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Hnangv Haaix Nor Ziux Goux Mbuo Nyei Sin Mbuo Nyei Hnyouv Caux Mbuo Nyei Lingh Wuonh 1 Te^saa^lo^ni^gaa 5:23.

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Presentation on theme: "Hnangv Haaix Nor Ziux Goux Mbuo Nyei Sin Mbuo Nyei Hnyouv Caux Mbuo Nyei Lingh Wuonh 1 Te^saa^lo^ni^gaa 5:23."— Presentation transcript:

1 Hnangv Haaix Nor Ziux Goux Mbuo Nyei Sin Mbuo Nyei Hnyouv Caux Mbuo Nyei Lingh Wuonh
1 Te^saa^lo^ni^gaa 5:23

2 1Te^saa^lo^ni^gaa 5:23: “Tov ceix baengh orn nyei Tin-Hungh bun meih mbuo cing-nzengc taux daauh, yaac beu jienv meih mbuo nyei lingh wuonh, meih mbuo nyei hnyouv, meih mbuo nyei sin, taux Ziouv Yesu Giduc aengx daaih wuov zanc ziouc maiv maaih dorngx nqemh.” 1 Thessalonians 5:23: “Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

3 Biux Mengh Waac Ih hno mbuo oix hoqc buo nyungc jauv taux mbuo baamh mienh. Mbuo baamh mienh maaih sin, maaih hnyouv, maaih lingh wuonh. Naaiv deix buo nyungc ga’naaiv gapv daaih cing benx maaih maengc nyei mienh. Mbuo maaih naaiv deix ga’naaiv gapv daaih cingx daaih bun mbuo haih maaih maengc ziangh jienv yiem naaiv seix zangc. Introduction: So many, even some preachers and members in the church, do not really believe the physical body of the Christian is relevant to his service to God. Some how, they view interest in the body as “the social gospel.” In this study, we shall see that the body is involved and that certain Bible truths pertain to the human body.

4 I. Mbuo Nyei Sin – Our Body
“…….yietc norm sin, maaih ziex nyungc gapv jienv. Maiv gunv maaih ziex nyungc gapv jienv, kungx benx yietc norm sin hnangv.”…….“Sin maiv zeiz maaih nduqc nyungc hnangv, maaih ziex nyungc gapv jienv.” (1 Ko^lin^to 12:12-26).


6 “……. yietc norm sin, maaih ziex nyungc gapv jienv
“…….yietc norm sin, maaih ziex nyungc gapv jienv. Maiv gunv maaih ziex nyungc gapv jienv, kungx benx yietc norm sin hnangv.”…….“Sin maiv zeiz maaih nduqc nyungc hnangv, maaih ziex nyungc gapv jienv.” (1 Ko^lin^to 12:12-26).







13 The Immune System

14 Mba’nziu Dongz Nyei Jauv. The Way Heart Beat

15 Nziaamv Nyei Jauv – Blood Cell
"Mv baac maiv dungx nyanc maaih nziaamv yiem jienv nyei orv weic zuqc maengc yiem nziaamv.” (Tin Deic Douh 9:4).


17 A. The Human Brain Mbuo baamh mienh nyei m’nqorngv-famv maaih 100 billion diuh jaan fai (nerve cells). Naaiv deix Jaan zoux bun mbuo nyei m’nqorngv-famv hnamv mingh siepv taux 170 leiz jauv fai 170 miles (274 km), yiem yietc norm ziangh hoc. Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles (274 km) per hour.

18 6 Maiv dungx weic haaix nyungc guaax hnyouv
6 Maiv dungx weic haaix nyungc guaax hnyouv. Oix zuqc weic nyungc-nyungc sic daux gaux jouh Tin-Hungh, laengz zingh Tin-Hungh, ei meih mbuo qiemx longc nyei tov ninh tengx. 7 Tin-Hungh nyei baengh orn, dongh baamh mienh zungv hnamv maiv zaaic nyei baengh orn, ziouc beu jienv meih mbuo nyei hnyouv caux hnamv nyei jauv, weic zuqc meih mbuo caux Giduc Yesu juangc maengc ziangh.” (Fi^lipv^poi 4:6-7)



21 Cong-Mengh Waac 12:25 “Mienh hnyouv nzauh faanh haiz hnangv ga'naaiv ngatv jienv hniev nyei, mv baac yietc joux longx nyei waac bun ninh haiz hnyouv longx.”

