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Chicken Soup for the Busy Coordinator

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1 Chicken Soup for the Busy Coordinator
(July 2010) Minimum Training and Minimum Requirements for Investigators The NHG Research and Development Office (RDO) and the Domain Specific Review Boards (DSRB) are proud to announce the launch of the B2BResearch Online Application & Review System - a paperless ethics application and review system. By 1st February 2008, this user-friendly system will be in placed to allow researchers to submit their research protocols ONLINE for ethics review.

2 Minimum Requirements Minimum Requirements for being a Principal Investigator For Minimal Risk Studies – For proposals that qualify for expedited / exempt review, the PI should at least be: Clinician – registered medical practitioner Nursing – registered nurse Allied Health Staff – registered allied health professional For Greater than Minimal Risk Studies – For proposals that do not qualify for expedited / exempt review, the PI should at least be: Clinician – associate consultant & above Nursing – SSN and must have an Associate Consultant & above on the research team. Allied Health Staff – senior therapist / pharmacist and must have an Associate Consultant & above on the research team.

3 DSRB Minimum Training for Investigators
Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) A web based training program on the protection of human research subjects in research. The compulsory minimum training requirement for all Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators. Singapore Guideline for Good Clinical Practice (SGGCP) Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators who have completed the SGGCP course conducted by NUS do not need to complete the CITI program. The SGGCP course may be used as an alternate minimum requirement.

4 Continuing education Proper Conduct of Research Courses (by NHG RDO)
Courses are designed to provide fundamental understanding of the right way to carry out research. Cover the principles of the NHG PCR and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and key regulations and guidelines applicable to clinical research. The Proper Conduct of Research Online will be launched soon. More information will be provided in August-September. Clinical Research Coordinators Society (CRCS) Forums Regular forums (3x a year) organized by the Clinical Research Coordinators Society. The forums are meant to provide an interactive platform for coordinators to discuss issues such as challenges in obtaining informed consent, legal and ethical implications of research conduct, and provide information on developments and changes in the industry.

5 Continuing education Singapore Clinical Research Professionals (CRP) Forums A forum made up of both industry and hospital-wide clinical research professionals. A platform for sharing and exchanging ideas about good practices and trends in research, industry-related news and a leading resource for information. More information may be found at You may click on the icon to view the NHG RDO 2010 Training Calendar.

6 For Feedback or Suggestion
References Singapore Good Clinical Practice: Section 4 NHG Investigator Manual: Section 9 B2B research Website: Training and Education For Feedback or Suggestion Clinical Research Coordinator Society c/o Research & Development Office 6 Commonwealth Lane #04-01/02 GMTI Building Singapore

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