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Online verification By Paul

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1 Online verification By Paul Myers @researchclinic

2 Careful verification of sources and facts helps ensure the integrity of your story Careless verification & fact checking can compromise the integrity of your story. Its bad parenting. Verification is the parent of integrity

3 It seems obvious Unverified computer code will crash. Badly cooked meat, results in food poisoning. Crossing the road without checking can get you squished.

4 In journalism Accusations of bias. Law suits. A poor reputation for accuracy. shoddy verification can result in Even thoughtless presentation can compromise your work…



7 Fame Daddy – a research nightmare that could have been averted by visiting a website

8 So… Czech, check and cheque again

9 Verification in the online world Things to watch out for

10 Hoaxes. Dirty tricks, bias and hidden agendas Out of date information. Identity – genuine or false. Fauxtoshop. Authority vs. amateurs. Ownership of information. A few examples…

11 There is no shortage of hoax websites

12 If a story is too good to be true, it probably isnt

13 Bias Sometimes comes in disguise



16 Identity





21 So how can we be confident about the people and stories we find on social media?


23 You can run a fake followers check at

24 Storyful curate and check newsworthy social media content

25 Other things to be careful about…

26 Fox News? But read the address carefully…


28 Fauxtoshop

29 Authority vs. amateurs Choose your sources and check

30 More information

31 Links and study: @researchclinic

32 ©

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