textbooks: Physiology of Skin II and Advanced Professional Skin Care Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

17 Only One Product in the World Can….
“Only one product in the world can restore your elastin level to that of 20 year old skin: Ethocyn.” Peter T. Pugliese M.D. Internationally acclaimed author of the dermatology textbooks: Physiology of Skin II and Advanced Professional Skin Care Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

18 Important Elastin Fibers and Skin Aging
Elastin levels decrease Skin loses contour and firmness Skin sags Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

19 Ethocyn and Its Mechanism of Action
Blocks what causes fibroblasts skin cells to stop producing elastin–the important youth-rendering skin’s rubber bands–that we have when we are young. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

20 Intrinsic Aging and Loss of Skin Elastin Fibers
Both men and women are born with DHT receptors in their fibroblast cells We are genetically predisposed to inheriting the amount, or quantity, of DHT receptors that we possess After years of age, no matter what our genetic make-up, we will have more DHT receptors than anti-androgens. We need to use topical Ethocyn 2x per day Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

21 An Androgen Enters the Skin Fibroblast cell
Testosterone in males and Androsteindione in females are converted to DHT intracellularly DHT inside the skin cells binds to the DHT receptor Bound DHT-DHT receptor complex translocates to the nucleus When bound complex hits the nucleus, this signals the nucleus to stop producing elastin Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

22 Ethocyn Topical Application and Proven Penetration
The Ethocyn molecule penetrates skin dermis: Organically synthesized, non-steroidal antiandrogen Has a molecular weight of 266 Penetrates through the stratum corneum to the dermis and enters the skin fibroblast cells which are the manufacturing sites for elastin production Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

23 DHT Receptor-DHT Androgen’ Fibroblast Cell Physiology:
Circulating Testosterone (T) in males and Androsteindione (A) in females passively defuses into fibroblast cells T and A converted to DHT via 5 alpha reductase enzyme DHT binds to the DHT receptor Bound complex translocates to the nucleus When bound complex hits nuclear membrane: signals nucleus to decrease/ stop producing elastin protein Ethocyn has an affinity for the DHT receptor Competitvely blocks the DHT from binding to its receptor Allows for more elastin to be produced Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

24 Ethocyn Clinical Trials Deliver at p<0.001
What can one expect to experience and see using Ethocyn? U.C.L.A. University of Shanghai Dermatologist Trials Worldwide Plastic Surgeon Trials alone; and in combination with Fraxel Laser Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

25 Research and Publications
Over $20 million and 19 years have been expended on Ethocyn research and development to date. Ethocyn is a unique, patented, clear and odorless oil concentrate invented by biochemist Chantal Burnison. Research aided by advanced cell-receptor laboratories, radioisotopes, and computer software. Ethocyn research and production laboratory Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

26 Ethocyn Clinical Efficacy
Ethocyn A clinically proven, topical, efficacious target tissue, non-steroidal ingredient. p<0.001 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

27 U.C.L.A. and Other University Ethocyn Clinical Trials
Very objective Clinical Trials’ endpoints; evaluation objective (p<0.001) Precise quantitative assessment of skin elastin fiber content of subjects before and after the topical use of Ethocyn Clinical Protocols were reviewed and approved by the United States FDA Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

28 UCLA Dept. of Dermatology Clinical Trials
“Only Ethocyn can give your skin the elastin fiber content of 20 year old skin” Clinical Trials Conducted by Dr. Richard Strick, M.D. Clinical Professor of Dermatology at U.C.L.A. Protocols reviewed and approved by USA FDA Presented Ethocyn Clinical Trials’ research at the American Academy of Dermatology Medical Conference and several other medical forums. Dr. Richard Strick, M.D. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

29 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Ethocyn Clinical Efficacy University Medical Center’s Phase II Ethocyn Clinical 2mm Punch biopsies --actual skin -- were taken from each subject ; slides randomized-thereby hiding identity of Subjects and time sequence. Quantitative computer image analysis of biopsies were conducted at Baseline, 1,2,3,4 and 6 months to assure accuracy and statistically significant results (p<0.001) Biopsy analyses: 250+ patients, male and female; yrs of age; different ethnicities. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