22 Zoux Dorngc Nyei Sic Caux Kuonx Hnyouv Nyei Jauv Oix Ngatv Jienv Mbuo
Zuiz zoux meih butv baengc: T in Deic Douh 4:7; Congh Mengh 1:33; 3:7-8; 4:19; 5:11-12; 14:30; Singx Nzung 32:1-4; 38:1-5; 17-18; 1 Ti^mo^tai 6:10; Yaagorpc 5:14-16.

23 B. The Human Blood Mbuo baamh mienh nyei mbungv gauh jiem jiez concrete. Mbuo nyei m’nqorngv-korqv maaih 29 nyungc mbungv mv fih hnangv. Mbuo nyei m’nqorngv-mbiorngz fai Tissue maaih 656 square feet ndaauv. Mbuo nyei ndopv se maaih 6.5 square feet. Mbuo nyei blood cell maaih 15 ziux fai (15 million) norm buon-buon ziangh hoc daic jienv yiem. Yietc hnyouv lungh ndiev maaih 98% nyei siang- blood cell tim bieqc.

24 C. The Human Heart Mbuo nyei jaan-ndopv ndaauv taux 45 leiz jauv fai 45 (miles) nyei jauv (72 km).Mbuo laanh laanh mienh nyei mba’nziu dongz 2.5 ziux nzunc fai (average heart beat 2. 5 billion times), yiem mbuo yietc seix nyei maengc, yaac cui nziaamv yietc million gallons. Baamh mienh nziaamv mingh taux 60,000 leiz jauv fai (96,540 km) yiem yietc hnoi lungh ndiev.

25 D. The Human Body Mbuo baamh mienh nyei maengc caux sin zangc nyei jauv, se gorngv mbuo yietc zei hoqc hiuv, mbuo yietc zei mbuoqc horngh taux Tin-Hungh zoux nyei gong. Hnangv Ndaawitv Hungh gorngv nor, “Yie ceng meih weic zuqc meih zeix yie cuotv daaih peix fuc haic, mbuoqc horngh haic. Meih zoux nyei nyungc-nyungc za'gengh peix fuc haic. Yie nyei hnyouv zien-zien hiuv duqv.” (Singx Nzung 139:14).

26 E. The Human Body Yietc nyungc jauv bun mbuo haih hiuv duqv taux mbuo baamh nyei sin zangc nyei jauv gauh longx jiex, se hnangv Baulo gorngv nor, mbuo nyei sin se zoux mbuo nyei lingh wuonh nyei biauv. Baulo gorngv, “Mbuo hiuv duqv mbuo yiem jienv naaiv norm baamh gen nyei ndopv-liuh, dongh mbuo nyei sin, zuqc caeqv wuov zanc, yiem wuov tin-dorngh Tin-Hungh oix bun norm maiv zeiz mienh nyei buoz zoux daaih nyei biauv mbuo yiem, se yietc liuz nyei biauv. 2 Ih zanc mbuo yiem jienv naaiv norm sin njunh jienv yiem, aqc duqv zuov maiv taux duqv yiem tin-dorngh nyei biauv.” (2 Ko^lin^to 5: 1-2). 

27 F. The Human Body “Meih mbuo maiv hiuv fai? Meih mbuo nyei sin se Giduc nyei sin nyei yietc nyungc. Hnangv naaic, yie oix zuqc dorh Giduc nyei sin mingh benx maaic buonv-sin nyei m'sieqv dorn nyei sin nyei yietc nyungc fai? Zungv maiv zeiz! 16 Meih mbuo maiv hiuv fai? Mienh hienx maaic buonv-sin nyei m'sieqv dorn ziouc caux wuov dauh benx yietc norm sin, weic zuqc Ging-Sou gorngv, "Ninh mbuo i dauh ziouc benx yietc norm sin mi'aqv.” (1 Ko^lin^to 6:14-15).

28 G. The Human Body Mbuo nyei sin se benx Singx Lingh nyei singx dingc, “Meih mbuo maiv hiuv fai? Meih mbuo nyei sin se Singx Lingh nyei dinc. Tin-Hungh bun daaih nyei Singx Lingh yiem meih mbuo gu'nyuoz. Meih mbuo nyei sin se maiv zeiz meih mbuo ganh nyei, se Tin-Hungh nyei, 20 weic zuqc Tin-Hungh maaiz meih mbuo jaaix haic. Hnangv naaic, meih mbuo oix zuqc longc meih mbuo nyei sin taaih Tin-Hungh.” (1 Ko^lin^to 6: 19-20). Hnangv naaiv mbuo buatc Ging-Sou gorngv sin nyei jauv maaih i nyungc longc jienv nyei jauv: (1) Benx mbuo nyei lingh wuonh nyei biauv; (2) Benx Singx Lingh nyei Dinc. Hnangv naaic mbuo gengh oix zuqc goux longx. 

29 II. The Human Spirit Yesu gorngv mbuox mbuo,“Maiv dungx gamh nziex mienh. Ninh mbuo haih daix sin mv baac maiv haih daix lingh wuonh. Daaux nzuonx oix zuqc gamh nziex Tin-Hungh. Tin-Hungh haih bun liemh sin liemh lingh wuonh ndortv deic nyuoqc zuqc mietc.” (Matv^taai 10:28). Lingh wuonh se Tin-Hungh bun daaih nyei ziangh maengc qiex. “ZIOUV Tin-Hungh aengx zorqv deix nie-mbung nanv cuotv dauh mienh daaih yaac biomv maaih maengc nyei qiex bieqc ninh nyei mba'zorng. Ninh ziouc benx maaih maengc nyei mienh aqv.” (Tin Deic Douh 2:7). “Nie-mbung yaac nzuonx mingh benx nie hnangv loz nor, tauv nyei qiex yaac nzuonx mingh taux ceix qiex daaih nyei Tin-Hungh.” (Gorngv Seix Zangc 12:7). Lingh wuonh se mbuo muoqv maiv zuqc, hluo maiv zuqc nyei ga’naaiv, mv baac zien maaih nyei.

30 A. The Human Spirit “Weic zuqc nangh nyei ga'naaiv nyei maengc se yiem nziaamv. Yie bun nziaamv meih mbuo weic yiem ziec-dorngh fiqv meih mbuo nyei zuiz. Weic zuqc maengc yiem nziaamv, nziaamv cingx daaih haih fiqv zuiz. 12 Weic naaiv yie gorngv mbuox I^saa^laa^en Mienh, "Meih mbuo haaix dauh maiv dungx nyanc nziaamv. Yiem meih mbuo gu'nyuoz nyei ganh fingx mienh yaac maiv dungx nyanc nziaamv." (Lewi 17:11).

31 B. The Human Spirit “Haaix dauh baamz zuiz, wuov dauh oix zuqc daic. Dorn maiv zuqc weic die zoux nyei zuiz ndaam-dorng. Die yaac maiv zuqc weic dorn zoux nyei zuiz ndaam-dorng. Kuv mienh weic ninh zoux nyei kuv sic winh bun ninh. Orqv mienh weic ninh zoux nyei orqv sic zuqc winh bun ninh.” (E^se^ken 18:20).