30 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Bioquant: Ethocyn Verhoeff Stained Clinical Biopsy Analyses Nathanael Reveal, President Detailed Protocol5 micron Verhoff-Van Giesen (VVG) stained sections for formalin fixed, paraffin embedded full depth skin punch biopsies were analyzed by standardized, semi-automated image analysis to determine elastin content ratios.A trained technician, familiar with skin tissue morphology, used a software-assisted drawing tool to define a sampling area of the dermal layer a constant distance away from the epidermal layer and containing as much of the dermal layer of the skin visible with a 4X objective. The size of this sampling area, in square microns was recorded by the system.Elastin fiber content was measured within the sampling area using a 20X objective. Elastin fibers stain black with the VVG stain. Standardized image analysis was used to detect all black fibers within the sampling area. Automatic size filters excluded stained areas which were either too large or too small to be elastin fibers. Additional image analysis filters ensured that no fiber was measured more than once, even if measurements were made in adjacent, overlapping fields of view. Finally, technicians were able to manually exclude staining that was determined by observation not to be specific for elastin.All biopsies were measured twice independently by two different technicians. When possible, three serial sections were cut from each biopsy and the best quality section was analyzed. Biopsies for which sections were of poor quality or below a reasonable minimum size were excluded. Biopsies for which the data collected by both technicians did not agree within 10%, were also excluded.Data including sampling area, elastin area, and elastin to sampling area ratio were exported to Excel for subsequent analysis. Comparisons were made via students t-test with an alpha of 0.05.Pictures are attached. The include:Two consecutive sections from the same biopsy imaged with a 4X objective.Screenshot of the BIOQUANT software inspecting a biopsy section. Screen shot shows raw sampling area and elastin data, the boundary and elastin measurements on the section.A sample paraffin block containing a biopsy.The leica microtome used to cut sections from the paraffin block.An street corner photograph of the research office block where we have our lab operations. It's not much to look it. It's one lab in a very large building of labs.A photograph of a typical BIOQUANT workstation. A skin biopsy is displayed on the screen of the workstation.The imaging system used to collect images of the sections. This is an inverted automated scanning microscope. The blue and white box with the joystick is the movement controller. The black and white tube sticking out the right above the joystick is the digital camera.The last image is the imaging tray. It allows us to orient the section so that the epidermis is always up, regardless of how the section may be mounted on the slide.Biography of BIOQUANTBIOQUANT Image Analysis Corporation was founded in 2001 to develop analytical systems and services for lifescience research. BIOQUANT systems collect the data to quantitative describe the tissues of every organ in the body from the skin to the retina to bone.Research services provided by BIOQUANT allow sponsoring companies to access the analytical capacities of BIOQUANT's systems without the need to establish their own research facilities. Through a consultative process which may include experts from BIOQUANT's large network of partnering scientists, clients are assured of comprehensive and rigorous research services.BIOQUANT is on the cutting edge of digital pathology services, having recently introduced a modularized, yet fully automated microscopy imaging platform. This platform retains the flexibility of a traditional microscopy system that is needed to adapt to novel research projects while enabling high-throughput sub-micron slide scanning. This gives sponsoring organizations access to all of their data from any internet connected computer. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

31 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Bioquant Image Analysis Corporation Photos Nashville, TN Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

32 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Double blind, punch biopsies conducted on hundreds of Subjects (25-77 years of age) at independent university medical centers confirm (p <0.001) Ethocyn increases your skin’s important elastin fiber content to the youthful levels of 20 year old individuals. Study’ Control Group year olds. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

33 Ethocyn Clinical Trials’ Safety Evaluations
Hematology: White Blood Cells Hemoglobin Blood Platelet Count Red Blood Cells Urinalysis: Protein Others Serum Chemistry: SGPT SGOT Total Protein Cholestrol Creatinine Potassium Sodium BUN Alkaline Phosphatase Trigluderides Total Bilirubin  Hormone Assay: Total and Free Testosterone (TT and FT) Leutinizing Stimulating Hormone (LH) Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Estradiol. Synopsis and Conclusion: For all Subjects in all Ethocyn Clinical Trial Studies: All laboratory results both in Baseline and Final Visit were normal. During the analysis of the lab records, no significant change between Before Treatment and After Treatment was found. This was in line with the Ethocyn C14 Clinical Trial that confirmed its 100% metabolism in the skin by beta oxidation such that there is no parent Ethocyn compound entering systemic circulation. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