32 C. The Human Spirit “Yie aengx duqv zipv ZIOUV nyei waac gorngv, 2 "Meih mbuo fungc zanc-zanc nzamc jienv gorngv taux I^saa^laa^en Deic-Bung naaiv diuh waac-beiv? Meih mbuo gorngv, "Die nyanc a'ngunc biouv-sui, dorn nyei nyaah njienz. 3 Ziouv TIN-HUNGH gorngv, "Yie ziangv jienv yie ganh nyei maengc gorngv, yiem naaiv mingh yiem I^saa^laa^en Deic-Bung meih mbuo maiv duqv aengx longc naaiv diuh waac-beiv. 4 Mangc maah! Mouz dauh mienh nyei maengc benx yie nyei. Maiv gunv diex maac fai fu'jueiv nyei maengc, yaac benx yie nyei. Haaix dauh mienh baamz zuiz, wuov dauh oix zuqc daic.” (E^se^ken 18:1-4).

33 III. The Human Soul Baamh mienh nyei hnyouv se maaih ziex nyungc. Maaih piom, maaih hlaan, maaih jaangh, maaih mbuoqc, maaih liepc zeiv, maaih yieh mbeu, maaih daamv, naaiv deix yietc zungv se dongh mbuo mangc duqv buatc, hluo duqv zuqc nyei jauv, maaih mba’nziu. Cuotv liuz naaiv deix jauv, corc aengx maaih hluo maiv zuqc, mangc maiv buatc nyei jauv, se hnangv mba’nziu pien, hnyouv waaic, hnyouv longx, laangh fim waaic, laangh fim longx, hnamv mienh, kor-lienh mienh, zoux longx nyei jauv lo haaix.

34 A. The Evil Heart Cuotv I^yipv 1:10 “Daaih maah! Mbuo oix zuqc longc guv guaix nyei za'eix bun ninh mbuo maiv haih hiaangx. Maiv zeiz nor, ninh mbuo haih hiaangx camv jienv faaux. Nqa'haav se gorngv cuotv mborqv domh jaax nyei sic, ninh mbuo haih caux mbuo nyei win-wangv dongh hnyouv daaih mborqv mbuo yaac haih biaux cuotv mbuo nyei deic-bung."

35 B. The Bad Heart And Good Heart
Cuotv I^yipv 23:7: “Maiv dungx gox jaav sic yaac maiv dungx daix maiv zoux dorngc nyei mienh fai hnyouv zingx nyei mienh, weic zuqc yie zungv maiv guangc zoux naaiv nyungc waaic sic mienh nyei zuiz.” Yiem naaiv yiemc Ging-Sou Tin-Hungh biux mengh taux buo nyungc hnyouv: (1) Zoux jaav sic nyei hnyouv; (2) Zingx nyei hnyouv; (3) Waaic nyei hnyouv.

36 C. The Crooked heart Cong-Mengh Waac 17:20: “Hnyouv njuotv nyei mienh maiv haih duqv longx, gorngv-baeqc nyei mienh zungv zuqc zeqc naanc.” Cong-Mengh Waac 11:6 “Hnyouv zingx nyei mienh zoux duqv horpc ziouc njoux duqv ninh, hnyouv maiv zingx nyei mienh hanc nyei sic hlopv jienv ninh.”

37 D. The Sincere Heart “Oix zuqc longc nzengc hnyouv, longc nzengc za'eix, longc nzengc qaqv hnamv ZIOUV, meih mbuo nyei Tin-Hungh.” (Nzamc Leiz-Latc 6:5) "Weic zuqc yie, ZIOUV, hnamv baengh fim nyei jauv. Yie nzorng zoux zaqc caux zoux dorngc nyei sic. Yie oix ziepc zuoqv nyei winh bun yie nyei baeqc fingx, yaac oix caux ninh mbuo liepc jiez yietc liuz nyei ngaengc waac.” (I^saa^yaa 61:8)