34 A Topical, Safe, and Efficacious Cosmetic Ingredient
100% conversion via β oxidation in dermis to non-AA OCH2H3 OCH3 OH O O O O Non-AA 1ºmetabolite hours CONCLUSION: non-parent AA Ethocyn molecule never enters systemic circulation. Confirmed via pharmacokinetic profiles in 3 species including human C14 studies (Groningen, Holland) Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

35 U.C.L.A. Ethocyn Clinical Trial Results
FDA protocols: Safety and Efficacy end-points Subjects: years of age; Males and Females 6 month; 3 month Studies Baseline elastin: 9.2% (mean) in Six Month Study; 8.1% (mean) in Three Month Study End elastin: 18.2% (mean) in Six Month UCLA Study; 21.3% (mean) in Three Month UCLA Study UCLA Control Group (18-25 years old) elastin: 15.6% P<0.001 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

36 Ethocyn Clinical Trials’ Efficacy Results
Percent Increase In Elastin Content Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

37 Breaking the Code at U.C.L.A. Ethocyn Clinical Trials
Topical BID application of Ethocyn™ by patients aged years of age restores elastin production to levels normally obtained in youth (ages 18-25). The mean level of elastic tissue in Ethocyn™ treated individuals increased by 100% (in some patients over 500%) (P<0.001). Every individual, male and female subject, had shown improvement and had smoother, tighter and less wrinkled skin. American Academy of Dermatology Medical Conference, San Francisco, California Richard Strick, M.D. Diplomat of American Academy of Dermatology Clinical Professor of Dermatology, U.C.L.A. School of Medicine Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

38 Ethocyn Clinical Trials and Plastic Surgery
Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S, F.I.C.S. Fully trained General surgeon, plastic surgeon Dual Board Certified Surgeon Diplomate, The American Board of Plastic Surgery Fellow, The American College of Surgeons Fellow, The International College of Surgeons Fellow, Bay Surgical Society Member, Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

39 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Fractionated Laser Resurfacing Next generation of ‘safe’ and efficient’ lasers Less downtime compared to traditional lasers Can be performed in office setting Five to seven day healing process Indications: pigment dyschromias, hyperpigmentation, melasma, all levels of rhytids. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

40 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Laser Resurfacing Study Protocols Dr. Jeffrey Hoefflin M.D., F.A.C.S., FICS 2009 Ethocyn and Laser Resurfacing Study Fraxel Fractionated CO2 – Full Face Laser Skin Resurfacing Topical BID application of Ethocyn® Patient age range (aged years) Mean elastic tissue level in treated individuals increased 100% (p<0.001). Every individual (male and female) showed improvement and had smoother, tighter and less wrinkled skin. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

41 Dr. Hoefflin Ethocyn + Laser Study
8 weeks Clinical Trials’ Study; 20 Patients: Aged yrs. Ethocyn application BID on one side and placebo on other. Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Laser Procedure after 45 days of Ethocyn BID (2x per day) regimen Interrupt Ethocyn application 5 days (post surgically) Resume Ethocyn application Physician and patients subject to analysis Conclusion, Patients Using Ethocyn Remarked More Younger, Firmer Skin on Ethocyn Treated Side Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

42 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Ethocyn and Laser Resurfacing Patient Example Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

43 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Ethocyn and Laser Resurfacing Patient Example Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

44 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Ethocyn and Laser Resurfacing Patient Example Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

45 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Ethocyn Optimizes Laser Results Topical BID application of Ethocyn® Patients (aged years) – elastin restored to youth levels (ages ) Mean elastic tissue level in treated individuals increased 100% (p<0.001). Every individual (male and female) showed improvement and had smoother, tighter and less wrinkled skin. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

46 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Dr. Hoefflin Ethocyn + Laser Clinical Trial 2010 2mm Punch biopsies --actual skin-- were taken from each subject Quantitative computer image analysis of biopsies were conducted to assure accuracy and statistically significant results (p<0.001) Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