38 E. The Sincerely Heart Lugaa 6:45 “Kuv mienh nyei hnyouv siou longx nyei ga'naaiv, zorqv cuotv daaih nyei se longx nyei. Mienh waaic mienh nyei hnyouv siou waaic nyei ga'naaiv, zorqv cuotv daaih se waaic nyei. Hnyouv zaangh buangv haaix nyungc, nzuih ziouc gorngv cuotv wuov nyungc.” "Haaix dauh yiem faix-fiuv sic zoux duqv zingx, yiem hlo nyei sic yaac zoux duqv zingx. Se gorngv faix-fiuv sic zoux maiv zingx, hlo nyei sic yaac zoux maiv zingx aqv. 11 Se gorngv baamh gen nyei zinh nyaanh meih mbuo goux maiv zingx, haaix dauh oix bun meih mbuo goux zien zinh zoih? 12 Se gorngv meih mbuo goux ganh dauh nyei ga'naaiv maiv zingx, meih mbuo ganh horpc zuqc duqv nyei ga'naaiv, haaix dauh oix bun meih mbuo? (Lugaa 16:10-12)

39 Conclusion Ih hnoi mbuo duqv hoqc taux mbuo nyei sin, mbuo nyei lingh wuonh, mbuo nyei hnyouv nyei jauv hnangv haaix nor mi’aqv. Hnangv naaic mbuo oix zuqc ziux goux, yaac oix zuqc longc horpc, goux longx maiv dungx bun zuiz daaih hoic mbuo. Zoux zuiz nyei jauv se haih hoic zuqc mbuo nyei sin, mbuo nyei hnyouv, mbuo nyei lingh wuonh.

40 Zuiz haih bun mbuo nyei sin maaih baengc, yaac haih bun mbuo nyei hnyouv nzauh maaih kuonx naanc nyei jauv, caux bun mbuo nyei lingh wuonh haih ndortv deic-nyuoqc. Weic naaiv, Tin-Hungh cingx daaih heuc mbuo oix zuqc simv zuiz nyei jauv. Weic zuqc Tin-Hungh hnamv haic mbuo, ninh maiv oix bun mbuo buangh zuqc kouv naanc nyei jauv, ninh jaa ndaangc bun ninh nyei waac daaih njaaux mbuo. Mv baac dongh nqemh maiv oix muangx wuov deix ziouc zoux hoic zuqc ganh. Tin-Hungh mbuox mbuo dongh “Maaih orn-lorqc nyei mienh se maiv muangx mienh waaic mienh nyei za'eix, maiv yangh zuiz-mienh nyei zaux-mbiec, yaac maiv caux huotv Tin-Hungh nyei mienh juangc jauv yangh. 2 Daaux nzuonx ninh a'hneiv ZIOUV nyei leiz-latc, ziu yiex fei-fangv ninh nyei leiz. 3 Ninh se hnangv diuh ndiangx zuangx wuov ndoqv-hlen, ziux ziangh hoc cuotv biouv, normh yaac maiv nqaai. Yiem ninh zoux nyei nyungc-nyungc duqv longx. 4 Mv baac mienh waaic mienh zungv maiv hnangv naaic. Ninh mbuo se hnangv mbieqv zuqc nziaaux buonc nzaanx mingh nor. 5 Taux siemv zuiz nyei ziangh hoc mienh waaic mienh oix zuqc Tin-Hungh dingc zuiz, zuiz-mienh yaac maiv duqv caux gapv zunv nyei kuv mienh yiem. 6 Weic zuqc ZIOUV ziux goux kuv mienh nyei jauv, mv baac orqv mienh nyei jauv-louc zungv oix zuqc mietc.” (Singx Nzung 1:1-6)

41 “Hnamv haic nyei gorx-youz aah
“Hnamv haic nyei gorx-youz aah! Ih zanc mbuo benx Tin-Hungh nyei naamh nyouz. Nqa'haav hingv mbuo oix hnangv haaix nor maiv gaengh hiuv. Mv baac mbuo hiuv duqv Giduc hinc cuotv wuov zanc mbuo oix hnangv ninh nor, weic zuqc Yesu za'gengh hnangv haaix nor, mbuo yaac duqv buatc ninh hnangv wuov nor. 3 Haaix dauh maaih lamh hnamv Tin-Hungh oix bun ninh hnangv Yesu, wuov dauh ziouc oix zuqc goux ganh cing-nzengc, hnangv Giduc nor cing-nzengc.” (1 Yo^han 3:2-3). (I Cor. 15: 35). 

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