47 Ethocyn Medical Conferences and Publications 2011-2012
American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery :Oct Volume Issue 4S - p 110 doi: /01.prs a2 American Society of Plastic Surgery- Poster; Sept 23-27, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Qara Raymi Dermatology Conference, Lima, Peru August 26-29, 2011 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

48 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Advantages of Topical Ethocyn Tru Face Essence Ultra All serums formulated at clinically efficacious dose( Dose Response Studies: 15%, 10%, 5%, 0.5%, 0.25%, %) Non-phototoxic Hypoallergenic Non-irritating Non-fragrance Proprietary anti-inflammatory, collagen boosting ingredient formulation, with excellent mmp inhibitor ingredients Multi-functional formulation simplifies your daily skin care regimen Read Slide as a Summary about TFEU in general Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S.

49 Ethocyn Tru Face Essence Ultra Formulated with Superior Collagen Boosting & Elastin and Collagen Preservation Ingredients Tru Face™ essence ULTRA Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S. - ETHOCYN

50 Ethocyn Tru Face Essence Ultra Formulated with Superior Antioxidants

51 How to Use Ethocyn and Tru Face Essence Ultra
Ethocyn Application: Metabolizes in the body within 8 to 10 hours–therefore it should be applied TWICE DAILY, morning and evening. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

52 Ethocyn and Sun Exposure
Non-Phototoxic – You CAN go in the sun without worrying about redness or swelling. Try to protect your skin from the sun because the sun causes elastin fibers in the skin to become hard and non-resilient; a condition known as elastosis. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

53 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Ethocyn Increases your skin’s ‘Rubber Bands’ (elastin fibers) to that of 20 year old skin with Ethocyn containing Tru Face Essence Ultra serum for… Firmer…. Smoother… More Snap Back, Beautiful Skin Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

54 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Ethocyn Announements “A major breakthrough in the fight against skin aging.” -Dr. Bruce Hensel, Channel 4 News Ethocyn’s importance previewed on USA television news stations when Dr. Richard Strick presented at AAD Medical Conference “Ethocyn gives skin the elastin fiber content of 20 year old skin.” –Dr. Richard Strick UCLA Dermatology Professor Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

55 Numerous Television News Broadcasts
Covering Ethocyn clinical trials’ medical conference publications “Studies show this product works differently from others, and experts say it does work” “The compound actually restores elasticity to aging skin.” -KTLA (Channel 5) Television News Report -NBC (Channel 4) Television News Report “What’s in this little bottle could turn back the hands of time” “The Fountain of Youth in a bottle” -KTLA (Channel 5) Television News Report -Hard Copy Investigative News Report Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

56 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
Medical Directors of U.S. University Dermatology Departments state: “Ethocyn is the most effective cosmetic product available.” Interview of Dr. Tina Alster, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Georgetown University School of Medicine. Her patients include politicians, newscasters, models and lawyers. Dr. Alster said, “To treat and prevent my own eye skin-area wrinkles: I use a drop of Chantal Ethocyn Vial Serum every morning and evening around my eyes…I recommend Ethocyn to all my patients.” Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

57 Ethocyn Users’ Testimonials
“Within two weeks I saw a big difference.” “The ethocyn changed my skin in a way I’ve never seen before.” “I feel like ethocyn is actually repairing my skin.” “It’s the perfect little magic drop.” “The tightness in my skin came back, I think everybody should know about Ethocyn.” “I feel younger, I feel like I look younger.” “The ethocyn essence vial’s are Easy to use and gave me great results.” Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

58 Ethocyn Users’ Testimonials
“Next to being a baby, this is the best my skin has ever looked.” “The lines have disappeared, I’m not feeling uncomfortable any more.” More people happy with Ethocyn use. Their statements. “It really just feels good” “My lines have disappeared, the sagginess has lifted.” Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

59 Ethocyn Treatment Products
Used everyday by men and women who care about skin health and beauty Karen Philips, a working American wife, decided to test Ethocyn herself by using the product on only half of her face, twice a day, for 120 days. The results of her “half face test” are seen in this picture. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

60 Tru Face™ essence ULTRA
A beautiful product to have beautiful… firmer…youth elastin levels… skin. Everyday. Twice a day. Tru Face™ essence ULTRA

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